Free upskilling courses

Free upskilling courses

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One of the most common barriers in pursuing upskill programmes is cost. Even after having an option of education loan, people are afraid if they wouldn’t be able to pay back the amount. They are uncertain about the future outcomes of tertiary programmes which results into dropping the idea of upskilling. There is no perfect time and age for the skills to be acquired therefore one should always keep learning and acquiring new skills. Many working professionals are also opting for virtual training in order to support their abilities and re-expertise to be more skilled and competitive. Careerera is providing free fundamental certifications to one and all as a New Year bonanza. It is offering free online fundamental certification programmes in Data Science, Digital Marketing and Full Stack Development.  These are open to Indian and foreign students.

This series of 2-8 hours, depending on the programme's duration, will cover key concepts introduced by industry experts.  

Speaking on the announcement, Vivek Kumar Singh, Co-Founder and CEO, Careerera said, "The idea behind offering free courses is to help students/professionals to dive into the most demanded fields. It is an excellent opportunity for learners as they can connect with the industry experts and people across the globe at the same time. Our e-learning classrooms are similar to actual classrooms, providing an opportunity to interact and learn all together. Through e-learning, you can learn in a relaxed manner, it saves you from travelling hassle which ends up saving time and money. These skills can boost up your profile and completing such programmes may show employers your willingness to learn. The working language of the programme is English so that most of the students can get benefited with such programmes".

 List of the courses offered for free :

●     DSF (Data Science Fundamental ) - This course provides a basic understanding of Python & Importance of Python.

●     DMF (Digital Marketing Fundamental) - This course offers a basic understanding of Digital Marketing.

●        Full Stack Development Fundamental Certification - This course allows you to cover all the front end technologies by providing a basic understanding of the programming languages and popular front end frameworks.

 Requirements of the courses:

●        Smartphone/Laptop

●        Strong wi-fi connection

How to apply ?

You can begin with your enrollment procedure by submitting the application online.

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