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Animals, too, have the right to live without pain

What steps can be taken to keep cruelty against animals in check?

Animals, too, have the right to live without pain

There is also an urgent need to make strict laws for cruelty against animals at the hands of humans. File photo

Educate children to be front-runners in protecting animal rights | Open shelter homes for abandoned animals

Every year, millions of animals are killed in India either to feed the non-vegetarian population or in laboratories for medical experiments. Cruelty against animals is a cognizable offence under Section 428 and Section 429 of the Indian penal code. There is an urgent need to implement effectively the laws made for the protection of animals. The first step towards which is educating children to have respect for animals and treat with them kindly. Food and shelter should be provided to street dogs by government shelters, and registered firms and NGOs to assure their safety. There is also a need to have stricter laws for protection of animals.

Arsh Hans

Reports of cruelty to be taken seriously

The seed of kindness in students should be sown right from the childhood as it is crucial to imbibe the quality of in them. Demand for strict laws and their effective implementation against preventing cruelty against animals is also must. Banners and posters should be put up at all major areas of the town to spread awareness among general public about being compassionate with animals. A police force, specialising in animal protection, should be actively working to keep crime against animals in check. Reports of cruelty against street animals should also be taken seriously.

Lovisha Narula

Animals not safe even in pet shelters

Frequent raids should be conducted against people who operate under the guise of shelter providers or ‘rescuers’. These hoarders often fail to provide for animals’ physical and social needs, including food, water, veterinary care and sanitary living conditions. Further, animals are often confined to tiny cages or crates by them, which are stacked on top of each other. Steps should also be taken to stop intentional cruelty, by way of spreading education and awareness about proper animal care by each and every individual owner to provide an animal with the basic necessities of food, water, adequate shelter and appropriate veterinary care. In addition, children throwing stones at birds should also be stopped. Last but not the least, take a photo or capture a video if you witness any incident of cruelty against animals. Ravi Chander Garg

See animals as part of society

If everyone starts to look at animals and not just dogs and cats as fellow animals, who share our planet, we will see far fewer cases of cruelty towards animals. Organisations such as the SPCA and PETA, which are working for animal rights, can achieve a lot if they receive help from local organisations and public in general. There are rules and laws against the ill-treatment of animals, but are rarely followed. Selfish and money-minded people sell body parts of animals for their personal gains. We all need to develop an emotional attitude towards animals and try to instil the same in the coming generations to safeguard the lives of the animals, which are an important part of our ecosystem. Bir Devinder Singh Bedi

No animal attacks without reason

Any animal attacks only if it has been molested first. No animal attacks without reason. To understand the nature and behavior of animals, one can observe it by adopting pets. Even if one feeds stray animals on a regular basis, the strays become loyal to that individual. The fact that animals cannot speak the language humans don’t understand should be taken into consideration before torturing or abusing them. Humans are the one who need to understand the meaning of humanity and treat animals with respect.

Manisha Baria

Do not differentiate between strays and pets

Animals roaming on the streets is a common sight in India. Amongst them, pets are given special care by their owners while the stray animals are ignored by all and often ill-treated. Humans have to understand that animals are also living creatures and we have no right to ill-treat them in any manner. It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to teach kids that if they can’t do anything for them, then they should not even harm them. The adults should also be taught the same. Why is it that stray dogs seem untidy to us and we feel disgusted towards them, but pets are treated special. This difference has been created by humans and thus becomes their responsibility to educate their kids of the same. Children should be taught to respect animals right from the young days.


Educate kids to be kind to animals

Animals are living creatures as well and should not be treated less than humans. Every year, many animals suffer violence and die at the hands of humans. Necessary steps need to be taken for the protection of animals. People, who own pets, should be responsible towards the needs of their pet, else not adopt one. Any form of cruelty against animals, if and when witnessed, should reported to the police or concerned authorities immediately. Parents must educate children to respect animals and treat them with kindness. There is also an urgent need to make strict laws for cruelty against animals at the hands of humans.

Kamaldeep Kaur

If you see animal in need, call animal care helpline

Just as not reporting any crime against humans is a crime, witnessing cruelty against animals and not reporting it is a crime as well. We must be kind towards animals. Witnessing cruelty against animals can be an upsetting experience, but one must know how to handle the situation so as to prevent the animal from future abuse. Provide immediate veterinary care to the abused or else call animal care helpline. We must also familiarise ourselves with animal protection laws so that while filing a complaint, one knows the technicalities. Notifying concerned authorities and educating students and adults will go a long way in preventing animal abuse.

Rajni Matta

Provide temporary homes to abused animals

Animal cruelty is real and pervasive. It happens to all types of animals in every corner of the world. Animals are capable of love and creating social relationships, and also experience pain, fear and desperation. Thus, it becomes the duty of humans to prevent cruelty against animals. Teach school and college students to respect animals via seminars in their respective educational institutions. Parents should be a role model to their kids and show kindness towards animals. Children, who are cruel to animals, often grow up to be insensitive. Government shelters and NGOs should provide temporary homes to animals who are abused, injured or sick and need time to recover.


Be responsible pet owners

People, who have pets at their homes, should be responsible enough to take care of their pets. Animal lovers should also provide shelter to animals in need or seek help from animal helpline numbers. If one witnesses cruelty against animals, it should be reported immediately. People of all ages must be taught to respect animals and treat them with love and consideration. There ia also an urgent need to make animal welfare laws stronger. High penalties should be charged on the guilty to set an example for others not to ill-treat animals. Inform the government veterinary hospitals about animals in suffering to seek help.

Amarpreet Kaur

Strengthen laws to protect animals

Even though animals can’t speak the language humans understand, they do feel various emotions just like humans. Millions of animals are killed every for human consumption and in laboratories for medical researches while most of the animals are kept under observation for testing of cosmetic products, medicines and many more. The government should take stick action towards people who are charged guilty of cruelty against animals.

Khushleen Arneja

Regular monitoring can keep population in check

To keep a check on brutal treatment against animals, it is important to keep an eye on the population of street animals. Highly growing population of animals in urban areas may lead to insecurity among people and cause resistance in the busy life of people. It is not hidden that kids are not safe owing to overpopulation of stray dogs. All these circumstances give rise to cruel and brutal treatment against animals. By regular monitoring and supervising particular areas, we all can contribute in protecting animals from cruelty. In extreme cases of animal cruelty, it becomes the responsibility of the witness to call animal services agency. Ill-treatment towards animals can only be stopped if strict laws are enforced for their protection. Teaching children to have respect for animals is the first step towards this. Report animal cruelty and abuse, and intervene if you can to prevent animal cruelty.

Kuljot Kaur

Animals have a right to live without fear or pain

Animal cruelty is the abuse toward or neglect of an animal. Some aspects of animal cruelty involve purposefully putting animals in situations that harm, scare and terrorise them while others simply result from people looking the other way. However, animal cruelty takes place every day at all places and not just in the world of industrial animal culture. It might be happening inside ones’ neighbor’s house, at an entertainment venue in your city or at a lab near where you work. But we can check brutality against animals by putting in little efforts. Report animal cruelty, abuse or neglect to the police or concerned authorities. Act immediately to prevent future cruelty. Teach children to have respect for animals and set a good example by being respectful towards them. Help them to grow up to become the next generation of advocates for animals. Demand stricter laws for the protection of animals. Stronger animal welfare laws and harsher penalties will lead to fewer cruelty cases. Educate people around you about the issue. Help people to understand that they can intervene in situations where animals are being neglected or even tormented. Animals have a right to live without fear or pain, and we have a responsibility to step in if their rights aren’t respected. Animals aren’t necessarily neglected out of a lack of love. Whatever the reasons may be, an affected pet must be removed from a place of neglect and given the care it needs to live and thrive.

Abhilasha Singh

Keep unauthorised killings in check

Measures to control cruel and brutal treatment to animals will depend on the situation. The first situation is when the animals are transported unauthorised from one station to another for killing purposes. There must be proper check by the police that the movement is duly authorised. Further, in such cases, animals are cruelly treated to board the vehicles. The transporter must be kind to the animals, board them properly and drive the vehicle smoothly on the road to reach the destination. The unkind drivers should be heavily fined including confiscation of their vehicles. Another situation is that the animals have become useless for the owner and the former are left to go anywhere either on the road side or in the streets or to damage the crops in the fields. In this, the owners must be identified, legal proceedings initiated against them and punished under the prevalent law with fine.

Gautam Dev

Make policies that protect animals

Animal are as righteous for living on earth as we are. Animals demand less from us than we do from them. If cattle are choking to death due to swallowing polythene bags or are falling sick owing to environmental pollution or are being killed or mutilated in road accidents, the fault squarely lies on us. There should be strict policies preventing violence against them. People should not be allowed to as such leave their animals on roads. More ‘gaushalas’ should be setup and efficiently maintained. Government should look after the animals taking shelters on risky highways.

Inderpal Singh

Buy cruelty-free products

Each of us can help prevent animal suffering and deaths by buying cruelty-free products, donating only to charities that don’t experiment on animals, requesting alternatives to animal dissection. The funding humane non-animal research should also be done.

Jasmine Kaur

Avoid entertainment events victimising animals

To prevent cruelty against animals, step in and make society aware of those who victimise animals in one way or the other. Joining animal rights organisations is a great first step. Whether we donate our time or money, we can become part of the solution. If we witness animal abuse, we should report it immediately. Additionally, avoid attending entertainment events that victimise animals. Spreading awareness on animal cruelty among students will also make them sensitive towards the animals.

Khushboo singla

Self-analysis, self-reform the first step

The fact that about 5,000 to 10,000 camels will be killed in Australia amid severe drought and fire in the region is ironic as well as matter of serious concern in respect to present context. Surprisingly, the concept of sustainable development is still only a theoretical text in our books as practical implementation is seen rarely. Enlightenment through education and knowledge seems to be the only medicine to improve the corrupt thinking of hurting animals to drive pleasure. Being a part of animal organisations with like-minded people will not only provide aid to innocent creatures but also act as a catalyst for change.

Taranjot Singh

Establish outfits for the care of disposed animals

Animal cruelty and brutal behavior towards them is sign of inhumanity. Many cases of animal brutality have come to light in recent years. It’s our moral duty to report cases of animal cruelty to nearby police station and make sure that proper procedure was followed by authorities during the investigation. Brutality to animals can be caused by children, youngsters and even authorities. In order to make profits, some people illegally kill animals and sell their skins illegally. Sound and strict laws must be made for curbing this problem. Government should also establish proper organisations to take care of disposed animals. Cess should be properly utilised for their welfare. Many a times, brutal treatment of animals has been observed at the hands of children. Parents should try to stop their children against this brutality. Sterlisation of animals, if need arises, must be properly done without any cruelty. As a responsible citizen, it is our duty to report these cases and make sure that culprits are heavily fined and face penalty under law.

Ritu Priya

Encourage animal-free circuses

Animal cruelty has been on the rise in the recent times and has become a matter of concern. Hitting dogs, throwing bricks at animals, taming them forcefully for circuses and trading of parts of animals are some of the brutal and cruel actions against animals. To keep this in check, it is the responsibility of the members of animal rights organisation to visit various areas and circuses and hold report the guilty. A strict action should be taken against hunting and trading of animals. Animal testing should be completely eliminated. The government should encourage animal-free circuses to and teach children about respecting and loving animals.

Prabhsimram Kaur

Ban animal festivals with competitive games

Cruelty against animals such as killing animals for food or for their fur is a common practice around the world. An example of animal cruelty is the biggest fest organised in Punjab, Kila Raipur games, in which special breed of bullocks, camels, dogs, mules and other animals compete in various events. To stop this cruelty, the government must ban such events which are against the rights of animals. Government should also provide shelter to stray animals so that incidents of dog bites can be decreased. The authorities should take strict actions against bullying of animals. The most important step to avoid cruelty is to spread awareness among the public about being kind towards animals.

Ridhi Garg

Awareness, implementation should go hand-in-hand

Brutal treatment against animals is inhumane. Such behavior can only be checked by implementing stringent laws for the protection of animals. Humans need to understand that animals are living creatures too and feel pain. Punish the guilty and those who show brutality against them. Awareness and laws should go hand-in-hand to stop the inhumane treatment against animals.

Palak Bagga

Allocate funds for their well-being

Humans must understand that being kind to animals does not take great efforts. Animals are beautiful creatures of God who have a heart and a soul just like humans, but are ill-treated only because they can’t speak the language humans understand. Voluntary efforts, care and love by humans can save animals from exploitation. The government should also look after the animals who are homeless, poorly treated and killed for making ornaments and antique pieces. Some societies and groups must also be established to safeguard animals from cruelty.

Muskan Arora

Promote veterinary profession among youth

District-level shelter homes should be established for the treatment of mutilated animals. Shelter should be provided to the handicapped ones. Reports must also be filed in district centres against the tormentors and punitive measures needed to be taken against the offenders. Profession of veterinary surgeons must also be promoted among the youth.


Teach children to have a kind heart for animals

Man is considered to be the most civilised and social animal on this planet but still treats animals with cruelty. On one hand, people use animals to gain benefits such as milk, for transportation, and on the other are completely ignorant to the problems and the pain they cause them. One must deal with animals politely and treat them as a part of society. Without animals, survival of man will be difficult.

Farzana Khan

Experiments on animals must stop

Animals all over the world are victims of experimental testing in various laboratories, killed for satisfying human needs. Animal testing should be eliminated. Animal rights should be conserved. Many countries like the US have passed various restrictions or bans involving the use of wild animals in circuses, however, there are also countries such as China where animal cruelty is widely prevalent. Today, over 115 million of animals have been killed for laboratory experiments. They are forced in circus, killed for their flesh to satisfy human needs. When would this come to end- respect animals, conserve their rights, follow your duties, eliminate their use in laboratories for toxic experiments open eyes and join hands to save them from this hell of cruelty.

Paneet Kaur

Strict laws to prevent animal abuse

Cruelty to animals, also called animal abuse, animal neglect or animal cruelty, is the infliction by omission or commission by humans suffering or harm upon any non- human. But we can prevent cruelty to animals by demanding stricter laws for the protection of animals. Stronger animal welfare laws and harsher penalties will lead to fewer cruelty cases. We should educate people around us about the issue.


Educational institutions must do their part

A sentient animal is able to share love and experience fear and pain. The problem is that there aren’t enough people to fight for animal rights. The government should create awareness among people to be kind to animals through educational institutions.

Aman Preet

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