We need performers, not just singers: Dinesh Auluck of Speed Records talks about revenue, viewership and what talent means in today’s time : The Tribune India

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We need performers, not just singers: Dinesh Auluck of Speed Records talks about revenue, viewership and what talent means in today’s time

We need performers, not just singers: Dinesh Auluck of Speed Records talks about revenue, viewership and what talent means in today’s time


Sometimes two people just click and the bond becomes everlasting. Dinesh Auluck was the man who managed singer Jazzy B’s career when the singer first came to India to launch his album Folk ‘N’ Funky. In 2000, while finding distributers for Jazzy’s new album, he thought of establishing his own music label. He co-founded Speed Records with his friends, after which they moved on to producing movies with Record Studios. After 20-year-long association with Jazzy, Dinesh calls him his brother from another mother.

How did the pandemic impact revenue generation in showbiz?

In terms of revenue, things definitely slowed down but one cannot say the same for viewership. The focus has shifted to songs and videos rather than movies. At the same time finding advertisers for songs is hard. Movies are on hold too.

We hear Parauhneya Nu Dafa Karo is complete. What are the chances of releasing it in theatres?

I don’t think the movie will be released anytime soon. As long as there’s no 100 per cent occupancy, I would not risk it. It’s better to get an honest rejection from viewers rather than placing a lesser bid. With 50 per cent occupancy, it would be difficult to recover the money invested in the film.

Did the lockdown affect any shoot schedule?

Yes, there’s a five-day pending shoot of Daddy Cool Munde Fool 2 which stars Jassie Gill, Ranjit Bawa and Jaswinder Bhalla.

While scouting for new talent what do you look for?

These days it is just 50 per cent of singing. What we really look for, which stands true for almost every talent scouting agency, is to see a 100 per cent performer. In my own city, there are many good singers with melodious voice or those who have proper training, but they wouldn’t go far for they lack performing skills.

What are the problems that you face in everyday life?

The current problem is about imposters taking my name and asking for money from newcomers. These fraud calls are taking a toll on our company. I would like to tell people that we would rather arrange a meeting to finalise such things. No one does it over a call. We have offices in Jalandhar and other cities.

What sets apart a Punjabi in the crowd?

Kadda that a Punjabi wears. I have often been asked by foreigners about its significance.

What’s your favourite place in your home city, Jalandhar?

It is Model Town without a doubt because my house is there. I spent the entire lockdown at home. My mother and wife are my support system.

Any new single?

In the coming week we are going to release Sidhu Moosewala’s song Bad.

What are your views on management companies selling Punjabi songs to Bollywood but replacing the singers?

For the songs that we have given to Bollywood, we have always had this condition that the song would be sung by the same singer in the Hindi version. They can, of course, drop a rap or the female version in it.

Which Punjabi dishes do you enjoy the most?

I am a vegetarian, so my classic order would be dal makhni and kadhai paneer.

Movies that you enjoyed watching?

I liked Chal Mera Putt 2 and Diljit Dosanjh’s Shadaa.

What are your thoughts on artistes becoming replaceable?

Artistes have always been replaceable. Listeners are now impatient, so the life of music has become shorter. Today a singer releases a song and comments below would be, ‘Eh tan theek hai par hun agla gaana kadon aauga’ (this song is alright but when’s the next coming). Earlier, albums had a long shelf -life and every song got equal attention.

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