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Visitor Guard® Announces Must-Have Winter Travel Insurance for Visitors to the US

Visitor Guard® Announces Must-Have Winter Travel Insurance for Visitors to the US

As winter approaches, Indians planning to visit the United States can now feel relieved with the latest offering from Visitor Guard® — the ultimate winter insurance solutions. This cutting-edge policy is specially designed to cater to the unique needs of visitors during the chilly winter months. 

Winter in the US offers a picturesque landscape and exciting seasonal activities, making it an attractive destination for Indian travelers. However, this season also brings its own set of challenges, particularly for visitors who may not be accustomed to the colder climate. 

Visitor Guard® recognizes the need for specialized travel insurance for USA from India for these travelers. Whether it is a family reunion during the holidays, a business trip, or a thrilling ski adventure in the American Rockies, our winter visitor insurance has you covered. 

Winter is notorious for its increased risk of illnesses like flu, pneumonia, and cold-related health issues. Travelers from warmer climates, such as India, can be particularly susceptible. Visitor Guard® understands the importance of health and well-being while traveling and offers extensive coverage for winter-related illnesses. 

Our policy includes coverage for doctor visits, hospitalization benefits, prescription medication, COVID-19 treatment, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, and more. Access to quality healthcare is paramount, and our policy ensures you receive timely medical attention if you fall ill or get injured during your visit. 

Moreover, healthcare in the US is expensive, and without insurance, visitors could face substantial medical bills in case of illness or accidents. Some US visa categories, such as the J-1 visa for exchange visitors, mandate that visitors have health insurance coverage. Purchasing a plan helps visitors meet these visa requirements and avoid potential issues with immigration authorities. 

Many visitor insurance plans offer 24/7 emergency assistance services, including access to a network of healthcare providers, medical translation services, and help with travel-related emergencies. 

For adventure seekers, winter in the US means participating in exhilarating winter sports. From skiing to snowboarding, the opportunities are endless. However, these activities come with their fair share of risks. That is why getting a comprehensive winter sports coverage as an optional add-on for visitor insurance can. Having insurance coverage specific to these activities can help mitigate the financial burden associated with medical expenses resulting from injuries sustained during sports like skiing, snowboarding, or rock climbing. 

Chiranth Nataraj, the founder of Visitor Guard® said, ‘Visitor insurance with extreme sports coverage is essential for those planning adventurous activities during their stay in the US. It safeguards against financial hardships, ensures compliance with activity requirements, and provides the freedom to pursue thrilling experiences with confidence.’ 

‘Safe Travel USA Comprehensive, Atlas Travel, iTravelInsured, Diplomat America, and Diplomat Long-term are some of the popular insurance policies that offer adventure sports coverage, which can be purchased by paying a little extra premium,’ he stated. 

‘Our goal has always been to provide travelers with peace of mind during their visits to the US. Winter travel poses unique challenges, and we have tailored this insurance to address those challenges comprehensively,’ Pallavi Sadekar, the Head of the Operations of Visitor Guard®, expressed. She added, ‘Whether it is staying healthy during the cold season or hitting the slopes confidently, Visitor Guard® has you covered.’ 

About Visitor Guard®: 

Visitor Guard® is a leading provider of travel insurance solutions for visitors to the United States. We are known for our commitment to providing top-notch insurance options for travelers. This latest winter visitor insurance policy is a testament to that commitment, ensuring that travelers can embrace the magic of winter in the US without worry. With a range of comprehensive policies, the company ensures that travelers have access to quality healthcare and protection during their stay. Our policies cover various aspects of travel, including health, trip delays, evacuations, and more. 




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