Shutdown has hit us hard, say gym owners in Mohali : The Tribune India

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Shutdown has hit us hard, say gym owners in Mohali

Shutdown has hit us hard, say gym owners in Mohali

An empty gym at Phase 3B2 in Mohali on Monday. Tribune photo

Harshabab Sidhu

Mohali, March 16

After orders of the Department of Health and Family Welfare to shut down cinema halls, swimming pools and gyms in Punjab, gym owners in Mohali are at the receiving end. Shut down orders had adversely affected their business, claimed gym owners.

As per the information, the city has more than 100 gyms. More than 90 per cent gyms are running from rented showrooms. Owners said their livelihood was totally dependent on gyms. They lamented that now they would have to pay rent of showrooms and salaries of employees from their pockets. Some gym owners also said their customers were asking them to refund their package fees, deposited in advance.

Gym owners as well as the public have no idea that for how much time shut down orders would remain in force.

Arvind Singh, alias Rahul, vice-president of IBBF (Indian Body Builders Federation), and also owner of Hybrid Fitness, Sector 71, Mohali, said as per death records of novel coronavirus throughout the world, it was found that mostly old persons having weak immune system had died.

“Gyms usually help in strengthening the immune system and increase fitness of people. Still, these are being closed,” he added.

“A person, who exercises in a gym daily, always remains healthy and far from diseases. Even sick persons do exercise in gyms to recover,” he said.

“I pay Rs 1.5 lakh as showroom rent. The total salary expense of my employees is also around Rs 1.5 lakh, which I will have to bear in the coming times,” he added.

Sumit, owner of Fit and Lit, Phase 7, Mohali, said, “We welcome the step to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but closing gyms, cinemas and swimming pools will not solve the problem. Government offices, banks and shopping malls should also be closed.”

Sunny, a gym lover and trainer, said, “I have a gym addiction. I spend most of my time in a gym every day. The shut down orders have broken my heart. Now, I will have to exercise in a public park or at home.”

Some gym owners said, “Large gyms facilitate around 100 to 150 clients at a time whereas small gyms facilitate around 50 clients in a single batch.”

Bablu Thakur, owner of Hunks Mania, Phase 7, said, “This step will affect small gym owners more as they have taken fees from their clients on monthly basis. On the other hand large gyms provide packages of six months or one year to their clients by taking advance fees.”

“Shut down orders should be reversed as we are suffering a lot. I along with some other gym owners will meet Punjab Chief Secretary to raise the issue. We can also move a petition before the High Court regarding this,” he added.

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