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Top 10 Video Conferencing APIs in 2024

Top 10 Video Conferencing APIs in 2024

As more businesses and individuals move to remote work and online learning, video conferencing is becoming more crucial than ever. In this regard, there's a greater need to have some convenient and effective ways to arrange video calls. Here, the critical part is to have the optimized video conferencing API, which lets developers add several calling features for apps and websites. So, this guide will keep you informed of the 10 best video API providers in 2024.

10 Best Video Conferencing API Providers

Several video API providers are available over the internet offering great features regarding the ability to integrate video calling features in apps. However, if you are concerned about choosing the best one that suits your needs, this guide is for you. Check out the detailed list highlighting some of the top-tier video-calling API providers.


ZEGOCLOUD is the most prominent provider of video SDK and API, empowering developers to integrate real-time communication features seamlessly. Essentially, it focuses on serving users with the best audio and video quality, with ultra-low latency of 300ms and 4K results. Besides, the APIs of this provider are designed to support a wide range of use cases, from virtual meetings to online education.

In addition, ZEGOCLOUD offers some other helpful features like live streaming and face beautification, providing a comprehensive solution for interactive user experiences. Notably, their video chat APIs are highly customizable and allow developers to tailor the functionality to match their needs. Furthermore, this provider offers a free tier along with 20+ pre-built UIKits, facilitating programmers to get started quickly with minimal coding.

2.      MirrorFly

This video conferencing API provider offers excellent functionality for voice and video conferencing without any restrictions. Here, users can send or receive file sizes of any range directly on their video chat app. Besides, the MirrorFly video API  is optimized for almost any platform and device, enhancing its accessibility. It also allows its users to record ongoing calls and sessions without any hassle.

3.      Apphitect

Apphitect is a video API provider that prioritizes control and customization for businesses, offering them complete control over their data. Here, you can have the whiteboard facility that allows virtual classroom teaching with a real-time drawing interface. Also, users can communicate with each other in their native language through its language translation feature. The smart response functionality of this provider allows you to have instant replies with auto-suggested texts.

4.      VideoSDK

VideoSDK is a great solution for developers seeking a secure and scalable video conferencing infrastructure. Amazingly, there is a Lip Sync Detection feature that automatically detects any inconsistency with the user's speech. Besides, you can have an adaptive bitrate that adjusts the video resolution based on your network connection to avoid interruption. Evidently, there's a worldwide 150ms low latency for video chats, making your communication seamless.

5.      Agora

The video call API and SDK of this platform empower developers to integrate versatile video chat functionalities. With its live APIs, you can add powerful features like 3D spatial audio and noise suppression through its integration capabilities. Besides, this provider can provide interactive whiteboards and other collaboration functionality to meet diverse user needs. Users can even record their video meetings in their desired format and quality.

6.      Cometchat

This video conferring solution streamlines development by offering a single platform for managing various communication channels within an app. It offers features like screen sharing and in-meeting chat, giving a rich interactive experience. In addition, it facilitates users with built-in calling workflows that let them create meeting rooms to invite others for a conference meeting right away. You can also utilize its recording options for various use cases.

7.      Sendbird

Sendbird is another worth-mentioning provider of video conference APIs that offers a range of features to integrate high-quality video capabilities. Evidently, its video SDK supports direct and group calls, ensuring lag-free communication through its multi-region and low-latency cloud infrastructure. The platform also includes advanced features like screen sharing and on-device call recording, which enhance the overall user experience.

8.      Vonage

Vonage offers a unique capability that allows businesses to quickly integrate video conferencing functionality into their websites with just a single line of code. Essentially, its compatibility with all web browsers lets you integrate it into various popular platforms like WordPress and Zoho. Moreover, you can create private video chat rooms for a one-on-one conversation or small group consultations with this video-calling API.

9.      Daily

The rebuilt feature of this video API provider offers a fully supported and low-code video call application component, allowing for quick integration. Particularly, the advanced functionalities like live streaming and enterprise analytics ensure that businesses can deliver exceptional user experiences across various use cases. For instance, you can use its video SDK for virtual collaboration and gaming, making it a reliable choice for developers.

10.  EnableX

EnableX serves with pre-packed SDKs and mobile UI kits, featuring high-performance video call capabilities across multiple platforms. It supports large room sizes with up to 100 participants in a video conference and up to 3000 in the webinar mode. Besides, its advanced functionalities like encrypted video recording and live dashboards for tracking video quality and service. You can use its API for a wide range of cases, including telehealth and digital onboarding.


In conclusion, there’s a pressing need to have an optimized and powerful video conferencing API provider regarding the growing importance of video meetings. Therefore, this guide has enlisted some of the best video calling API providers that you can confidently rely on for integrating this functionality to your apps. However, if you are concerned about which one of them leads the rest, ZEGOCLOUD is the clear winner here with its mind-blowing capabilities.




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