Saturday, December 15, 2018

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Brides Wanted

Published on: Dec 2, 2018, 12:02 AM

  • Goldsmith vegetarian Gursikh, March 89, height 5'-10", Government job in Ludhiana. Contact 98882-20773. C8- 62160B
  • Match for Himachali Rajput smart boy, Assistant Manager in Govt. Bank, 5'-7", 28.10.1990, 10:30 a.m. Reputed well settled small family. Contact 70186-22456, 94180- 65842. C8-63682
  • Wanted educated, smart, beautiful girl for Permanent Resident (New Zealand) Gogna Rajput Gold-smith 20 October 1989, 8.10 a.m., 6', Jalandhar born boy. Own well-established business in New Zealand. Currently boy in India. Upper caste no bar. Preference to tall girl minimum 5'-5". Contact 98787-87713, 99140-24322. NA8- 53547
  • Educated affluent Mair Rajput Punjabi family invite a matrimonial alliance for their Canadian permanent resident, December 1990 born, 5'-11" son, presently working in top IT Company in Toronto Canada. Looking for a fair, beautiful and tall girl (preferably Pharmacist, Physiotherapist or IT Professional). Please respond with biodata at NA8- 54560
  • Brahmin boy, 5'-6", 31.05.1986, working in USA based company Mohali. New Zealand return. No dowry. Simple marriage. 98145-31586. C8-62556
  • Seeking professionally qualified beautiful match for 29.06.1990, 07:58 pm, Yamuna Nagar, 5'-9" boy, MBA from Thapar, Computer Science, Deputy Manager in MNC, 12 LPA. Boy settled in Chandigarh. Father established businessman. Whatsapp: 9914222218. C8-63534 
  • Suitable qualified match for Jat Sikh clean shaven 6', BE (CSE) 1988 born, Canadian PR. Only son of Retd. Defence Officer, owning urban and rural properties. Doctor/Engineer, single child with Indian family values preferred. Send details with photo on WhatsApp 090132- 13749 or correspond at A8-58782
  • Jat Sikh handsome 37/6'-3" born and raised in USA, well-established in California, issueless divorcee, looking for tall, beautiful and well qualified bride, send recent photos to email: C8-59347 
  • Canadian Jat Sikh clean shaven boy, 5'-10", 26 Engineer. 0012049637700. Sangha: C8-60947
  • British born Jat Sikh clean-shaven, 36/6', never married, educated to degree level. Seeking suitably qualified beautiful girl. Contact: 8728060872. C8-61607 
  • Seeking PQM for 88/5'-11", Jat Sikh teetotaller Manglik, M.Tech., with good job. Preferred vegetarian Manglik girl, 5'-6"+. NRI plz excuse. Email at C8-62826
  • Affluent Business cum Landlord small Jatsikh family seeking match for their son, 89 born, 5'-7½", smart, athletic, highly educated, Working as Senior Software Engineer in California (USA) with very handsome package. Is on H1B and in queue for Greencard since 2013. Please send details with latest photograph on Email : C8-62948
  • Looking for a convent educated, homely girl for clean shaven 35 year old Jat Sikh boy, B.Tech, MBA, from an affluent Chandigarh based family with urban and rural property. The boy is 5'-11" tall and a champion rallyist. Contact: 97819-95202, C8- 63388
  • Seeking professionally qualified beautiful preferably employed / NRI match for 23.12.1991, 5'-10" cleanshaven boy, B.Tech, Sr. Software Engineer in MNC at Mohali, 6.25 LPA. Rural urban property. Mohali based affluent family. Whatsapp: 9672862205. C8-63546
  •  Suitable match for Jatt Sikh boy of affluent family, B.Tech./MBA, from good universities, May 1987 born, 5'- 11", living in Bangalore, working in MNC at handsome package. Email: C8-63620
  • Suitable match for handsome, fair, Jat Sikh non- turbaned boy, Canadian citizen 5'-10", 91, Chemical Engineering from U of A Canada. Seeking beautiful, fair, cultured, family oriented +5'-4", professionally qualified girl from educated family with good background and values (If student, must academically competent). Contact: 0015878791200. C8-63736
  • Seeking Architect/Civil Engineer match for Jat Sikh boy, 28½, 6', practicing Architect (B.Arch), having income 24 LPA with own office at Mohali & Jalandhar, only son. Father C/Govt. Senior Class-I officer. Urban  & rural property. Early marriage. No demand. 7009872678. E-mail: C8-63744B
  • B.Tech from IIT, M.Tech Canada, August 1983, 5'-9" Smart, slim and non-alcoholic, never married Jat Sikh Canadian citizen boy. Rural and Urban property. Engineer/ well qualified girl on Canadian Student Visa/ work permit preferred. Whatsapp: 9501011302 or C8-64035
  • Suitable professional qualified match for very handsome Jat Sikh Doctor boy US citizen 31/6'-1", completing final year of residency in US. Send recent photo with bio to: C8-64037
  • Professionally qualified match for Jatt Sikh turbaned boy, 1988/5'-11", B.Arch. having own business. Seeking suitably qualified & family oriented girl. Contact: 78378-00046. Email: C8-64051
  • Professionally qualified preferably Medico match for 28 years, 6 ft 1 inch cleanshaven handsome Jat Sikh boy doing residency in US, legally divorced, US green card holder, parents Gazetted Officer, well settled family. +919876785045. C8-64158
  • US citizen Jat Gursikh 25, 5'-9", Software Engineer seeking very beautiful, fair, tall, slim, well educated/professional Gursikh girl. 15104495094. C8-64162
  • Professionally qualified match for Jatt Sikh boy (6'- 2", 27), B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, currently working in MNC based in Mumbai. Parents Government servants settled in Punjab. 98142-74801. C8- 64312
  • Suitable match for Jat Sikh boy, March 1989, 6'-1", Convent Educated, B.Tech (Civil Engineer), ME (Structure) Thapar University Patiala, having landed property 37 acre in Punjab. Seeks well educated Jat Sikh girl (decent family) from USA and Canada only. Send details , Mob: 99961- 47000. NA8-53388
  • NRI Saini Sikh boy, 28/6', Masters from Canadian University. PR Canada. Contact: 98143-07217, 83608- 56226. C8-63410
  • Seeking professionally qualified beautiful match for Saini Sikh turbaned handsome boy 1989 born, 5'-7", MA English, well established business, monthly income 6 figures. Urban and rural property. Independent resident. Financially sound family settled at Mohali. 9815260227, 99880-51680. C8-64202
  • Wanted professionally qualified beautiful girl for cleanshaven (Sikh) boy July 1992, 5'-5", permanent resident Canada. Permanent software Engg. job Canada . educated family . Father retired senior Doctor (CMO) Goldsmith caste no bar .  +919815335550, +918283815550 C8-61509
  • Match for handsome Sikh Khatri (clean shaven), 1984/5'- 11", MS (USA), divorcee. Senior Engineer at Apple Inc., Cupertino (USA). Seeks extremely beautiful, qualified, slim girl. Caste no bar. Send pics and details at or WhatsApp: +15104582113. C8- 62748B
  • PQM match for Brahmin/Radhasoami boy 31/5'-8.5", MS in Electrical. Settled in Luxembourg. Caste no bar. DOB: 10.05.86, Batala, Pb. Pls send biodata on WhatsApp/email WhatsApp: +9183605-42939. C8-62820
  • Match for Nai Non-professional Canadian Citizen, 28/ 6', Govt. employed (Ministry of Finance - Canada), non- drinker, non-skomer. Medical or other PR studying/working Canada/ India. Caste no bar. 98886- 90528. C8-62962
  • Jat Sikh parents in US seeks beautiful, tall, slim, graceful girl from India or abroad for their US Citizen handsome Businessman son, 29/5'-11", MBA, belonging to a financially well off and well connected family, currently running his own chain of hotels in US, having good agricultural and commercial property in India. Contact: 99887-49859, Email:  C8-63424
  • Wanted professionally qualified girl for clean shaven (Sikh) boy July1992, 5'-5", software Engg . Permanent resident Canada educated family . Father retired senior Doctor. Goldsmith (Mair-Rajput) caste no bar .+919815335550, +918283815550, 001-4168166028(Canada) C8-63572
  • Professionally educated match for Jat Sikh Grewal boy 5'-7", 27 yrs., I.P.R. New Zealand Hails from educated family and only son. Contact: 98157-42950. Email: C8-63874
  • Suitable match P.R Candian Ramdasia Sikh boy, 29 years, 5'-8", B.Tech., MS.Chandigarh well settled family. Contact: 95927-42765. C8-64053 
  • US based family, Ludhiana origin, seeks US resident girl for fair, handsome, tall, clean shaven, well mannered, Khatri Sikh Indian citizen, grew up in US, Oct 90/5'-10" boy, earning $ 100 k annum. Family currently visiting India. Boy will Relocate to US. Caste no bar. WhatsApp: 83601-48116. NA8-53690
  • Bachelor 1979 born, 6 Feet, fair, handsome Khatri Sikh clean shave, B.E. LL.B., Real Estate Development business, owns kothi in Chandigarh, Industry Mohali. Father Late Industrialist, mother Class-I Officer retired. Only brother Citizen USA. Caste, religion no bar. Whats App 73556-14448. E-mail: C8-63360
  • Suitable math for Arora Sikh boy Graduate 5'-11", Aug. 93, settled Melbourne. Girl settled Australia apply. Whatsapp: 70870-92980. C8- 62782
  • SM4 Ramgarhia Dhiman Sikh non turbaned non vegetarian boy, 6ft., 6 July 1987, 20:40 hrs Chandigarh, Business Analyst IT MNC Pune, 12 LPA. Call: 80549-40867, Whatsapp: 94782-70867. C8-62096B
  • Homely family oriented educated match for 42 years old 5'-10" handsome Ramgarhia Sikh divorcee vegetarian non- drinker boy. Australian Citizen with good job. Interested please send bio-data & photo to WhatsApp No- 0061405567603 or 7307855657. C8-62938B
  • Professional match for Sikh Ramgarhia clean-shaven boy, 5'-8", 1987, B.Tech, MBA, own business. Mobile: 9501300357. C8-63200
  • Qualified homely Punjabi girl for Ramgarhia Sikh clean shaven boy, Nov-88, 5'-9", PR Canada. Boy in India. Contact: 98157-09692, C8- 63516
  • Australian PR (Melborne) IT Professional Ramgarhia/Dhiman, July 87, 5'-10", B.Tech. (CSE). Handsome package. Dhanjal, Sohal. Preferred Australian citizen/PR girl. 94636-96001. C8-64272 
  • S/M for handsome Kayastha Saxena 5'-10", 19.09.1983/2:12 pm, well-settled Pharmaceutical Industries in Solan (HP). Caste no bar. Upper caste welcome. Contact: 98172-20088, C8- 59549
  • Required issueless divorcee widow never married match for mutually divorced issueless Prajapat boy, 37/5'- 11", Working MNC Gurugram. Status educated family. Caste no bar. 94993-21147. C8-63728
  • A high status Sikh business family of Noida (Delhi) Inviting proposal for only son clean shaven 39 years, 6 feet, divorcee, issueless. Seeks attractive cultured girl from high status Sikh business/landlord family. 98102-35464, WhatsApp: 98116-70736. C8-64043
  • Professionally qualified non-Manglik employed match for Bansal boy, 5'-5", 14.10.1991, (13:10 Patiala), B.Tech., MBA, 18 lakhs, Noida. 70874-44824. NA8-54299
  • Suitable match for fair, handsome, cleanshaven Arora Khatri Sikh boy 24th December 82 born, 5'-10", convent educated, Graduate in Business Management. Reputed agriculturist and business family of Ludhiana, having good urban and rural agriculture lands and properties. Kindly Email at: C8-63746 
  • Kamboj Sikh boy, 29 years, 6'-1", B.Tech, Govt job Inspector Co-op Department. Preferred equally qualified, Govt job/NRI girl. Whatsapp: 9915786842. C8- 63929
  • Match for Ramdasia Sikh handsome boy, MBA, Feb 90/5'- 11". Permanent Officer MNC. Chandigarh based. Father Bank Officer Retd, Mother working. Employed and Tricity preferred. 94170-36780, 95017-87508. C8-63010
  • Bride for our Son 4.11.1990, 5'-11', M.Tech ( PEC) CSE &IS, Cyber Security Engineer at Bangalore, Ramdasia ( Arya). Father Rtd. Chief Manager SBI, Sisters married.Tricity or nearby preferred. 9779585349. C8- 64382
  • Match for Saini Sikh, cleanshaven, handsome, 5'-11", Sept. 87, BE, MBA, Defence background. Upper caste no bar. 97802-89208. C8-63352