Life is all about second chances – Dusra Sathi by Rudhrah Technovations Pvt Ltd shows you how!

The first opportunity lost is a second opportunity gained

Life is all about second chances – Dusra Sathi by Rudhrah Technovations Pvt Ltd shows you how!

Dusra Sathi

Most of us carry the stigma of a failed marriage and curse and blame ourselves or our circumstances for its’ failure. It’s time to re-look at such situations as learning experiences and move on with our lives full throttle.

Dusra Sathi is a unique platform that promises you that second chance. This platform gives you complete confidentiality and manifold choices.

Through this unique site launched by Rudhrah Technovations, you can fill in the form to search for your perfect soulmate. The sub-categories allow you to zero down on your preference by using the various elimination filters and categories available. It is an acknowledged fact that each individual is different with a set of likes and dislikes which cannot be generalized.

You are given the liberty to exercise your choices by listing them down in the various columns provided. Once the company is in receipt of your form, the team members will make concentrated and dedicated efforts to align preferences with the rich data available with them and find the closest match for you. This is backed by the company’s assurance of maintaining strict confidentiality and privacy of your data without divulging sensitive information in public.

Divorces and relationship breakdowns are very trying and leave individuals exhausted and in a state of despair, unwilling to even take on other routine activities. Dusra Sathi offers you the ray of hope to say that all is not lost and you certainly haven’t reached the end of the road. A first-time failure should give you the strength to rise up and bounce back on your feet. This platform gives you the added advantage of exploring options to restart your married life from the solace and confines of your room.

Life is full of opportunities and your second big chance is right here –

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