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French language catches fancy of youth heading abroad

Several private institutes teaching French have mushroomed in Jammu city

French language catches fancy of youth heading abroad

A French language instructor in Jammu.

Arjun Sharma

Jammu, November 19

Learning of French language is gaining popularity among the youth of Jammu city, who wish to go abroad and work there.

It is the official language in countries such as Belgium and Canada. In fact, across various other countries, there are a large number of job opportunities where a working knowledge of an additional language is required.

The proficiency in the language allows youngsters to score more points required to enter these countries. For this, several private institutes have mushroomed across the city where training is imparted in spoken, written and reading skills for French language.

The language is also being taught at universities and other educational institutions, including Indian Institution of Management (IIM) Jammu.

Arun Sharma, a French language instructor, who is credited for writing four books in French, says the rage to learn the language is increasing by the day in Jammu.

“I have taught many people, including those who came from far-off areas including Kishtwar, Rajouri and Poonch to learn the language to Jammu city. The major reason to learn the language is to get more entry points when they apply for work permit in foreign nations,” said Sharma.

Sharma, who has worked as a guest faculty at the University of Jammu and the Central University, said that residents of Jammu are now making their children learn French right from junior classes.

“Although most of the schools now have French as a subject, people often send their children for special tuitions to learn the language to help them master it before they complete their schooling,” said Sharma.

A ‘French Club of Jammu’ is also run by Sharma where those interested in the language can join the group.

Samarpal Singh, who runs an institute to teach French at Gandhinagar, said job opportunities are a major reason why so many people are attracted to the language.

“The surge of French teachers in private schools, translators across the country, among other job opportunities is the major reason why even people from Jammu do not want to be left behind in learning the language,” said Singh.

He said there has been an immense growth of private institutes in Jammu where French is taught. “Youngsters who have gained proficiency in French language are able to get employment at these institutes itself on high salaries,” said Singh.

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