Chandigarh: ‘0001’ goes for Rs 9.33 lakh

RLA nets Rs1.10 cr from e-auction of fancy numbers

Chandigarh: ‘0001’ goes for Rs 9.33 lakh

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Chandigarh, August 2

The much-hyped fancy registration number, ‘0001’ of the CH01-CF series, was sold for Rs9.33 lakh during an e-auction of fancy registration numbers conducted by the Registering and Licensing Authority (RLA).

Another number, ‘CH01-CF-0007’, fetched the second-highest bidding price of Rs3.98 lakh. It was followed by ‘CH01-CF-0009’, which was auctioned for Rs3.56 lakh. The registration number 0003 was auctioned for Rs2.36 lakh, 0005 for Rs2.32 lakh, 0002 for Rs2.26 lakh, 0004 for Rs1.55 lakh, 0008 for Rs1.51 lakh, 0010 for Rs1.31 lakh and 0006 for Rs1.14 lakh.

The RLA earned a total revenue of Rs1,10,66,000 from the e-auction of fancy numbers of the new series, CH01-CF, held today, along with the re-auction of leftover numbers of the previous series — CH01-CE, CH01-CD, CH01-CC, CH01-CB, CH01-CA, CH01-BZ, CH01-BY, CH01-BX, CH01-BW, CH01-BV, CH01-BU, CH01-BT and CH01-BS.

Pradhuman Singh, Registering and Licensing Officer, said: “It was the second highest amount ever earned by the RLA, the first being Rs1,15,72,000 earned during the last e-auction of the CH01-CE series and re-auction of leftover numbers of the previous series.”

The successful bidders will be required to get their vehicles registered as well as deposit the bidding amount within one month from the date of auction, failing which a penalty of 10 per cent as well as interest at the rate of 10 per cent on the balance amount will be charged till the date of payment.

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