When they met

Cupid’s very own couple

No Ravan has managed to create troubles for this Ram and Sita of television. Here’s how Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee’s love story goes

Cupid’s very own couple

Gurnaaz Kaur

On this Valentine’s Day, the Ram and Sita of television world share their love tale with us. They are everything compatible, made for each other. Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee, who came into the limelight as the protagonists in Ramayan, looked so perfect together that everyone hoped they would end up as a real-life couple. And that’s what happened, the on-screen jodi has been married for nine years and look forward to eternity in the company of each other.

When the Cupid strikes

G: So, it was during a reality show where we met each other. It was a talent hunt contest. We were among the finalists, so we were all staying together. We clicked in no time.

D: It was right in the initial days of moving to Mumbai when we became friends. As we had common set of friends, we would meet each other every day. After a long time of these daily meetings we realised we were in love.

Time to tie the knot

G: We dated for a couple of years and did a few TV shows and reality shows. One day we decided this was the right time to get married because we knew each other very well.

D: We decided to get married though we were very young. At that time we felt wow getting married will be so much fun, especially because we wanted to keep it under wraps. We eloped and got married secretly on February 15, 2011, five years after our first meeting.

Forever friends

G: Actually nothing has changed after marriage. We had been living together even before it, so it all feels the same.

D: There has been no change after marriage, at least not for the two of us. We were friends before marriage and we are the same even now.

Perfectly placed

G: For me it’s a dream come true. I feel so lucky that the first girl I dated, I got married to her. Mumbai has been the love destination for me.

D: It is a very good feeling to live together because that is what we always wanted, to be with each other and spend every moment with each other. Even before marriage we were together. I think it is a very sensible thing to live in and get to know each properly before you decide to tie the knot.

Together means fun

G: Whenever we have a long duration of time, we go for holidays abroad and explore new places. In the city, when we have time, we like to chat up over coffees, catch up on the latest movies, etc.

D: We spend our free time by going to coffee shops and watching films together. We aren’t much into shopping, in fact, Gurmeet hates it.

Annoy me not

G: She can’t understand jokes.

D: When he is shooting, he is so focused that he locks him in a room for rehearsals. At times it feels like I am living by myself even when he is in the next room.

Calls for a change

G: She is very straightforward, to the point that it gets very awkward for me at times.

D: If I could change something about him, it would be to have all his attention while I am talking.

Goals together

G: If I had to put it as something we want to achieve, it would be to buy a sea-facing bungalow and live a peaceful life in it.

D: It’s to be a couple that sets goals for others. The beauty about our relation is that we think together and then act.

Wow factor

G: Her eyes are my weakness.

D: I am always wowed by his politeness and looks.

Let’s make it work

Both: It is friendship that makes a marriage work. The way we confide in a friend, the way we discuss everything with that friend that is how the two of us are. We are each other’s confidante.

Our little secret

Both: The secret is to always make each other the priority. Marriage is not always a bed of roses; it comprises many compromises too, so that acceptance should be there.

Space connection

G: If you have reached a stage where you need a separate room or go for separate holidays, then it is time to look for a new partner. It is a sign that you don’t feel close to each other.

D: Giving space in a relationship is very good but that does not mean a separate holiday or sleeping in separate bedrooms. That is not something that works for me.


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