Open House: how to ensure cleanline

Focus on changing people’s mindset

Residents must avoid throwing trash in the open, segregate and dispose waste

Focus on changing people’s mindset

Authorities should make sure that sanitary workers collect garbage from the residential areas daily. file photo

Responsibility lies on city residents

It’s time to reform our ways of waste management as the levels of pollution are increasing at an alarming pace. Residents should not throw trash in the open. Garbage should always be segregated, disposed of in covered bins and given to collectors on a daily basis to avoid stink and breeding of insects. A clean society makes a clean city. The responsibility of making our land clean and green lies on citizens. Violators should be fined to send a strong message to others. Cleanliness should not be restricted to campaigns or workshops only, everyone should make it a habit to keep their home, society and city neat and clean.

Monika Garg


With the road accidents on the rise, we invite our readers to send in their views on whether the police are doing enough to curb drunken driving?

Waste collectors must work diligently

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, launched to fulfil the aim of making country clean, can never succeed without changing the mindset of people about sanitation. Despite spending crores of rupees on the programme, people keep throwing waste on roads, besides using plastic bags and bottles. Sweepers, too, do not work with responsibility.

Prof NK Gosain

Urge residents to join hands with mc

Residents need to be educated to stop littering and use dustbins to discard garbage. Explain the need to segregate garbage and problems faced by the MC in this exercise. Persuade residents to come forward and help the MC in its effort to make the city clean. Highlight positive effects of this exercise. Take the help of the media to further the objective. Appoint cleanliness ambassadors for each sector in the city.

Dr HS Sodhi

Poor supervision by mc officials to blame

If we wish to make our city clean, we must make consistent efforts. With the cooperation of residents, the city has got a national recognition in cleanliness surveys. Owing to poor supervision, the 225 dustbins placed at various locations, at a cost of Rs6,000 per piece, in the city have either gone missing or lie broken. A colossal wastage of money indeed. Authorities should make sure that sanitary workers collect garbage daily from residential areas. In some localities, the condition is worse. Owing to the poor supervision by MC staff, the sewage overflows and gets accumulated on roads and streets, making it almost impossible for the people to pass through these areas. They also become a breeding-ground for mosquitoes and other insects, posing a threat of an outbreak of various diseases. When the MC authorities collect all sorts of taxes, they must provide clean drinking water, a neat and clean environment and good living conditions to city residents. However, city dwellers should also cooperate with MC officials in improving sanitary conditions.

Pursharth Joshi

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