COVA app helps track Covid-19 patients, contacts

COVA app helps track Covid-19 patients, contacts

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Manav Mander

Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 4

At times when everyone wants to know about the status update of Covid-19 and social media often gives misleading figures and numbers, the Punjab Government’s mobile app, COVA Punjab, is a real dashboard of Covid-19 suspected and confirmed cases across the state.

It not only gives authenticated information but also helps in tracking positive patients and their contacts.

The Health Department is keeping an eye over the patients, suspected patients and all those who have meet them.

Civil Surgeon, Dr Rajesh Bagga, said this mobile app has been downloaded on the phones of all the patients and bluetooth has also been switched on. The police is tracking these patients regularly.

“Sector officers have also been appointed, who are also regularly monitoring these patients round the clock,” he said.

Meanwhile, one can also use the COVA App to get emergency passes for movement during the curfew. Mass gatherings can also be reported through this app dircetly to the state government.

In addition to this, people can also use this app for delivery of essential goods and grocery.

The government has expanded the app to cover such delivery after complaints were received that many people were unable to connect to the delivery contact numbers.

The move is aimed at helping citizens to access essential services during the lockdown easily, while also enabling vendors to maintain the supply and provide passes to vendors to ensure delivery on doorstep of residents in the state.

One has to select his/her location and the App shall populate the nearby vendors. Orders can be placed on the App itself and pay post-delivery of the items.

In addition to this, the app also provides basic information regarding Covid-19 like symptoms, information regarding hospitals, travelling instructions, connect to a doctor and also allows chat regarding any issue related to Covid.


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