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Adopt creative ways to punish violators

How should the police and the admn deal with violators of Covid rules?

Adopt creative ways to punish violators

As the state government has given relaxations with regard to opening of shops, there has been a rise in the violations of Covid-19 norms. File

From drawing circles to writing rules 500 times, residents urge cops to go beyond rule-book to teach miscreants a lesson

To curb the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, penalising violators is very important. Firstly, the administration needs to come up with ideas that deter people from violating the rules. Also, the police and other agencies are required to fulfill their duty in a free and fair manner. Moreover, they should also make the public understand that they are working for everyone's benefit and such huge task can be accomplished only by teamwork. Thirdly, the citizens should act responsibly and abide by the rules in letter in spirit.

Harkirat Singh Shankar


How can Ludhiana improve its sanitary conditions?

Politicians, officer need to set example

The police as well as the administration need to be strict while dealing with the ones who violate the Covid-19 norms. Hefty fines and physical punishment for repetitive offenders should be there. Moreover, people themselves need to be responsible enough to follow the Covid-19 guidelines so that they do not put their own as well as others lives in danger. Politicians, bureaucrats etc. need to be an example for common people and should never violate Covid-19 protocol, thereby encouraging others to follow the rules.

Bir Devinder Singh Bedi

Strict action need of hour

The police should impose penalties on those commuters who are violating the Covid-19 norms. Strict legal action must be taken as cases are rising day by day and the quantum of fine should also be increased. The police should educate the poor and illiterate. Warning must be given to first time offenders, however, if they don't follow the guidelines a case must be registetred against them. The police must keep an eye on shops as well as offices. Shops and offices would be sealed if they repeatedly violate the Covid-19 norms.


Give exemplary punishment

According to a study, 90% of the Indians know the importance of wearing masks but actually 50% use them. Today, Punjab's fatality rate is higher than four worst-hit states. Ludhiana is witnessing many new cases daily and deaths too. Political meetings and pool parties are being held in the city. 'Spare the rod and spoil the child' is an old and time-tested adage. It is high time that the police and the administration should give exemplary punishment in the form of heavy fines to those who flout Covid-19 rules and precautions with impunity.

Dr Sunil Chopra

Admn must ensure that norms are followed

Despite over 250 cases daily, carelessness can be seen among the inhabitants. People are roaming at the public places without wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. In such situations, the police and administration should ensure that guidelines are not being neglected. First of all, cops need to wear N95 masks, face shields and hand gloves to protect themselves and set an example for residents over safety measures. The police need to strictly deal with those who are not following the guidelines. They should also make regular announcements in the containment zones regarding Covid cases and death toll to keep people updated and to make them aware about the current health crisis in the city.

Rishika Kriti

Issue on-the-spot challans

It's our prime responsibility to assist the police and the administration in curbing the virus spread. The police must take strict action against violators. Those who don't wear any mask must be fined. The government should deploy volunteers at some prime places with full authority to issue challan to violators. Provision of on-the-spot challan must be there. If in any shop, shopkeeper allow customers to enter without wearing any mask and he is not instructed by the customers to keep social distance, his license must be suspended at least for one month.

Farzana Khan

Punish violators

The police is facing a tough time in controlling lockdown violators. These should be punished and the police should impose fines on them. The administration and police agencies should raise awareness and task out activities such as social distancing and sanitising hands and take new role as public health messengers. They should implement creative ways to teach a lesson to those who break the law. Through print and social media they should spread attention and tell people to be conscious about the crisis.

Harleen Kaur

Take harsh meaures

The administration has recommended a number of precautionary measures against the spread of Covid-19. Those who do not follow these measures expose not only themselves but others to the pandemic. The local police and administration can greatly check people from flouting these measures. The police need to punish all those culprits with fines and in case of non-payment, an FIR should be registered against them etc.

Gautam Dev

Organise nukkad nataks to raise awareness

To handle the situation more effectively, the police should motivate the people by organising nukaad nataks to highlight the importance of mask and social distancing. Volunteers should be roped in for monitoring residents in containment zones. Awareness camps should also be organised to motivate the people. Any violation of norms should be spared.

Suneet Kaur

Develop mental toughness

To curb the spread of Covid-19, the government should organise free online counselling sessions in collaboration with doctors and counsellors. These sessions will help in raising awareness and busting myths regarding the pandemic. It would help people to get courage to fight against virus by following proper conduct of rules without affecting their mental health. Being mentally tough is the need of the hour.

Ishita Lotey

Name & shame violators

The people violating the norms should be made aware about the problems, if they don't pay heed to the rules. Shopkeepers who are opening their shops beyond permissible limits should be punished. Their names should be made public so that they might feel ashamed and start following the norms. Residents who move out of their houses and visit public places without wearing masks should not be entertained.

Vidushi Jain

Bring clarity in rules

Many times it has been observed that people complaint about the harsh behaviour of police authorities. On the other hand, the police should try to deal with general public in a polite manner. They should make all rules and regulations clear to them. Heavy fines must be imposed on regular violators. Police should strictly perform its duties without undue pressure of political interference and must treat everyone equal.

Ritu Priya

Dire need to create more awareness

Maintaining physical distancing and avoiding unnecessary visits to the public places are the two basic precautions, apart from hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene. However, in many areas of the city, the people are flouting all rules and exposing themselves as well as others to the pandemic. There is a dire need for creating awareness among the people about the pandemic.

Priyanka sharma

It’s time to act

Those who break the law have a very weird ideology, careless attitude with no sense of compassion. They don't care about the risk involved in breaking the rules, which can lead to rise in cases. Digital records should be kept of such persons and their identity should be made public. They should be punished in case for further violation.


Give unique punishments

Those who violate Covid-19 rules should be given unique punishments to make them realise the importance of rules. Punishments such as writing rules 500 times, drawing circles and other places to ensure social distancing, physical exercises and sharing their videos on the social media can be imposed on them. In this way the police and the administration can deal with those who break the rules.

Savleen pahuja

Make them realise mistake

Violators should be made to render community service such as sanitising Covid wards to know how hard it is for doctors and frontline workers to tackle the situation. This will not only change their mindset but also help the administration and the police to teach negligent people a lesson.

Gurleen Kaur

Maintain equality before law

The police need to tackle the problem by imposing fine on violators. There should be no discrimination between the poor and the rich. All should be treated equally. Those who are following the norms should be fined.

Aastha Malik

Give masks to violators

The police have played a crucial role in saving the life of the people by implementing lockdown rules strictly. Almost 4,000 police personnel have tested positive for Covid-19 as they have put their life in danger, however, some careless people continue to violate these rules. In such cases, the police should give them a mask and ask the violators to wear it. But if found guilty again, they should be booked and strict action should also be taken so that others can get a lesson.

Blessnoor Kaur

Issue warning cards to violators of norms

We all know about the miseries of the current situation due to the pandemic. But still many people are not following the rules and guidelines issued by the administration. It's high time that such people should follow the guidelines and take all possible precautions. People who still are roaming without masks and sanitisers should not only be fined but they should also be given masks and the police should issue warning cards on name of the defaulters. In case of further violations they should be arrested.

Jaspreet Kaur

Help the needy with masks

The police should keep masks and sanitisers with them for those who are irresponsible. They have to spread awareness about Covid-19 in rural and backward areas as people there have fewer resources. They should hire people to create door-to-door awareness among the needy. The police can also aware people through rallies, nukkad nataks and campaigns.Navya Arora

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