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Dispel fear & doubts, motivate residents to get jabbed

Counter those who consider Covid a figment of imagination, address concerns of the community & allow pvt lab technicians to give shot

Dispel fear & doubts, motivate residents to get jabbed

A senior citizen gets vaccinated against Covid at a government dispensary in Sector 8, Chandigarh. file

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What steps should be taken to enhance the vaccination coverage in the UT?

Allow vaccination on the doorstep

With spread of Covid pandemic and hesitancy to go to hospitals it would be better to allow door step vaccination. Private laboratory technicians, who collect home samples, should be allowed to administer the dose against the virus. Allowing beneficiaries of all age groups to get vaccinated is also necessary to have wider protection.

Col PS Gill (retd), Chandigarh

Organise vaccination camps in societies

To achieve the target of wider vaccination the fear of vaccine has be removed from the minds of the people. There should be no age restriction and vaccination should be open to all those willing to get inoculated. Medical fraternity should be the first to get vaccinated. Vaccination camps can be organised in apartment societies on Sundays/public holidays.

BS Dhillon, Mohali

Motivation is missing

Despite orders to review the eligibility criteria for lower age groups to give the jab, recipients are still hesitant get the first shot of much awaited vaccine against coronavirus. People are skeptical about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. The UT Administration must undertake an aggressive motivational campaign through print and social media leading by personal example to dispel this lurking mistrust. Senior citizens have shown enough maturity by taking the first jab. Now the working force must accept this as social challenge and get vaccinated without any further delay.

SC Luthra, Chandigarh

Rope in councillors to motivate people

Keeping in view the increasing Covid cases more and more beneficiaries must come forward for the jab against virus. Municipal councillors must motivate people sector wise to get vaccinated. Mobile vans with all vaccinating facilities must be pressed into service to go on the door step of beneficiaries and give them shot. School managements must get their students and staff vaccinated.

Capt Amar Jeet (retd), Mohali

Vaccination drive not on full steam

India is last in terms of people vaccinated per hundred of our population. It is just about five per cent. Vaccination drive has still not taken off fully mainly because a doubt has arisen in the minds of people about its efficacy and side effects. Indians work on faith. That faith, if at all, arrived late with our leaders taking shot. The only way to accelerate drive and increase coverage is to reach out to people in situ. We need to cut out the requirement of pre- registration, Aarogya Setu app etc. The vaccination team should go house to house, note down details and offer vaccination with a doctor and sarpanch/area councillor/MLA personally assuring the beneficiary family members of vaccine's efficacy. Similarly, vaccination should be available at all government health and wellness centres and dispensaries. Give vaccine to the poor and illiterate, who want to get jabbed. The whole system should be coordinated by a central agency and data of recipients fed into an automated centre. Vaccination drive has to be like an election campaign.

Colonel RD Singh (retd), Ambala Cantt

Heath Dept should make efforts

The reason for low vaccination coverage seems to be the reluctance of the people to get vaccinated. People should be encouraged to get vaccinated. There should be more awareness about safety of the vaccine so that masses gain confidence and get vaccinated. Sincere efforts on part of the Health Department are needed to motivate people to get jabbed. Drives can be initiated by institutes to increase coverage of vaccine.

Bir Devinder Singh Bedi, Chandigarh

Build up public trust in vaccine

Apprise public about benefits of vaccine. The authorities must ensure that vaccine is available in safe, familiar and convenient places. Community acceptance will be a barrier if we don't build trust and address concerns of its members regarding vaccine safety. The age of beneficiaries must be reduced from 45 years to 18 years.

Vijay Malia, Chandigarh

Media can remove misconceptions

Rumours and self-created myths play an important part especially in Indian society. The mindset of the people is shaped after mind wash of even educated and so called urbanised masses. People initially waited anxiously for the Covid vaccine. But, when the vaccine arrived, response lacked. The authorities should motivate public about benefits of getting vaccinated. Wide publicity is required through media and social platforms to remove misconceptions about efficacy and safety of vaccine in society.

Gobind Ahuja, Chandigarh

Lower age limit of beneficiaries

To widen the coverage and use unutilised facilities, the government should lower the age limit for getting vaccinated. An aggressive drive can be launched to apprise people about the need and benefits of vaccine. This will counter those, who dismiss Covid as a figment of imagination. More importantly, efforts be made to dispel fears of reactions to vaccine. More staff should be deployed in vaccination drives.

Bubby Soin, Chandigarh

Vaccine vital for all age groups

With second Covid wave graph going high, it's vital to give vaccine to all irrespective of the age group to which beneficiaries belong. The authorities must ensure vaccination on door step if possible. Vaccine should be compulsory for persons using public transport. A vigorous awareness campaign can be initiated to educate people about benefits of getting vaccinated.

Col TBS Bedi (retd), Mohali

Relax age limit for the jab

Age limit should be relaxed. People in the 20 to 44 years age group are more susceptible to the virus. With open vaccination for all resources can be utilised efficiently and more people can be inoculated.

Gaurav Jain, Chandigarh

Tell people vaccine is safe

The Health Department should instill confidence in the public about safety of the vaccine. People are double minded about getting vaccinated as rumours are rife about side effects of the vaccine.

Opinder Kaur Sekhon, Chandigarh

Give incentives for getting vaccinated

Analyse why few people are coming for vaccination. Ask people about their apprehensions regarding vaccine and remove these immediately. The main aim of the authorities should be to declare vaccine safe with no major side-effects. If the trend of low beneficiary turnout continues, then the government can start attractive schemes/give incentives to those getting vaccinated like priority treatment at hospitals.

Priyam Aggarwal, Chandigarh

Don't take Covid lightly

The vaccination capacity in Chandigarh is underutilised because residents have apprehensions about side effects of the vaccine. The UT Administration have to make clear that the vaccine has no side effects. Once people are convinced, they will start visiting vaccination centres. UT residents must not lower their guard against virus. Do not take Covid lightly. Take precautions, stay healthy.

MR Bhateja, Nayagaon

Campaign to remove hesitancy

The UT Administration should start an awareness campaign to remove hesitancy in people regarding vaccination. Correct information and counselling can dispel fears and remove doubts about efficacy and side effects of the vaccine. Moreover, health teams should motivate people to get vaccinated at the earliest.

Anita Tandon, Kharar

Mobile vaccination in worst-affected areas

Strict mass vaccination is the only key to take the pandemic head on and tame it. Unless over two-thirds population is jabbed, the chain of transmission cannot be broken. There is no dearth of vaccine or capacity to jab. Each person vaccinated needs to act a brand ambassador to build public trust and remove doubts about safety and efficacy of the vaccine. It's time to open vaccination drive for all. Where the Covid impact is alarming, door-to-door or mobile inoculation may be considered. The task is challenging and warrants active participation across public-private sector to enhance the vaccination coverage in minimum possible time.

Lalit Bharadwaj, Panchkula

Not much awareness about the vaccine

Fear of vaccine side effects is the major reason, which keeps people away from inoculation. There is not much awareness about vaccine, which has slowed the drive. Mobile vaccination vans can be introduced for people, who cannot go to hospitals or health centres. Vaccination should be mandatory for employees, shopkeepers and those who are vulnerable to the disease.

Wg Cdr Jasbir Singh Minhas (retd), Mohali

Don’t worry, get vaccinated

Though UT residents are educated, yet their response to vaccination drive is lukewarm. Everybody should take Covid seriously and get himself/herself vaccinated. To enhance coverage there is need to instill confidence and dispel fears about vaccine. Mobile teams can administer vaccine door-to-door. Only vaccine can save lives. I got vaccinated on March 8 and there were no side effects. So, don't worry and get vaccinated.

Vidya Sagar Garg, Panchkula

Counselling via media can help

Administration needs to make people aware about vaccination against Covid and remove fear about its side effects from their minds. A door-to-door survey can be undertaken to find the number of people, who haven't taken the jab. Record of those, who have been vaccinated, can be shown to others in order to remove their doubts and fears and boost their morale to take the jab. Counselling and creating awareness through media can increase coverage of the vaccination drive.

Abhilasha Gupta, Mohali

Rumours are the main cause

Not many people taking jab is mainly due to rumours about reactions post vaccination. Mostly, residents are watching outcome of the people, who have been vaccinated. Some elderly people are of the view that as they seldom go out of house and as such, they don't need vaccine. To make residents aware about the necessity of vaccination, the UT Administration should give good publicity to benefits of getting jabbed against Covid. Vaccine should be compulsory for all eligible residents.

Balbir Singh Batra, Mohali

Reach out to people for inoculation

Hesitancy towards the two available vaccines is partly responsible for the low inoculation. Unlike the immunisation programme, over reliance on the CoWIN platform has made vaccination largely passive and facility-based exercise rather than a public health initiative. Lack of microplanning and outreach activities are further impacting uptake. Clearly, there is a need for reaching out to people to increase vaccination.

Sanjay Chopra, Mohali

Set up mobile vaccination centres

To enhance vaccination coverage, rumours related to vaccine should be put to rest by the authorities through awareness campaign in the print media. Mobile vaccination centres should be set up. On site registration should be available at all vaccination centres throughout the day. Adequate supply of vaccine should be maintained by the authorities at all centres.

Simran Sidhu, Chandigarh

Train health workers to administer vaccine

To enhance the vaccination process in the UT, there should be a support programme, which should include information on how the vaccine work, its side effects, reminders for the second dose and data to dispel misinformation. Multi-purpose health workers should be given training to administer vaccine so that door-to-door vaccination drive can be initiated. The authorities should make people aware about benefits of vaccination through online webinars, newspapers, posters and social media platforms.

Adish Sood, Amloh

Only few got infected after taking vaccine

A few among those, who got vaccinated recently, contracted the virus again. Even if some got infection again, it was mild. It's important to understand that reinfection wouldn't be severe and lives of beneficiaries wouldn't be at risk. Residents are advised to follow the universal Covid protocol such as wearing mask, social distancing and washing hand frequently even after taking the dose. The government should open vaccination to all age groups as mass vaccination is the only way to tackle the situation and contain the spread of the virus.

Sukhpal Singh, Chandigarh

New strategy can increase coverage

From April 1, vaccination is available for people above 45 years. The Administration has to come out with a new vaccine coverage strategy because the current plan will take long to develop herd immunity in the whole country. Without herd immunity, Covid-19 transmission will not stop, as felt by many experts. Awareness should be created about the efficacy and safety of the vaccine. Also the number of vaccination centres must be increased across the city.

Dr Anil Kumar Yadav, Chandigarh

Convince reluctant people for vaccination

The time has come that vaccination should be opened for all as its underutilisation may cause wastage of vaccine. Citizens should come forward for vaccination. All should try to convince reluctant people to get jabbed. Media can play a major role by carrying interviews and opinions of the people, who got inoculated, and apprise the public that there is no other way except vaccination to fight and win the war against the pandemic.

Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Chandigarh

Rumours have eroded residents’ confidence

Claimed by many pharmaceutical companies, vaccine has been developed, but there is hesitancy among people to get vaccinated against Covid. Reasons could be many. People are confused about efficiency and safety of the vaccine. Lack of communication and rumours have eroded people's confidence in the vaccination drive. The authorities must build up trust of the people in the vaccine through awareness programmes highlighting its safety and efficacy.

Charu Malhotra, Mohali

Authorities must act fast

Poor planning to administer vaccines, first to health workers and then to senior citizens and now to those, who are aged above 45 years, has altogether failed to give relief to the Covid-19 victims. Vaccine prevents infection. It is, therefore, necessary to inoculate all people. Aggressive vaccination drive is the only way out. Vaccination coverage can improve in Chandigarh if the authorities act fast and bring people from all age groups under the drive. There have been instances when beneficiaries have contracted virus a few days after taking the shot. But, the vaccine guarantees protection against severe disease and death.

SK Khosla, Chandigarh

Make vaccination mandatory

The authorities must encourage people to get vaccinated. Beneficiaries can be ferried to vaccination centres in the UT. Mobile vaccination vans can be introduced to vaccinate people living in colonies. Educational institutions and other workplaces should make vaccination mandatory for employees, who are eligible for inoculation. People should be encouraged to get themselves vaccinated through street plays and memes.

Saikrit Gulati, Chandigarh


Should the age bar for the Covid-19 vaccination be lifted and people below the age of 45 years also allowed to get vaccinated?

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