Video of gratitude: This Navy officer says ‘I am because of my family’. Watch

In this viral video, a Navy officer shares his journey. He misses being around his daughter and family during their crucial moments, but feels grateful that they support and understand him

Video of gratitude: This Navy officer says ‘I am because of my family’. Watch

A screengrab from the video. Instagram/officialhumansofbombay

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Chandigarh, December 6

Joining forces is a huge responsibility. The commitment it needs towards our nation and fellow beings is almost unmatched as they say. To have the support of family and loved ones in living up to their role counts immensely. In one such story of a Navy officer, he takes to social media to express gratitude towards his family for being by his side always. Winning hearts on Instagram page Humans of Bombay, this story is real and relatable. Chances are it may bring tears in your eyes.

With the help of text inserts, the Navy officer shares his journey. From how he joined the Indian Navy in 2010, the got married to his girlfriend of five years in 2015, getting posted almost immediately after his wedding, being blessed with a baby girl three years later and now… in all these phases of life, he may have missed out on many crucial moments like the firsts of his daughter, being around his wife for joint parenting, etc, but his family always supported him. The video ends with his words, “Life as a navy officer is challenging. I am only able to do it because my family stands by me; I am because of them.”

Watch the video here:

The video is captioned, “Behind every Navy officer there’s a strong family that relentlessly stands by them!”

Now, these lines would melt anyone’s heart. Won’t they?

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