*Gaurav Pawar – Inspiring story of a fitness Coach that has clocked crores in revenue within 3 years* : The Tribune India

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*Gaurav Pawar – Inspiring story of a fitness Coach that has clocked crores in revenue within 3 years*

*Gaurav Pawar – Inspiring story of a fitness Coach that has clocked crores in revenue within 3 years*

Living a healthy, active lifestyle has never been more fashionable, thanks in part to the development of the fitness Coach. Gaurav Pawar, a well-known celebrity fitness Coach from Pune, rather than making people feel awful about their bodies, encourages them to live a healthy lifestyle and teach them new skills. Whether you want to enhance your mobility, learn ballet, or start weight lifting for the first time, Gaurav Pawar, a fitness coach, is always willing to assist you to achieve your fitness objectives. His seminars are the only nutrition, training, and attitude program in India.

Gaurav has successfully trained Babita Wallach of Tarak Mehta ka Ulta chashma renown for the previous two months, and it was one of the biggest triumphs of Gaurav's life as a trainer and fitness coach. Gaurav has risen to the top in just three years as a Fitness Coach, earning over one crore in the current financial year. His fitness empire began with just three members, and he now has a tribe of 25 people.

Gaurav is based in Pune, where he manages his fitness business, which includes training regimens and nutrition plans, as well as an Instagram follower base of over 35000. He is allowing the television industry's stars and superstars to become in terrific condition. Gaurav, as a gym fit person and fitness trainer, is an unsung hero who works behind the scenes and helps others get in great condition without taking any credit. Gaurav Pawar, a Fitness Coach, and trainer have transformed over 2500 customers in his three years as a fitness instructor. The more individuals he assisted in losing weight, the better his fortunes were.

Without a doubt, with the Pandemic spreading over the globe, fitness businesses of all types flocked. Gaurav not only saw an increase in followers, but he also maintained a positive relationship with his clientele. Gaurav has been all over the fitness teaching and influencing movement, employing inventive new business methods to transform his passion for fitness into a thriving company with yearly income in the billions of rupees. He had developed his fitness business from the bottom up, without the help of a large crew at first. Now he credits his success to his team as he says “I went strong because of my team and it was the best thing that happened in my business”

"With the appropriate mentality, intention, and sincere devotion," he argues, "nothing is impossible." His passion for fitness, a healthy physique, and all aspects of exercise propelled him to success as a professional fitness trainer with a global clientele. Gaurav's transformation of his passion for exercise into a job as a fitness trainer demonstrated that anything is possible when you love what you do.

Gaurav's fitness coaching will help you take charge of your fitness. Gaurav is on Instagram and would love to hear from you. Contact Gaurav to see how he can help you alter your life.

Gaurav Pawar’s Instagram - https://instagram.com/itsallaboutjourney?utm_medium=copy_link


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