Open house: What steps should administration take to ensure cracker ban on Diwali?

Act tough against violators, create awareness

Open house: What steps should administration take to ensure cracker ban on Diwali?

Ensuring a complete cracker ban on Diwali will be a big challenge for the UT Administration. file

It is really sad that the public is not adhering to the instructions of the administration and is not ready to accept the cracker ban. The UT Administration should make all residents aware of the harm of bursting crackers. Defaulters should be imposed a minimum fine of Rs2,000 and detained for 24 hours. Their driving licences should be cancelled for six months. The police as well as the respective councillors be made responsible for keeping a check on the defaulters.

NPS Sohal, Chandigarh

Need to review challan amount

In the larger interest of a healthy environment and to ensure a complete cracker ban, the administration should make sure that the challan amount pinches defaulters.

Sapna Sharda, Chandigarh


How can the UT Administration control gatherings during the festive season to prevent a possible third wave of Covid-19 pandemic?

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Act tough against violators

The violation of cracker ban during the Dasehra celebrations clearly indicates a lackadaisical approach of the Administration in enforcing its own orders. This has been happening again and again for the reason that there is generally no action on the violators on the ground. With the Festival of Lights a few days away, the Administration should restrict the use of crackers by fixing a timeline for the bursting of crackers and taking strict action against those not complying with the guidelines. It is imperative that teams of officials, in coordination with police officials, are formed to keep a check on violators.

Dr Dinesh Kumar Verma, Panchkula

Authorities not serious

The UT Administration failed to ensure the cracker ban at Dasehra because it lacked a will. On the one hand it announced a ban on crackers, but on the other, it gave licences to vendors to sell these. Also, all Ramlila committees openly flouted the ban by stuffing effigies with crackers and burning them in the presence of VIP guests. At Diwali also, the same story is going to be repeated as the authorities concerned are not seriously taking any steps to enforce the ban, except making half-hearted announcements. Youngsters are bursting crackers in pre-Diwali bash and going scot-free. Unless the seriousness of pollution problem is recognised by the public as well as the authorities, no ban will hold.

Bubby Soin, Chandigarh

Create awareness against crackers

There are various steps that can be taken by the UT Administration to ensure a full compliance of the cracker ban on Diwali. Firstly, crackers must not be sold in markets so that people will not have access to these. Secondly, violators need to be heavily penalised (up to Rs3,000). Moreover, awareness should be created against the ill-effects of burning crackers.

Palak, Chandigarh

Ban decision came quite late

Despite the best of intentions of the UT Administration, the ban on bursting of crackers on Dasehra did not yield the desired results, as there was hardly any reaction time to remove the crackers already stuffed in effigies almost all over the city. Banning the bursting of crackers just a couple of days before the event could not have the desired impact on the ground. Initiating police action against the organisers did not carry legal sanctity. As for the individual zealots, who chose to flout the ban while bursting crackers in residential areas, the police have already identified them, and in case they repeat their action during Diwali too, they must not be spared. They must realize that it is the responsibility of every law-abiding citizen to keep the environment reasonably noise and smoke-free, particularly on Diwali night.

SC Luthra, Chandigarh

Administration failed completely

The UT Administration failed to completely ban the bursting of crackers on Dasehra. What sort of Administration is this? Rules are to be strictly adhered to. Diwali is round the corner. Crackers should not be seen anywhere.

Opinder Kaur Sekhon, Chandigarh

Say a big no to crackers

It is true that the ban on crackers during Dasehra was ineffective in Chandigarh. But for the coming festival of Diwali, the Administration must get stern. A heavy fine should be imposed on violators. PCR teams should patrol areas where there the ban is violated with impunity. CCTV cameras in all public places ought to be in working condition, so that the culprits can be identified. Leaders should desist from helping offenders. The police, too, should not be under pressure while taking action against offenders. Above all, we need to be aware of our responsibilities and should not violate the rules. The ban on the bursting crackers is not in favour of any individual, but the whole humanity. So, be wise and say a big no to crackers this Diwali. It is just a festival of lights and not of crackers.

Bir Devinder Singh Bedi, Chandigarh

Ban crackers of high intensity

Crackers not only cause noise pollution but also nuisance to citizens. It is high time that we ban the sale of high-intensity crackers which cause severe noise and pollution. Further, the residents should come forward and voluntarily decide not to use high-intensity crackers. The use of LED lights may be allowed during the Diwali celebrations. The Administration should also challan traders for selling high-intensity crackers which are not environmental friendly.

Col TBS Bedi (retd), Mohali

Come up with effective ban

I think the major reason for non-adherence to the cracker ban on Dasehra by the Chandigarh Administration was its late notification. By the time the administration had passed the orders, the effigies must have been filled with crackers. Another reason has been the low or negligible action taken by the administration in the past for such open violations. The Administration should not issue any licence for setting up firecracker stalls during Diwali. The ban has to be imposed in the tricity so that an effective control on the sale and bursting of crackers is made easy for the Administration. The defaulters may be slapped a heavy penalty. Happiness of festivities cannot be achieved by bursting crackers only, it can also be achieved with prayers for world peace, harmony and prosperity without involving religion, caste, creed and society.

Wg Cdr (Dr) JS Minhas (retd), Mohali

Let’s support cracker-free Diwali

The UT Administration failed to ensure an effective cracker ban on Dasehra. The residents must understand that the pollution is very dangerous to health, specially for senior citizens. Here, the Administration should be vigilant that there is no sale of crackers in the market places and the police keep a check on violators. So, let us enjoy Diwali without pollution and try not to violate the orders.

MR Bhateja, Nayagaon

Play a positive, effective role

The administrative authorities must be watchful and those people who violate the rule should be dealt with an iron hand. Besides, people should come forward and make collective efforts to ensure the ban is fully adhered to during the Covid pandemic. If we break this chain of evil, then we can create a healthy and amicable atmosphere in our society. Keeping in view the dangerous connotation of this practice, it goes beyond doubt that crackers should be banned.

Anita K Tandon, Kharar

Cracker bursting a display of affluence

The cracker ban during Dasehra was violated with impunity. Sadly, political pressure is being mounted on the police to cancel the FIRs registered against violators. Succumbing to such pressure will encourage disorder. The administrations in the tricity cannot absolve themselves of the responsibility just by issuing a ban order. Self-regulation does not do. Ban means ban and that must be sternly enforced. Message ought to go loud and clear. Bursting of crackers is a vulgar display of affluence. Children should be encouraged to utilise their pocket money in a better way. Deriving joy or making money from activities that are detrimental to others is unjust in a civil society. Sustained efforts on awareness and education are required to eradicating the evil practice. Media and educational institutions can contribute their mighty bit to our mission to change mind-set. Diwali and Gurpurb will test the Administration’s sincerity and authority.

Lalit Bharadwaj, Panchkula

Spread awareness on green Diwali

The UT Administration miserably failed to enforce a complete cracker ban in the city on Dasehra. The idea of imposing a ban on crackers is more or less a meaningless exercise when relaxations are given in the neighbouring Mohali and Panchkula. To deter offenders, you need to enforce the ban aggressively. Sadly, the enforcement part is missing everytime during Diwali. There was a ban last year too but firecrackers went off all over the city. Law making is easy but its implementation is difficult. The department has to consult NGOs to ensure a success of the ban campaign. Campaigns, cycle rallies and street plays can also be organised to create awareness against crackers. Strict regulation and penalties must be imposed on offenders.

Vijay Malia, Chandigarh

Admn must work at grassroots level

The Administration is not able to control the buying and selling of crackers in the city. The administration is very well aware about who are cracker wholesalers in the city. It should discuss with them and give them alternative businesses or allot them selling points outside the city, otherwise they will incur big losses. The government should contact NGOs and the MC who can further be in touch with people at the grassroots level to find a solution to the problem.

Avinash Goyal, Chandigarh

Collective effort need of the hour

India is a country of festivals. Diwali is the most popular festival. It is a matter of great worry that the UT Administration had failed to ensure the compliance of the ban orders on Dasehra. How can you expect any good result if you enforce a ban half-heartedly. Why was the ban not implemented strictly? Restrictions and guidelines have no meaning if not strictly implemented. Perhaps the Administration hesitate to be strict because it is a religious event. Educate people about the ill-effects of cracker bursting effects and dealt with violators strictly. The UT can take the help of RWAs. The Diwali celebrations should be kept a low-key affair. A collective effort will give the desired result.

Vidya Sagar Garg

Reward societies for cracker-free Diwali

In the times of ever increasing pollution, it’s very important to curb the bursting of crackers in the festive season. To effectively ensure the cracker ban around Diwali, the UT Administration has to get more vigilant. A green Diwali must be encouraged through the use of mass media and by organising stalls at public places. Alternative events can be held on Diwali night to attract public so as to dissuade them from cracker bursting. Volunteers should be engaged to increase awareness. Schemes such as giving rewards to housing societies for going cracker-free can be announced. Through efficacious police patrolling, the ban should be properly enforced. Warnings and punishments should be given to defaulters.

Ananya Goel, Ambala Cantt

Create awareness among children

Ban will be a success only when it is enforced in the tricity. Nakas should be put up to check the entry of crackers in the city. A heavy fine should be imposed on violators. People mostly purchase crackers for the sake of their children. The Administration should create awareness among children via educational institutions and through media about their ill effects. Those who earn their livelihood every year through crackers should be given licences to sell other products in the festival season.

Abhilasha Gupta, Mohali

Tricity authorities should join hands

The administrations of the tricity should come together on a single platform to ensure the full compliance of the cracker ban orders. Most people buy crackers from the neighbouring states. The Punjab and Haryana governments should also be concerned about the quality of air. The Chandigarh Administration must put police personnel in plain clothes in residential areas as most of the businessmen burn crackers after 10:30 pm on Diwali.

Savita Kuthiala, Chandigarh

Let us celebrate green Diwali

Like every year, Diwali is going to be celebrated with fervour in November. The question coming to everyone’s mind is that whether the use of firecrackers will curtail this year. Every year, there is a hue and cry about banning firecrackers on Diwali but all cities get engulfed with dense smoke and noise levels go much beyond the permissible limits. As the courts as well as a few cities such as Chandigarh have imposed a ban on use of crackers this year, it should certainly help in keeping the air and noise pollution levels well within the limits during the festive season this year. We all as responsible citizens of the country should adopt the policy of “no firecrackers” in our own respective village, town and city so that we can breathe clean air and also have noiseless environment around us. There are so many other ways to celebrate Diwali such as exchanging gifts, playing with colours etc. It’s our duty to keep our environment pollution-free and so we must guide our youngsters to celebrate a green Diwali.

Sanjay Chopra, Mohali

Regulate the sale of crackers

Banning crackers will impact the livelihood of many people so a blanket ban is not a solution. Only green crackers should be allowed to be sold and purchased. Proper sale records should be maintained by sellers and checked by the authorities regularly. Most important is educating the masses against the use of crackers. Even nationalism should be invoked to curb the menace. We should involve the religious and political leaders in propagating the message against the use of crackers.

Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Chandigarh

Authorities need to be more alert

The violation of cracker ban during Dasehra was due to the leniency of the MC authorities. While allotting stalls this Diwali, an undertaking should be taken from each vendor that no crackers or any other related item would be sold and in case of any violation, he could be prosecuted. Besides, the teams should be formed to carry out regular surprise checks on the stalls.

Balbir Singh Batra, Mohali

Allow sale of green crackers

Keeping in view the failure of the UT Administration on Dasehra, it should allow the sale of green crackers on Diwali which is also allowed by the Supreme Court. This way children can enjoy Diwali and pollution will also remain under control.

Kannan Jindal, Patiala

Fix a harsh course of action

We should not deceive ourselves in the name of rituals and traditions. Those were the days when the level of pollution used to remain at its lowest. Nowadays when many people are suffering with respiratory problems due to Covid or air pollution, it would be right enough to refrain from bursting crackers this Diwali. The citizens of the City Beautiful should celebrate a clean and green Diwali and the adjoining cities follow suit. Little relaxation would mean no relaxation. Therefore, the Administration should fix a harsh course of action against violators.

Surinder Paul Wadhwa, Mohali

People should take pledge

The UT Administration should strictly ban the use of crackers. Awareness campaigns should be conducted regarding the harmful effects of cracker on our health and environment. Those who use crackers should be punished with hefty fine and imprisonment. All people should pledge that they will celebrate a green Diwali with diyas and say no to crackers. It is our duty to follow sustainable principles.

Adish Sood, Amloh

Fix duties of colony residents

To ensure that the cracker ban isn’t violated on Diwali, the Administration should sensitise people, especially children in schools, to the ill-effects of crackers. It should make residents in charge of their respective colonies to keep an eye on defaulters. These residents should report the instances of cracker burning in their respective colonies and sectors along with pictures of the same, and defaulters must then be penalised.

Simran Sidhu, Chandigarh

Give one-hour window

As proper check on the sale of crackers is not possible in the City Beautiful and other parts of India, so the UT Administration must allow the bursting of crackers strictly for an hour from 8 pm to 9 pm on Diwali. There should be no restriction on the sale of green crackers this year. The sentiments of a majority communities must be kept in mind by the Administration.

Kaman Jindal, Patiala

Self-responsibility message

Many cities have banned the use of crackers owing to the increasing levels of air pollution and doctors’ fears that the combined effect of Covid and air pollution can be very harmful. Though the ban was effective up to an extent on Dasehra, air was not clean at all. Unless people themselves are self-responsible towards environment and Covid, no authority or government can play an effective role to make air healthy and clean. The ban was not to punish public but to imbibe self-responsibility towards environment and their own health.

Charu Malhotra, Mohali

Slackness on part of Admn

The bursting of crackers of high intensity causes pollution that is dangerous to patients, kids, pregnant women, birds and animals, besides it causes a serious damage to environment. Looking at the gravity of the situation, the Chandigarh Administration has imposed a ban on the sale and use of firecrackers in the city. But there has been a glaring violation of orders because of slackness on the part of the Administration. Crackers were used freely during on Dasehra. This reflects the poor planning of the UT Administration in enforcing its own orders. It should enforce its own orders strictly.

SK Khosla, Chandigarh

Be concerned about pollution

It’s everyone’s guess how effective was the enforcement of the cracker ban on Dasehra. So we are not that sure how far the police and the other government agencies will be successful in ensuring the ban on Diwali. No one is against the celebration of any festival of any religion, but as responsible citizens, we also have a duty to protect the environment by not causing any type of pollution, be it noise, air, soil or water pollution. We all have to take note and be concerned about the deteriorating air pollution in our city. It is high time we think of shifting to only green crackers and those with low emissions. Future generations would be grateful to us if we hand them a clean and sustainable mother earth.

Dr Anil Kumar Yadav, Chandigarh

Promote green crackers

No doubt crackers create pollution on Diwali but Hindu festivals are soft target every time. Will the UT Administration make it clear what has been done in 364 days of the year to improve AQI in the city. If the Administration failed to achieve the desired results throughout the year, then heavens are not going to fall in one day. Let the majority community celebrate Diwali as per their tradition. The use of green crackers should be promoted by the Administration on Diwali.

AK Jindal, Patiala

Administration also to blame

This is not the first time that organisations, shopkeepers and people have defied the government orders. There are so many examples such as using plastic bags, not wearing a mask in public places which show people have scant regard for rules. The government is also to blame as it never enforces orders strictly.

Sukhwant Bhullar, Chandigarh

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