Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Brides Wanted

Published on: Apr 14, 2019, 7:38 AM

  • Well settled USA citizen handsome Sikh boy 5'-9", 37, seeking a beautiful and educated match. Caste no bar. Send profile & pictures to C9-1911
  • Mair Rajput 32 Graduate IT, Height 5'-9'', slim, color fair, Doing Pvt. job in Chandigarh. Intrested to settled in abroad, NRI Preferred. Phone/ Whats app 7087055238, 9530550451, C9-2002
  • Match for Rajput boy, 5'-11", 02.06.1986, 00:45 am, Chandigarh. Working in M.N.C, 24 LPA, Tricity preferred. Mobile No: 99145-66699, 62842-04118. C9-2798
  • Suitable match for never married teetotaller handsome boy, 5'-7", 1983, MBA. Working in Chandigarh. Aspiring to settle abroad. 80548-66122. C9-2198 
  • Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin boy, 29.7.1992/8:30 a.m./Sirhind, 5'-7". Working in New Zealand. Parents well settled businessman. NRI match preferred. Contact 99143-24885. C9-3070
  • Wanted Doctor match for Brahmin 09.10.1988. 2:15 a.m., Amritsar, 5'-6", MD (Pathology final year), parents Doctor. Own hospital. Kundli must. Caste no bar. Contact: 98141-38707. NA9-2164
  • Slim professionally qualified match for handsome Anshik Manglik Multani Khatri boy 14.11.1986, 11:50 a.m., Ambala, 5'-6", B.Tech., Engineer (INTEL) Chicago (USA). Contact 94161-13743. C9-3024
  • Suitable match for turbaned Gursikh 17.1.1990 born/9:11 p.m./Chandigarh, 6'-1" handsome boy, B.Tech. (P.U.). I.T. Professional. Working as Product Manager in US based IT company, Settled in Canada, Having P.R. in Canada, Salary in 6 digits. Girl should be professionally qualified above 5'-5" and willing to settle in Canada preferably from Chandigarh. Contact 93160-03421. C9-2282B 
  • Good looking, Fair, Cut-surd, only Son, 1986/ 5'-10''. B.Tech, MBA. Job - Senior Manager (Reputed Real Estate Developer Company) Earning 7+ LPA. Father retd. Colonel. Family Chandigarh based. Impressive urban property in the City. Rental income 12 LPA. Seeks decent, cultured, good-looking, preferably working girl. Mobile/ Whats app: 9779813225, E.Mail: C9-2324B 
  • Suitable match for Nai Sikh boy 6'-1", June 1988, B.Com., Dip. Industrial Acountant, Comp. App., French Language, serving Accounts Asstt in MNC, Mohali. Parents Retd. Govt. employees. 79866-45896, 98762- 57205. C9-3593
  • A very respectable and well-settled Jatt Sikh family in California seeking match for their slim, handsome, ingelligent son, US citizen (India born), 32, 5'-10", UCLA Graduate, working as residential/commercial Loan Officer. 5592881375 (WhatsApp). C9- 1397
  • Educated, upper class nuclear Jat Sikh family settled in USA (Citizen), originally from Amritsar Dist., seeking tall, qualified girl with cultural values from reputed family for their son, born in USA 1985, 5'-10", athletic, teetotaller, Computer Science Engg., working in IBM, +1 7733545997. C9- 2124
  • Match for Australian Sandhu boy, 1991 born, height 5'- 10", Optometrist (Doctor in Optometry). Well settled small educated family. Australian/urban brides. WhatsApp: 0061-403323401. C9-2196
  • Jat Sikh Gill PR Canada, 6'-2"/94, very handsome, slim, job reputed company Brampton. Father Principal Education Department Punjab. Only elder brother own business Germany. Seeks very beautiful girl match 5'- 7"+ Canadian or Indian having family values with small decent family background, Doaba region. Contact: 001- 416-575-2570, 9814084123, 9876031148. C9-2200
  • Well educated status Jat Sikh Chandigarh based family seeks well qualified match for their son, 1988/5'-9", BA, LL.B (Honours), LL.M (King's College London). Advocate at Punjab & Haryana High court, having rural/urban property. College/University teacher preferred. Mail resume with recent photograph at, 98728-17266. C9-2442
  • Canadian Citizen turbaned Jat Sikh boy, 1987/6'-4", Masters in Medicine & Dentistry, doing specialization in Surgery, from professionally settled family in Canada, belonging to Malwa region. Seeks Doctor/ Dentist/ professionally qualified unmarried match preferably from US/Canada. Boy is well versed in Punjabi and Western culture. Please send biodata and recent pictures at first instance to: C9-2446
  • Canadian Citizen turbaned Jat Sikh boy, 1985/6'-2", Chemical Engineer, self employed having own Pharmaceutical manufacturing, from professionally settled family in Canada, belonging to Malwa region. Seeks Doctor/ Dentist/ MBA/ professionally qualified unmarried match preferably from US/Canada. Boy is well versed in Punjabi and Western culture. Please send biodata and recent pictures at first instance to: C9-2448
  • Jat Sikh Handsome boy 25/ 6'-4'', US Green Card Holder, Doing Office job, Respectable family of Chandigarh, Urban/ Rural Property Required B.Sc Nursing, Tall ,Slim, Fair, Homely girl. Contact 85579-84767, Whats app 001-604-377-1207. C9-3082B
  • Alliance invited for Engineer Jatt Sikh boy working in IT company in Canada, 1984/6'-0", handsome, turbaned, trimmed beard, coming Indian soon. Parents retired Govt. employee. Prefer well-qualified, working girl. Send biodata with recent photos. Mob: +91-99159-85388, Email: C9-3282
  • US based well settled Jatsikh parents for the past 35+ years looking for 5'-4"+, fair and slim professional match for their handsome son 26, 5'-11", USA citizen Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) working as Pharmacist with CVS. USA preferred. Kindly respond with recent picture and biodata to C9-3302
  • Match for our only son, 33/5'-9", U.S. Green card holder, Computer Science Ph.D. Professor in top US university. Parents Postgraduates Jat Sikh landlord family. Send biodata with photo. Email: C9-3479B
  • Match for handsome Saini Sikh boy, 23.07.1990, 5'-11", M.Tech, working at Australia. / girl at least 5'-4" to 5'-7" from tricity preferred. 7973747557. C9-3150
  • Saini Sikh boy, 1990, 6'-1", Masters (Electronics and Communication Engineer) from Candian University, working Toronto 70,000 $ annually. PR Canada. Contact: 98143-07217, 83608-56226. C9-3466 
  • Saini Sikh boy, 92 born/5'-10", Mechanical Engineer, Settled in Canada. Parents Class I Officers. USA/Canadian PR 5'-5" height working girl preferred. 99882-54551. C9-789 
  • Match for Sood ( Mohindra) boy DOB 03.02.1990, 10.30 am, Chandigarh, Ht. 6'-2'', B.Sc ( IT), PGDM, Manager with Radio Mirchi, Rs 40000/- pm, Father Working with LIC. Preferred tall, beautiful, Employee girl. Mobile 09501385533, E.mail: C9-3723
  • PQM4 Canada citizen Networking Engineer, very handsome, 6'-2", September 1987, well educated reputed Tonk- Kashatriya family. Caste no bar. Contact: +15109962544, +9198146-02177. A9-2042-OL
  • Decent match for Mair Rajput veg. boy (MBA), working in Canada on work permit, 29, 5'-8", girl with Canadian PR or with work permit preferred. Status family. Caste no bar. WhatsApp 9779725355 C8-94972B
  • Match for 1978/5'-8" Jat Sikh (Sandhu) Newzealand Citizen, Residing Australia, divorcee requires Australia/Newzealand educated decent girl. +61413102877, 73474-92587 (Chandigarh). C9-2038B
  • Match for 40/6 ft, fair, no issue, UK citizen Sikh Saini boy, Computer Engineer, big house in UK & well- settled. Seeking tall, slim, fair Sikh girl. I will only respond to Emails who reply with clear pics and biodata C9-2100B
  • Handsome Sikh Lubana 6'-3", 88 born, lives in Seattle (USA), working in Amazon with H1B visa and GC in progress. IT Sector preferred. WhatsApp: 98556-89776. Call: 9162830-46624. C9- 2504B
  • Alliance for December 1976, 5'-7" fair, slim, handsome Khatri boy, Doctor MBBS, MRCP, UK citizen working in Canada. Divorcee short marriage. Doctors family seeks educated, beautiful girl from respectable family. Caste no bar. 094163-78082, C9-2618
  • Looking suitable match for Jat Sikh Canadian citizen boy, 35 years old, 5'-11", Well settled in Canada. Caste, Religion no bar. Send pictures and biodata to email : C9-2848B
  • Punjabi Parjapat family inviting a suitable match for U.S.A. citizen, U.S.A. raised boy, 30/5'-9" College Graduate from UC Davis University California. Very handsome and professional. Caste no bar. Please contact with recent pictures and bio-data @ email or WhatsApp: 916-960-8466. C9-287B
  • Match for Hindu Kashyap Rajput smart boy, 26.9.1992/5'- 11", B.Tech. India. Master from Canada, P.R. Canada. Working in Toronto Canada in Cyber Security. Mother Father working in Chandigarh. Wanted working girl in Toronto with equal qualification and upper caste no bar. Email : , 97801-91300. C9-3360
  • Match for Hindu Punjabi Khatri Boy, 6', Sep 86, vegetarian, teetotaller, MBA from Elite Univ in USA, working at Senior Position in Renowned Tech Company in USA. Father retired Senior IAF Officer, settled in tricity Chandigarh. Professionally qualified vegetarian girl, preferably working in USA/Canada. Boy presently in India. Please contact/WhatsApp 88002-50202 and C9-3563 
  • Seek educated and beautiful match for Sikh Saini (cleanshave) handsome boy, 1991/5'-11", BBA (US), US citizen. Well settled business in USA and India with urban and rural property in India. Email: , 90530-50616 (WhatsApp). NA9-1951 
  • MBA Ramgarhia Sikh smart boy, 10/88, 5'-10", seeking suitable match. Upper caste no bar. 78141-95046. C9- 2380 
  • Suitable working match for cutsurd Ramgarhia Sikh boy 28/5'-11", Software Professional, New Zealand PR. Mobile: 99888-34985. Email: NA9- 2623 
  • Suitable match for Australian citizen Sikh Khatri boy, 1990/5'-6", B.Tech. ECE from India, Master from Australian University, Presently working Australia. 98156-25755. C9-3499
  • Suitable match for NT, ND, vegetarian Sikh Khatri boy, 33/5'-7", BE (ECE), Technical Team Lead with Infosys, Pune. Package INR 11+ LPA. Two elder brothers Post- graduate professionals. Father Class-I Officer (Retired). Only parents to correspond. 98159-54016 (Whatsapp) C9-3543
  • Seeking 36 plus educated and beautiful woman from good fmaily for Canadian citizen male 5'-8" well settled 1969 born looks much younger Jat Sikh issueless divorcee from respectable family having urban and rural property in India. Issueless divorces also acceptable. Please contact with complete biodata. Upper caste no bar. 98151-96117. C9-2942
  • Suitable match for Arora handsome USA citizen boy, 1 March 1982, 4.05 pm, Jalandhar City, 5'-11", issueless divorcee, Degree IT, Robotic System Engineer, 90K per annual. Call/Whatsapp: 9888812115. C8-93155
  • SM4 1986/5'-7", B.Tech. (Mech.) Ravidasia (Chamar) boy. Wrkg in TCS, Noida, 7 Lac Pkg. Radhasoami family. Tel: 98883-66606 (Call & WhatsApp). C9-2996
  • Australian citizen in Sydney, migrated from Chandigarh/Mohali with parents and younger sister in 2006. Electrical Design Engineer (B.E.), handsome salary, smart Cutsurd, fair, athelitic built, Ramgarhia Sikh, Jan '92, 5'-9", seeks beautiful, compatible, highly PQM from reputed institutions. Caste no bar. WhatsApp details: +61 411689339. C9-2926B