When Celina Jaitly lost the ability to walk

When Celina Jaitly lost the ability to walk

Celina Jaitly with her family

Celina Jaitly welcomed twin sons in 2012 with her husband Peter Haag. Then in 2017, she welcomed another set of twin boys. However, one of them died due to a heart defect. The actress took to Instagram on Sunday and spoke about having two sets of twins. In a long post, Celina wrote, “While both my spontaneous twin pregnancies were the most blessed, having two sets of twins in a row, apparently defying 7,00,000-to-one odds was not easy. I still remember the look on my husband’s face when our dearest Dr Braithwhite told us that we had conceived twins again which was very unique and unusual, a one in 7,00,000 chance.”

She further shared, “I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in both my pregnancies due to twin baby hormones. I had to really watch what I ate and went through extremely strict restrictions throughout both pregnancies. Due to my father’s loss in my second twin pregnancy, I literally lost the ability to walk due to the shock and had to be pushed on a wheelchair by my husband.” Talking about motherhood, she penned, “ I truly believe it is how you describe the very powerful strength, resilience and unconditional love that gives a child the courage to grow.”


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