Increasing onion prices send house makers in a tizzy

Increasing onion prices send house makers in a tizzy

Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 1

Price of onion has been hovering between Rs 80 and Rs 90 per kg since the past two months. As a result, it has affected kitchen budget of every household.

Even on social media and kitty parties, high rates of onion remains the burning topic.

Gurmeet Singh, a retailer said the first thing, which customer asks after entering the shop is the price on onion. He said the price has stabilised between Rs 80 and Rs 90 per kg.

“In the wholesale market, rates are between Rs 65 and Rs 70 per kg. We keep a margin of just Rs 10. Else, the customer will never buy the product,” said Gurmeet.

He said those in the trade do not know when the price would come down.

A restaurant owner said high price of onion has been affecting them. He said, “We cannot compromise with food quality by cutting down on use of onion. We have to shell out double amount.”

The housewives said during kitty parties, onion price becomes a topic of discussion. “We can afford and crack the jokes, but the price is too high. The government should take a note of it and should act to lower the price,” said Suman, a housewife.


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