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No move to scrap CSAT

Noted career coach Pervin Malhotra replies to readers' queries

No move to scrap CSAT

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 Q. Sitting in my village in HP, due to Covid, I’m trying my best to prepare for the Civil Services Prelims. Before I left, there was some talk about the CSAT being eliminated from the exam. I’m confused whether I should continue preparing for it.

— Pradeep Negi

A. Please prepare for the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) as you were doing earlier. Earlier this month, the Government has stated that there are no plans to drop it from the civil services exam which is conducted by the UPSC in 3 stages — Preliminary, Main & Interview — to select officers for IAS, IFS & IPS among others. The CSAT will very much remain a part of the Civil Services Preliminary exam.

And while on the topic, neither is the government looking to change the pattern of the UPSC civil services exam, including substituting the Interview with a Psychological test. So for all practical purposes, the status-quo remains — as of now at least.


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