Give your home a cosier feel, this winter

Give your home a cosier feel, this winter

COLD days and long winter nights are here. So is the time to soak in the winter sun as well as convert your house into a cosy space. iStock

Pooja Khanna Tyagi

COLD days and long winter nights are here. So is the time to soak in the winter sun as well as convert your house into a cosy space. You don’t have to invest heavily or go for major renovation to give your home a makeover this season. Just follow these tips to create a warm and relaxing ambience:

Create a warm underfoot

Tiles, laminated wood and marble flooring can get cold in the chilly winter. One of the easiest ways to create a warm underfoot is by covering the bare floors with rugs or woollen carpets. To add dimension and texture to the flooring, layer a carpet with an extra rug or warm fabric. Do keep a pair of furry slippers near your bed. Don’t forget to add bed runners along your bed.

Weather strip

Woollen throws and covers

Beautify your sofas with woollen throws and different sized cushions in rich materials like velvet and fleece. The use of plenty of fabric helps in trapping heat and keeping the space warm. Create a cosy table setting with tablecloths, placemats, runners, napkins and add slipcovers to wooden and metallic chairs. Add layers of warmth to your bed by spreading a warm blanket under your bedsheet. You can even go in for an electric blanket.

Go for warm lighting

As days become shorter, it is essential to use warm lighting for the interiors. Incorporate a layered lighting system and upgrade your light fixtures with softer lighting. Floor lamps and table lamps can lend magic and add instant warmth. Invest in table lamps which can be moved around the house. Decorate your balcony, patio or gazebo with fairy lights.

Oil heater

Install heaters

Room heaters can make the indoors feel comfortable during peak winters, especially in northern India. One can choose from a variety of heaters that work on the principle of conduction, convection and radiation. Experts recommend going in for oil-filled heaters because these enable even distribution of heat without reducing the moisture content of the room or causing any breathing issues. You can also bring in an electric fireplace for an aristocratic feel.

Weather-proof the windows

Use caulking, weather strips and foam blowing to seal the crevices between the door or window and the wall. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to winter-proof your doors and windows. Cover your windows with heavy drapes which effectively absorb the winter chill.

A pop of colour

The long and grey winters should be compensated with bright pops of colour, which can be introduced through the cushions, rugs, bedding and even the crockery. Warm colours like rusty red, burnt orange, mustard yellow are a perfect way to infuse warmth into your home decor. Go for dark fabrics which absorb heat and keep the home warm and toasty in the evenings.

A snug corner

A cosy corner is perfect for sipping a cup of hot coffee. Spruce up an empty corner with a cosy chair, cushion, throws and warm lighting. Consider a reading nook near a window that brings in the sun. Bring the seating in your living room closer to ensure intimate conversations during family get-togethers.

Bring in the season scents

Some of the most popular winter scents include lavender, sweet vanilla, spicy cinnamon, orange, clove and woody aromas. A plug-in diffuser can humidify the space and offer natural aromatherapy with these essential oil fragrances. A group of scented candles can be lit to add drama, light and emit fragrance. Bring in a festive feel with the scent of freshly baked cookies and cakes. Don’t forget to create a table centrepiece with some winter-scented potpourri.

Get low maintenance plants

Infuse life in your interiors with low maintenance plants which can thrive in the presence of low light. If you are a beginner, the easiest way is to go for succulents as they are forgiving and easy to maintain.

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