Steps to success in new decade

Steps to success in new decade

Success is an often mistaken benchmark to validate one’s actions and efforts; or to mark one’s worth in life. It is common to use it as a measure to make sense of the efforts and the struggles that one has carried out in life in order to ascertain whether life is good by saying that “I have been successful”.

But the truth is that success can never be commonly defined because success is personal and individualistic. It does not mark your worth as a whole because it is only a small part of your journey.

Your journey can continue to evolve. It is not necessary that success is the indication of a good life, at least not always. Being successful is an emotion that you develop for yourself; success is how something you define personally, what success means to you may have many different parameters. Having said this, your picture of success can never be actualised unless you take it seriously.

Sanjeet Ray, a renowned life and business coach, gives you three simple steps to realise your goals:

Step 1: Identifying goals

Start by making a list of all those things that you want to achieve in life. Don’t hold yourself back, don’t let the opinions of others come into play. Listen to your own voice and identify the goals that you truly want for yourself.

Once you’ve listed them down, mark them on a scale of 1-10 on the basis of priority in your life at the current moment and then segregate them into boxes based on your prioritisation.

Step 2: Shifting mindset

Between your final destination and your starting point, lies a vast obstacle course.

Each hurdle is designed in a way to make you believe that there is no way on earth that you can cross it. Most often you will accept defeat, telling yourself that you are not capable of it or that no one is. These are mental blocks that have been created by you based on the past experiences you have had.

The opinions of people that matter to you, what you have observed in the world so far all come into play. Before dealing with any such obstacle in life, remember to shatter your built up conscientiousness and look at the problem with an open, accepting mind.

Be ready to dive into multiple perceptions of the same situation to understand why this stands as a blockage in your mind. These blocks are backed up by nothing but your own beliefs. Be prepared to question these beliefs and overthrow them in order to establish new ones. New beliefs and a renewed mindset will then facilitate your process towards its third and final step.

Step 3: Execution

You can plan and plot your entire life but it will all go in vain if you don’t take that leap of faith to execute. It is easy to fool yourself by saying things like, “I’m not ready yet” or “I don’t know enough yet”; but you will never know anything at all unless you dive in and explore it for yourself.

Include short-term goals and experiments in your plan. Get yourself accustomed to the art of “doing”. The more you involve yourself in action, the more you learn. This makes you better equipped for damage control since you know the flaws in the arrangement, once you’ve actually started to execute. IANS

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