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QQTube Review 2023: Best Youtube Services? Know The Alternatives!

QQTube Review 2023: Best Youtube Services? Know The Alternatives!

Only some platforms have reached the same level as YouTube growth over the years regarding service and customer reach. 62% of consumers worldwide in a 2021 survey chose the platform as one of their most-used sites, causing its high viewership ranking.

Given this platform's vast and diverse customer base, many people opt towards increasing their count of YouTube subscribers. The higher the follower count, the more YouTube views the videos will get. However, there are other methods you can adapt to hike YouTube view count in inorganic ways, and that is where QQTube comes in.

Statistics show YouTube as the second highest ranked in digital platform usage measurement, gaining around 74.8 billion visits per month. While this count is high, your YouTube channel is not guaranteed to get a high view count, especially as a new content creator.

That’s when you need reliable platforms to buy YouTube views, which is GPC.FM. Yes, we know you might have thought it’s QQTube, but you will get to know in this detailed review why we said GPF.FM.

Why Choose GPC.FM Over Any Other Social Media Growth Service Provider?

GPC.Fm focuses on helping users grow their YouTube likes, followers, and views. This platform allows users to buy likes and followers in bulk without making fake profiles, specifically for Instagram and YouTube. The platform also ensures all purchases you make are authentic, so your business growth is better and visible. The best part about their UI is that you won't get stuck anywhere, thanks to the fact that it is very user-friendly.

Source: Global top websites by monthly visits 2022 | Statista

In that context, QQTube is a useful platform people use to increase their views and gain more exposure on YouTube. Paid customers can boost their YouTube view count, likes, subscriptions, shares, and comments using QQTube.

This is one of the most cost-friendly service delivery services where you can buy YouTube subscribers and other platform-based elements, like Pinterest, Shazam, Soundcloud, and more.

What is QQTube?

QQTube is a service provider focusing on ensuring social media growth for its customer base. The brand offers various packages, centered around increasing various parameters for social media platforms, like engagement rate and subscriber count. Regarding the increasing YouTube view count, QQTube is one of the top service providers that handle this process.

The QQTube professionals also deliver free YouTube views of 1000 count to users, depending on your payment plan, and all that users have to do is register and add their email for alerts.

The platform provides notifications often, which can get tiring after some time for users. However, you will get variety here regarding QQTube offers and services when operating on this platform.

Services of QQTube

Do you want to utilize a platform that will allow you to buy YouTube views without many issues swiftly? QQTube is that medium for you that allows users to expand their YouTube channel with more subscribers, more views, etc. Service choices are available depending on these aspects that users can increase with a QQTube account.

The following are some of the common benefits related to social media services you can expect from this platform. Keep note that there are more similar advantages available for users. However, the aspects discussed in this QQTube review relate to YouTube mainly since that is the main target point for this brand.

  • View count- Statistically, 62% of companies create YouTube channels to gain engagement and money from the content. These users can increase their YouTube view count through the plans available from QQTube.
  • Geo-targeted views-People can improve their comprehensive range of geo-targeted YouTube views through the platform.
  • High-retention view- You can analyze channel-based insights to know the high retention views and boost those counts.
  • Adwords views- Users can assess the total range of potential clients that have accessed the Google Ads content to measure the YouTube view count of this group.
  • Likes- You can view the total number of likes on videos and increase the count.
  • Comments/replies- Adding more comments in users’ videos to display more engagement counts is possible. This also includes increasing the number of replies to the post comments.
  • Subscribers- Compared to the real followers count on your channel, the QQTube review shows that users can get a higher subscriber count here.
  • Views for live streams/shorts- Content creators on YouTube with their own channels can increase the count of live stream-based YouTube view numbers. The same is noticeable for adding more views for the YouTube Shorts content.
  • Live stream comments- You can use other services for the best engagement ratio increase, like increasing the range of live stream comments.
  • Watch time hours- Users can increase the value of the total watch time hours of the videos, as noted in the QQTube review.
  • Shares- You can upgrade the count for the total number of video shares through the QQTube dashboard.
  • Community Post Likes- Channel creators can create community posts for their subscribers to communicate easily through the section with them. Per the QQTube review, purchasing plans for increasing the likes count on these posts is possible.

Top Options of Platforms QQTube Supports

When showing the correct records of different social media sites, QQTube is compatible with multiple options and handles this task well. Here are some of the principal focus points for the site that are worth mentioning in this QQTube review.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms for viewing video-based content. The parameters users can purchase that the support team replies about here are Views, Likes, Comments, Subscriber counts, and more.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is a well-known photo-sharing app with a wide-scale global user base. The types of content you can purchase include IGTV views, likes, comments, shares, reel views, etc. Even businesses promote their services and products through different elements of their Instagram Business accounts.

  1. TikTok

Another top-rated video-sharing app currently is TikTok, with a strong reach across different global territories. People typically share shorter clips across this platform and can purchase likes, followers, comments, shares, and other elements.

  1. Vimeo

Vimeo is another suitable platform for sharing video files; you can create a channel. Use service providers like QQTube to increase reach and follower count in this advanced market.

  1. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is an outstanding choice to focus on in terms of music streaming. New artists and established ones produce and share their songs through the platform. You can use QQTube services to increase these songs' shares, play times, and likes. 

  1. Twitter

Twitter is one of the most widely used platforms available. Many people use the platform to share short character-specific quotes to reach a wide audience related to different topics. This service can increase tweet likes, shares, and retweets.

  1. Reddit

Reddit is an online community where people discuss different topics in smaller sub-communities. You can increase your Reddit karma and reach using social media service providers like QQTube.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most notable platforms to stay in touch with people you know and even random individuals in your extended circles. Businesses use features like Facebook pages and community sections to increase engagement rates, and you can contribute to that with QQTube.

  1. Spotify

Spotify is a song and podcast-based streaming service provider that can use podcasts, content creators, artists, etc., for promoting their music.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a valuable medium for networking, and people can use such service providers' help to increase their exposure to more companies for recruitment potential.

Why Should You Purchase Views on Platforms like YouTube?

Overall, there are multiple reasons why businesses and individual users focus heavily on view counting and such parameters related to social media apps. Statistically, 90% of consumers find products/brands/services they want to try out by watching YouTube videos and ads.

Thus, YouTubers apply in-video ads for monetization reasons and get profit. A strong YouTube view count prompts more users to open the video types more often, so many content creators use applications like QQTube to purchase YouTube likes and other engagement counts.

Overall, there are specific noticeable benefits for companies and regular customers, from purchasing views, comments, and likes. In this QQTube review, know these factors now.

  • Better algorithm-based performance

The YouTube algorithm analyzes different insights and parameters to recommend relevant and random videos to all users. Thus, YouTube algorithms hold much power to increase the reach of specific videos to viewers.

For example, the algorithm typically decides which ones to recommend based on their current engagement rates. So, if you increase YouTube view count or other values, YouTube will promote it more.

  • Faster YouTube growth potential

You can follow the given price points in this QQTube review or directly on the site to purchase the number of views you want. As mentioned, the higher view count will prompt the video to reach more people and organically increase its engagement rates.

If you handle the whole process without buying the views, you must wait longer to see any profit. So, using a tool like QQTube and purchasing the views will give you a necessary push, and then you can grow your audience gradually.

  • Increased reach and potential

With more views, you'll naturally see the engagement rate with the brand expands as well. You'll have more opportunities to reach more audiences with your content as more people watch the videos. 

Later, as YouTube likes to increase and you get more subscribers, you can improve your overall performance rates.

Benefits to expect from QQTube Usage

When it comes to getting the cheapest YouTube service, many assure that these platforms do not bring them any benefits. However, that is mainly true if you use a mediocre service provider for this task. It would be best to find a verified and high-quality social media service provider based on their functions and specifications.

In the QQTube review, you will learn why this platform is a suitable choice in this regard, especially given the high-grade functions available, reasonable cost plans, and more. You can buy YouTube subscribers and other important elements of a social media site through this platform in different packages and get other benefits.

For an easier QQTube review, here is an overview of these elements.

  1. Different types of services

One of the fantastic benefits of the QQTube YouTube services is the variety of these available benefits. You can handle different steps and utilize the different services available under the platform for improving the range of YouTube video insights, like the shares count, subscribers, comments, and other interactive elements.

People typically see the number of likes a video contains or the comments range to determine the quality. Then, they play the video, causing organic YouTube view growth. Of course, you can wait and grow these counts with time, but if you want quick results, these services with affordable pricing are suitable choices.

You can use the main QQTube dashboard to keep track of the different services related to live streams, regular videos, Shorts, and community posts.

  1. Conventional YouTube view count

Without a doubt, the total YouTube view count for the videos contributes to the increased exposure and reach of the content to audiences. Moreover, it proves your brand's popularity or potential to people new to your channel.

Typically, the system in YouTube algorithms counts the high view count on certain videos to mean that more people are interested in them. Naturally, it increases in ranking in the search results list, making the video more visible to viewers.

The QQTube team members know this cycle and plan their services accordingly. The professionals here increase the view count for clients with suitable measures and inorganic view counts from third-party providers. Indeed, the staff available under the QQTube company have experience and access to different resources, and they run suitable processes to increase the view count.

  1. Strong customer support

One of the primary points of concern for companies in their service is the type of customer service they can provide their clients. Viewers with specific issues with their services must have an easier time getting the necessary help and avoiding undelivered services.

Thus, these team members deliver suitable customer support benefits to their clients, and this is one of the main benefits available on the platform. People can easily access the right help from trained professionals with their issues.

Also, this increases their trust in the brand and establishes a stronger customer-brand relationship. In fact, a 2018 survey shows that 66% of U.S. respondents admitted that they depend on customer service to decide on a company.

In the context of the QQTube review, the platform provides a stable customer service team to users with 24x7 access. They provide all necessary query resolutions and fixes for problems promptly, which benefits customer experience quality.

  1. Good refund policies in place

The availability of good refund policies can benefit brands in terms of customer satisfaction and help with YouTube growth, which is what you should focus on. If the customers find any specific service problematic, you should allow them to get a quick and accurate refund. Also, make sure to add a system for checking the validity of customer refund requests.

As a consumer, one of the primary concerns is whether the service will be safe to use. For example, you buy something, but the transaction does not go through despite the money being taken out of your account. You will not be able to receive a refund if there is no refund policy in place, and you will lose the entire amount you spent on YouTube views if there is no refund policy in place.

The customer support members of QQTube focus on that and provide suitable refund benefits to users of the services.

Pricing plans offered by QQTube.

In categorizing QQTube’s service description, you need to focus on the available cost plans under the platform. Users can typically utilize cryptocurrency and credit services to pay for transactions under QQTube.

Here is a breakdown of YouTube-based content types available under the money plans.

  • 50 shares- USD 3.60
  • 10 Comment likes- USD 15
  • 1000 Geo-target views- USD 2.50
  • 1000 Fast YouTube Views- USD 2.50
  • 1000 Premiere Waiting Views- USD 1
  • 1000 Slow Views- USD 0.90
  • 1000 HRS or High-Retention Slow Views- USD 1
  • 5000 Live Stream Views- USD 5.00

Keep in mind that the users get updated cost plans often. So, keep track of such information, depending on the platform type, and spend money accordingly.

QQTube Pros and Cons

When discussing various aspects of the platform in the QQTube review, there are noticeable pros and cons about it that are noticeable.


  • Higher purchase scalability benefits here.
  • Very cost-effective solution for users.
  • Resell services with affiliates.
  • API integration benefits.
  • Strong and incredibly reliable customer support.


  • Encrypted transactions could use improvement.
  • Not many types of payment gateways are available.

What to Focus on for Choosing a Service to Purchase YouTube Subscribers' Views?

Of course, getting the best help with YouTube views, subscribers, comments, and likes is possible, but you need the proper support for that. QQTube-centric members and in-house developers are experienced in increasing these counts with paid packages. Yet, there are some aspects you should focus on to decide on the right professional to help with this process.

  1. FAQs and other information

Legitimate companies provide all vital information on their website. These include information about the packages they create, available services, benefits to expect from team members, the company, FAQs, and other such details.

When judging a company's validity for any service support, including telegram services and other YouTube services, you should read the company details thoroughly.

  1. Quality of subscribers

While purchasing YouTube-based components like subscribers, you should check the quality of the subscribers. Choose people who will engage with the content more and stay on the YouTube account to provide reasonable engagement rates.

Therefore, you should opt for a company like QQTube that guarantees a timely service. The team here offers a realistic subscriber count increase and other aspects like comments, likes, etc., to make the YouTube growth seem authentic.

  1. Visible pricing

You need to check the pricing plans available from the service provider and see if the fees are available with proper transparency. While some good brands provide custom pricing, it is more user-friendly for companies that show specific cost plans on their site.

Then, interested customers can adequately plan their budget for the services, which the company helps with to ensure a unified user experience and good support.

  1. Delivery-based time frames

The YouTube subscriber count must increase consistently and naturally to avoid detection. Videos that suddenly get 100,000 views within 2 minutes are impossible if they are from relatively unknown channels.

Experienced professionals like those at QQTube understand the importance of small-scale and consistent change in subscriber count increase. Therefore, they deliver time-consistent results, such as increasing video view counts at different intervals with slow moves.

  1. Terms of Service

In this QQtube review, we will emphasize one crucial point: Verified and reputable companies display their terms and conditions and documentation. It is also worth noting that QQTube's website does include a page, but it could be improved significantly. There are some companies that don't have this page, and after looking at this red flag, you shouldn't get associated with such companies.

Is QQTube the Best Service Provider to Try for This?

The site has useful functions to counter the advanced YouTube algorithm that detects which slow views are organic and which are bought.

So, the QQtube-based YouTube view increase that you get will show a higher view count. However, this has no significant influence on actual changes in YouTube's performance metrics.

Therefore, with some limitations, QQTube is a legit valuable website for increasing YouTube engagement potential for users.

Best Alternative for QQTube

Like QQTube, there are other helpful service providers for increasing YouTube metrics, like commentary, subscriptions, etc. Know about their benefits to utilize this platform for the best results.

  1. GPC.fm

The legit website helps buy views, likes, and followers for YouTube channel users, mainly, with some other compatible platforms. It is popular due to the fast response offered to the users once the account is registered and integrated. Whether you want to increase your profile outreach or gain more subscribers on YouTube, GPF.FM will allow you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Final Take QQTube is a useful service provider for increasing engagement rates on YouTube through paid media. But it doesn’t hurt trying out alternatives like GPC which is a leading social media growth service currently.



  1. Is QQTube a trustworthy platform to try?

QQTube is a suitable platform that helps increase account parameters in different social media platforms, starting with YouTube, per specific payment packages.

  1. What is the minimum limit of deposit here?

The minimum deposit limit for users to apply to QQTube for its services is around USD 10. This is the set value for the regular users-the count that differs for reselling packages.

  1. What are the available terms and guarantees on QQTube?

The terms and conditions available under QQTube are standard-level regarding refunds, high retention views, and privacy policies. Regarding service guarantee, it is not mentioned in any part of the rules that the YouTube views and followers contributing to the count are genuine people. So, the company avoids the term "real views" to ensure full disclosure of the services.

  1. Is there any free service to get when you join this platform?

QQTube account users can get a USD 2 credit when they apply for this platform-based service, but this benefit relates to only some functions. Plus, it is not available for linked account holders to try, appearing as a One-Time-Only offer for viewers.

  1. What are the average views to get via QQTube shares?

The average YouTube views for every share depend on the package you purchase for the specific social media app, like YouTube, Instagram, etc. So, the value here is only constant for some services.



Disclaimer : The above is a sponsored article and the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of The Tribune editorial in any manner.


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