Feeding them right

Is milk good for your toddler? Are fruit juices healthy? If such questions bother you, take a read...

Feeding them right

Dr. Mahesh Hiranandani

Most parents are generally confused and worried about what to feed their toddlers. Thanks to unmindful eating habits and myths associated with several foods, a large number of urban children suffer from obesity. Let's sift facts from myths and find out what will make your little one healthy.   

Myth: Milk is a complete nutrition for a growing child

Fact: Only humans consume milk beyond infancy. A number of childhood maladies are a result of this habit. Mother's milk is the ideal nutrition at the start, but it fails to provide optimum calories, proteins, vitamin D, iron, zinc, etc., once the child turns six months old. All these vitamins are crucial for growth. All other foods (cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, nuts and poultry) provide more nutrients than milk on weight to volume basis. Drinking milk does not reduce the risk of fractures; in fact drinking too much of it could lead to anaemia and obesity.