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Diplomatic victory

Refer to ‘India’s G20 coup’; India may have persuaded the West to desist from condemning the Russian attack on Ukraine, but the declaration made a general call to all states to follow the principle of respecting each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. India was able to notch a diplomatic victory as world leaders reached a consensus on a joint declaration. However, the absence of the heads of two important countries cast a shadow on the summit. India’s strategic location, large economy and regional influence make it an important player in international geopolitics. Both the US and Russia want to build friendly relations with India for their respective strategic interests.

Wg Cdr JS Minhas (retd), Mohali

Delhi Declaration

Apropos of ‘India’s G20 coup’; the Delhi Declaration was definitely the icing on the cake as India successfully garnered consensus on a variety of issues, including the Ukraine war. India’s negotiating team took the more considered approach — to achieve consensus on other issues — before tackling the paragraphs on Ukraine. The declaration achieved what’s truly impossible in today’s global polarisation. We are on the path of global collaboration and connectivity, eyeing prosperity for all. It reflects a vision of a world where countries work together to address common challenges and promote economic growth.

Ramesh Gupta, Narwana

Wasteful expenditure

Refer to ‘G20 spend 4 times the original budget: Cong’; it is common for Opposition parties to hurl accusations, but in this case Congress spokespersons have raised well-documented objections regarding excess expenditure compared to other countries which organised similar G20 meetings. They may raise a hue and cry, but who will bell the cat? The G20 summit was well-organised and saw significant attendance from diplomats representing various countries. However, crores of rupees have been spent on just decorations and publicity. Such lavish expenditure is wasteful when crores of people are reeling under poverty. Besides, there is rampant unemployment and corruption.

Raj Kumar Kapoor, Ropar

Aid for HP schools

Apropos of ‘HP schools damaged’; the dilapidated state of schools indeed calls for immediate attention to compensate for the loss caused by rains and floods. Both the Central and state governments should assess the situation in Mandi, Kullu and Shimla and allot new places to run schools till the time the old and damaged buildings get reconstructed. Setting up temporary learning spaces, such as tents or portable classrooms, can be a practical solution. Besides, free books should be given to all students. In this hour of crisis, the governments of other states should also come forward to offer aid in the form of teaching material and equipment.

Rupinder Kaur, Ambala Cantt

Devastation in Shimla

The recent monsoon devastation in Shimla has brought to light a critical issue that demands immediate attention — poor drainage and inadequate soil retention capacity. The findings of the committee tasked with investigating the causes of landslides in Shimla are alarming. Lack of proper drainage, loose debris and saturated soil retention capacity have played a significant role in this disaster. What’s even more concerning is the discovery that mountains have sunk at 200 points across the state, even where there was no construction. The state government’s decision to engage experts from renowned institutions is a step in the right direction.

Gaganpreet Singh, Mohali

Misuse of choe

The Dera Bassi choe is a flood-cum-drainage channel that runs between two residential societies. This natural drainage channel has been encroached upon by locals. They have created bundhs that impede the flow of water. Besides, area residents dump their waste into it, which further clogs the channel. In addition, this filthy water is used by farmers in their fields. This channel has never been cleaned and is posing a threat to residents’ health. The Irrigation and Drainage Department of the Punjab Government must widen and clean this choe, instead of waiting for a disaster to happen.

Brig Parvinder Singh, Chandigarh

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