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Grooms Wanted

Published on: May 20, 2018, 12:43 AM

  • Professionally qualified match for Sikh Kamboj never married, beautiful girl, 5'-7" , 1977, BE MBA, 15 LPA, S.D.E. Chandigarh.9417001155 Whatsapp, C8-12312
  • Match for Saini Sikh slim, beautiful girl, Sept 1993, 5'-2",, MBA, working with top multinational firm as Manager. Both parents senior govt. officers. Caste no bar. 6280700001. C8-13393
  • Suitable match for fair, slim Jat Sikh girl, 1988, 5'- 6", BDS, working as Research Scientist. Tricity preferred. 8847439302, 8557820495. C8-11981
  • Well settled professional/business match for Jatt Sikh beautiful girl never married, June-83, 5'-6" LLB, LLM, Solicitor (UK) Legal advisor in UAE Multi-National firm, doctor family Amritsar. 98146-90696 C8-12607
  • Medico/qualified professional match for Jat Sikh girl, 30 years, 5'-4", MBBS, PCMS-I doctor, appearing for USMLE, belongs to status highly qualified family. Father doctor, mother professor, having ancestral agriculture land and urban property. Only serious queries please. Send biodata and recent photographs on Whatsapp: +91-70091-34974. E-mail: C8-12655
  • Jatt Sikh 1983/5'-5", fair, B.Tech, ECE(NIT), MBA Finance & CFA Canada, Canadian PR, Analyst Banking Toronto. Caste no bar. WhatsApp: +91-81463-18894, C8-12870
  • Canadian based affluent, well reputed Jat Sikh parents seeks match for their Canadian citizen daughter. Extremely beautiful, very fair, 5'-7" tall, 28 years, convent educated and Management Graduate from Canada, having perfect blend of modern and traditional values. Working as Manager in Bank in Canada. Boy should be handsome, professionally qualified and belonging to a respectable Jat Sikh family. Apply with full bio-data with photograph and contact Number. Email: C8-13197
  • Reputed, well educated, affluent Jat Sikh family from Punjab seeks handsome , well-settled/professionally qualified Jatt Sikh match from USA/Canada/ India for their very beautiful, very fair, slim and well cultured daughter. Oct. 90 /5'-8.5", BDS , MBA (Healthcare) from USA, father Senior Government Officer. Please respond with biodata/family details and recent pics. . C8-13745
  • Seeking a suitable match for Jat Sikh girl 27 yrs, 5'- 5", M.Sc, MS (Business Management from US). At present girl is in India on vacation. Only serious and interested person correspond with detailed biodata and latest pics at C8-13775
  • Wanted groom USA/Canada based family MBBS/Eng. for permanent resident of Canada, 5'-5", slim, smart 89 born, Jat Sikh girl from Amritsar. M.Sc. (N), 2 year Chronic Disease Degree from Canada now working Senior Manager, earning 50,000/- CND yearly. Mother father Govt. job. Contact 98726-35236 with complete biodata & snaps. C8-13783
  • US based Doctor/Engineer/professional for Jatsikh US citizen Oct. 1987/5'-6", slim, beautiful Dental Surgeon (DDS) girl practicing in California, innocently divorced after few days. Status educated family. , 98154-22844. C8-13911
  • Jat Sikh most beautiful girl born in 1989, height 5'- 4", working as Project Manager in an MNC. Annual package 15 Lakh. Belongs to a high reputed family settled in New Delhi seeking well-settled businessman or employed boy. Uncle Distt. Attorney (Retd.) Asr. 98880-12122, 85589-30005. NA8-11023
  • Suitable match from India, USA/Canada for beautiful, slim, 81 born, 5'-5", never married Jat Sikh girl, M.Sc. Chemistry, B.Ed. 98886-20937, NA8-11676
  • Amritdhari Jat Sikh Dastardhari girl 28/5'-5", Ph.D. Presently working in U.S. Seeks Amritdhari professionally qualified match from U.S. or Canada. 98167-85406. NA8-11833
  • Jat Sikh Saini US citizens seeking professional alliance for their 33 yrs, 5'-8", Greencard holder fair, slim and beautiful daughter. Licensed Physical Therapist presently working in New York. Boy residing/working or willing to relocate to New York preferred. Higher caste no bar. Send bio-data and recent standing photos. Email: C8- 10145
  • Suitable cleanshaven match for Sept. 1990 born, 5'-5", smart, C.A. girl. Working as Senior Manager in Govt Bank. Upper caste no bar. 98145-94168. C8-13195
  • Saini Sikh beautiful girl 79/ 5'-4", M.A. English, B.Ed., M.Ed., M.Phil., UGC. Punjab Govt. teacher. Father retd. Gazetted Officer. Send particulars/photo. C8-13519
  • Beautiful Sikh Khatri, 33/5'-5", Citizen Registered Nurse London, package 38000£ annually. Divorced, No issue. Boy should be near London area. C7-90179
  • PQM 4 Gupta girl 13.5.87, 2.20 a.m., 5'-9", PR holder in Canada, working in Bank. Caste no bar. Contact details Ph. No. 98106-51100.Email Id- C8-10953B
  • Good looking bachelor Jat Sikh girl - Physiotherapist, Indian citizen 1988 born height 5f 2in. looking for educated bachelor - religion no bar. 14166066195. C8- 11388
  • Suitable match (US Settled/H1B) atleast 5'-9", Hindu for fair Nov. 87, 5'-3", M.S. Electrical, US Citizen Aggarwal girl. Only upper caste send biodata, latest photos. E-mail:  001718-532- 8779 C8-13075
  • Suitable non-drinker, qualified match for Australia citizen Hindu Yadav beautiful girl, born 1986, 5'-4", B.Tech, MIT (Sydney). Preferred well settled Sydney living boy. Upper caste no bar. Whatsapp: 9815880008. C8-13517
  • Australian/New Zealand based Doctor/Engineer/MBA/Scientist/Business Executive handsome match for beautiful doctorate Hindu Arora girl, 5'-4", August 1988, Chandigarh, working in Melbourne. Caste no bar. 99154-73634. C8-13699
  • Jat Sikh parents seeking Doctor / Engineer / Professional match for their beautiful, slim 31 year 5'-4" daughter, Canadian citizen Doctor (completed residency in Internal Medicine from U.S), currently doing fellowship. Innocently divorced after short marriage. Issueless contact: 416 558 2274 C8-9052B
  • Wanted S.M for 27/5'-4" Hindu girl, fair, beautiful, doing MDS in reputed Dental college from Punjab. Father, Mother both doctors. Caste no bar. For contact: 7696149419. C8-11967
  • Well settled  professionally qualified match for beautiful, slim Saraswat Brahmin girl, 5'-3", 30 May 1987, 1:15 pm, Solan, Ph.D with NET. Father Professor (Retired) & Mother serving as Senior Manager in Bank. Only daughter Lecturer. Contact only after kundli match on 078328-67141. C8-10539
  • IAS or Equivalant Govt. Officer restrictly, Brahmin match for Brahmin 19 years 5'-10" wheatish well breaded highly senior officer's daughter. C8-13679
  • Suitable match for Tonk Sunar girl 23.10.1990/ Ht. 5'- 2'', beautiful, Slim, M.Tech, Working. Phone 90349- 66048, E.Mail: C8-12003
  • Suitable match for Hindu Arora girl 29.10.1989/ 14:20 pm/ Chandigarh 5'-4". Working Chandigarh 7 LPA seeking Tricity settled families and professionally highly qualified salaried person only. Business families and matrimony agencies please excuse. Whatsapp/ call: 97810-40301. C8-12906
  • Match for beautiful, cheerful Ramgarhia PCS girl, 29/5'-3", posted in Punjab. Mohali resident. Father retired Lecturer, mother in Govt. service. Only brother Australian Citizen. In search of educated, cultured family. Dowry seekers excuse. C8- 12501
  • PQSM for RG Sikh girl July 90, 5'-1", BBA, M.Sc. (NIIFT), working Mohali. 94103-95645. C8-12880
  • SM4 Ramgarhia Sikh girl, B.Tech., 5'-8" tall, fair, elegant, 88 born, working in top MNC, Pune, professionally qualified may contact M. 81446-58011. C8-13293
  • Homely fair, beautiful Sikh Bedi girl, 5'-4", 20.08.1994, Graduate, own house, English speaking skills, looking for well settled boy. Contact: 99153-20874. C8-12075
  • Suitable qualified cleanshaven match for Khatri girl, 30/ 5'-3", doing Ph.D. in Biotechnology. Respectable and highly educated family. Only employed/NRI contact with full biodata. 98720-70097, 98724-10444. C8-13211
  • Well qualified serving match Saini issueless legally divorcee girl, 40+/ 5'-3", fair, smart, looks younger, double Masters, M.Phil., Punjab Govt. Job around Chandigarh. Issueless  in/around Tricity preferred. U/R property. M: 94638-91424, C8-13173
  • Sikh match for beautiful Sikh Arora girl 1989, 5'-5", B.Tech. Job in Gurgaon, package 8 lakh annually. Issueless divorcee after short period. Contact 94140- 90456 WhatsApp. C8-12810
  • Match for beautiful Ravidasia girl BA, Diploma Fashion Designing 33/5'-1", running own boutique Chandigarh based preferred Tricity. 97817-67157. A8-12313-OL
  • Match for Hindu Ravidasia Himachali Radha Soami Salim, fair, beautiful girl 1989/5'-5", Chandigarh based, Clerk in Govt. Bank. Preferred Govt. job tricity. Whats App 94644-42239, Mob: 94175-13636. C8-12027
  • Suitable match for fair complexion Himachali Grith girl, 1986/5'-3", BAMS, working in reputed hospital as medical officer. Upper caste no bar. 9463683637, 9463636989. C8-12041