Control drug prices

Government intervention is a must to curb the shooting prices of raw materials of drugs at this sensitive time, when there is a surge of Covid cases. It is a matter of serious concern. People are running from pillar to post for a bed and the best treatment as per one’s means. Not everyone can afford treatment at a private hospital and costly medicines. The government should curb the hike in prices, so that these are within the reach of the common man and more and more lives can be saved.

Abhilasha Gupta, Mohali

Wrong focus

It is unfortunate that even during this pandemic, when people are struggling to survive, our political class has not changed its attitude. It is a fact that our governments are more interested in spending recklessly on the distribution of freebies for vote-bank politics, thereby ignoring the more crucial issues of health development, higher education, skill development, transportation and community development. People are also responsible for the present crisis. For us, religious congregations, holy dips and celebrations of festivals are more important than healthcare. Political rallies and meetings worsened the already precarious situation.

Deepak, by mail

A waste of funds

Refer to ‘Central Vista can wait’; we should avoid draining revenue resources on mandirs, masjids, statues, welcome arches, stadiums, etc., simply for votes, name and fame. Nehru’s statement that dams, steel plants, etc., were present-time mandirs, had come in for huge criticism, but it improved the lives of millions of our countrymen. The song ‘Zyada ki nahin lallach humko thode mein guzara hota hai’ is apt. Central Vista and other wasteful expenditure can wait in the face of the grave national Covid crisis.


Prolonged poll process

Refer to ‘ECI in the dock’ (April 28); Covid or no Covid, a long-drawn poll schedule is unwieldy and uncalled for. It gives rise to more problems than it solves. Logistics issues cited by the ECI are mostly imaginary. By and large, Indians are a peace-loving people. Chances of poll violence are very little. An overstretched poll gives space and time to bad elements to foment trouble and derail the election process. It has often come under criticism for lengthy schedules but it has chosen to ignore it. It is time the commission pays heed to what people want.


Political brinkmanship

’Time for leadership’ is relevant both for brinkmanship and leadership in Punjab. How the failures and inadequacies of the ruling dispensation are responded to by the Opposition in the light of the raging Covid-19 should go a long way in improving their image as the next custodian of the boat of the state, which, at present, is caught in a tsunami. Who helps the boat of the state with two crore-plus people on it qualifies to be a leader, notwithstanding the fact whether he be a part of the crew or the people.

Jagvinder Singh Brar, Patiala

A costly mistake

We, who boasted to the world that we conquered the coronavirus, are at the mercy of the countries whom we helped in the past with costly surgeries. What can be the reason? We took things for granted and went into hibernation. When we woke up, the assault is complete and our bite is gone, leaving us to meekly surrender. Let us stop the blame game and wake up to the reality.

Nitesh Mandwariya, Chandigarh

Castigating the EC

The Madras and Calcutta High Courts have rightly castigated the Election Commission for lax enforcement of its own Covid norms in Tamil Nadu and Bengal elections. With the courts slamming Covid safety guideline violations, the Election Commission of India must devise a new normal for holding elections. Stung badly, it has now banned victory rallies on the poll result day. It had harped on successful social distancing by creating more polling booths, but unrestricted campaigning and too many polling phases have dented its credibility. Alarming Covid surges in Bengal, TN and Kerala are a testimony to the damage caused. Just as ordinary people have learnt to work from home and refashion social interactions, the EC and political parties must reinvent electioneering. The Constitution has granted EC functional autonomy for precisely this reason, it has to rise to protect its independence.

EL SINGH, by mail

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