Jalandhar MC councillors turn helpers for residents of their wards

Jalandhar MC councillors turn helpers for residents of their wards

MLA Rajinder Beri sanitises the Rainak Bazaar as councillor Sherry Chadha drives a tractor in Jalandhar on Tuesday. Photo: Sarabjit Singh

Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, April 8

Since the lockdown has started, the administration and NGOs have been making sure that no one sleeps hungry and efforts are being made to provide ration to needy people.

In the present situation, councillors in the city have also been helping residents of their wards. Several migrant labourers, daily wagers, slum dwellers and other needy persons have been turning to them for help.

The councillors have also been helping people by shelling out money from their own pockets.

Ward No. 6 councillor Nirmal Singh said the majority of the people here are migrant workers, and besides NGOs, he was also helping them with essential services.

“There is ample ration for them now. We won’t let anyone suffer in this situation,” he said. Parveena, a councillor from Ward No. 11, has also donated her five months’ salary to help those in need. She has also been distributing langar among people belonging to economically weak sections. She said she was always available for her ward residents.

The councillor from Ward No. 78, who had started distributing cooked food among people living in slum areas, is now also giving medicines to elderly who have medical problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes or those are suffering from heart-related ailments.

No help from admninistration, officials, allege councillors

Sushil Kumar, BJP councillor of Ward No. 2, has been organising langar for the needy people of his ward and is ensuring that if anybody comes to him, he or she would be provided help. He said there was a large number of people in his ward who belong to labour class. Thus, they keep on coming to him for help.

“I also visits them and keep on asking if they need any help at this point of time,” he said. Today, Kumar alleged that he had gone to take food packets from MC officials who have been giving the ration to all 80 councillors.

“But when I asked to give it to me, I saw that against my name, there was a cross sign. When I asked, the officials said the ration had already been given,” he claimed, adding that he did not understand that why at this point, everyone was indulged in politics rather than helping the needy.

An Independent councillor, Davinder Rony, from Ward No. 66 has written to the Deputy Commissioner that he was not getting any help from either the MC or the government in his ward. Thus, he has been helping his ward residents on his own and has also been taking those who need medical help to hospitals.


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