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Does Car Insurance Protect Against Theft?

Does Car Insurance Protect Against Theft?

Owning a car comes with various costs. Your responsibility does not end after paying for the showroom price and road taxes; you must also pay for third-party liability coverage. But is third-party coverage enough? Perhaps not. Third party car insurance is the basic coverage, mandated by law, which comes into play if your vehicle injures a third party and/or damages his/her property. Purchasing a comprehensive car insurance policy is recommended to ensure your car is secured against any damages. But what does this plan cover? Does it reimburse for the losses sustained if your car gets stolen? Let's find out.

Does Car Insurance Cover Theft?

Yes, car insurance covers theft-related incidents. If your car gets stolen from outside your house or office, the insurer is responsible for paying the expenses. However, remember that a claim for theft is admissible only if the entire vehicle is stolen, not just a few of its parts.

Besides theft, car insurance reimburses for loss and damage to your vehicle due to fire, typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, riots, vandalism, collision, and several other causes.

Guide to Raising Car Insurance Claim for Theft  

The following steps will tell you how to make a claim if your car gets stolen —

Step 1: As soon as you find your car has been stolen, visit the police station in that area and file an FIR.

Step 2: Inform the concerned police officer about the incident and describe your vehicle. If you have a copy of the RC, providing it will make the search process easier.

Step 3: Notify your insurer. Provide them with a copy of the FIR and the policy document. If you have misplaced the policy copy, search your email for the date you renewed or purchased the policy; you will find a soft copy there.

Step 4: The insurer will investigate the incident after receiving your request. If they find everything satisfactory, they will process the claim.

Documents Required for Submitting a Claim for Car Theft

  1. Valid driving license of the car owner
  2. Original FIR
  3. Copy of the vehicle's Registration Certificate 
  4. Furnish Forms 28, 29, and 30 issued by the RTO 
  5. If you have financed your four-wheeler and the EMIs are still due, obtain form 35 from the RTO
  6. Car insurance certificate 
  7. Duly filled claim form
  8. Provide a non-traceable certificate issued by the police station where you filed the FIR. You will receive this certificate only if the police cannot find your vehicle.

Reasons for Rejection of a Car Theft Claim

Some common reasons for claim rejection are detailed below:

  1. While filling out the claim form, some information was incorrect or missing.
  2. You have failed to raise the claim within the stipulated timeframe.
  3. You have made modifications to your car that are not legal in the eyes of the law. Even legal modifications not informed to the insurer at the time of policy purchase or renewal lead to claim rejection.
  4. If you have violated the terms and conditions set by the insurer, no claims will be entertained. For example, your claim may be rejected if you use the car for commercial purposes when it is insured as a private vehicle.
  5. For theft-related claims, the foremost criterion is to produce and submit the car keys. Four-wheeler manufacturers provide customers with two keys. Failing to produce the secondary key gives the impression of a fraudulent claim and can lead to rejection.

How to Protect Your Car from Theft?

  • Always lock the doors and double-check them before leaving the parking lot.
  • Never leave your keys in the ignition. Thieves can easily break a window and drive off if the key is inside.
  • Never leave the car windows open. If not theft of the car, your belongings are at risk if you do not close the windows.
  • Choose well-lit parking spots. Thieves are less likely to strike where they can be easily seen.
  • If your car doesn’t have an audible alarm, consider adding one. Visible anti-theft devices like window etching or steering wheel locks can also deter thieves.
  • Don’t keep a spare key under the car or in the glove box. Thieves know where to look.


The number of car theft cases in a country like India is alarming. In 2023, there were 105 cases of car thefts each day in Delhi alone, i.e., 1 car got stolen every 14 minutes – according to an online news report published on It is important to take precautionary measures to protect your car from theft. Knowing when and how to raise a claim and what documents to furnish is also crucial so you can avail yourself of the benefits of investing in a car insurance policy.

Disclaimer: This article is part of sponsored content programme. The Tribune is not responsible for the content including the data in the text and has no role in its selection.

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