Open house: How lives can be saved from virus, especially in urban areas?

Ramp up Covid testing, vaccination drive in district

Open house: How lives can be saved from virus, especially in urban areas?

A beneficiary gets jabbed against Covid in Ludhiana. Tribune photo

Exercise four days in a week

Urban area residents have hectic lives. They live in a polluted environment and many suffer from airborne diseases. Besides, people are under stress due to long working hours and other hassles. All this has adverse impact on the immune system of residents. The ultimate solution is to exercise at least four days a week, take healthy diet and spend time in natural and clean environment. People need to take more care of themselves in order to keep virus at bay.

Parwinder Kaur


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Wearing of face mask must be mandatory

Ludhiana district is gradually witnessing return of the Covid-19 pandemic. Undoubtedly, current cases are likely to be far higher than reported estimates since persons with minor symptoms avoid getting tested. Though the number of deaths is not worrisome, the growing Covid-19 graph in district is cause for concern. Given the gravity of the situation, our first and most important step should be to comprehend the potential effects of the virus on our lives. In order to restrict the spread of the pandemic, people should follow Covid-appropriate behaviour, including compulsory use of masks.

Novin Christopher

A health worker collects a swab sample of a resident in Ludhiana. Tribune photo

Administration should impose restrictions

It is unfortunate that a number of coronavirus cases are rising with each passing day in district. The administration must impose some restrictions such as night curfew and cap gathering in malls and other areas. The authorities must ensure that livelihood of daily wagers, service sector employees, businessmen, hawkers, shopkeepers, gym operators and alike is not affected by restrictions. The only way to curb the spread in both urban and rural areas is to follow Covid norms strictly. There is no need for lockdown because unemployment is increasing. All beneficiaries must be fully vaccinated against virus.

Dr Mohd Saleem Farooqui

Senior citizens must be extra vigilant

Vaccination is best bet for saving lives from Covid. If anyone contracts virus after getting vaccinated, his/her recovery will be faster. We should restrict mobility, avoid bus, train and air travel as the present virus is stated to be more infectious, but less virulent. Self-isolation is necessary if a person tests positive for Covid. Wear face mask and maintain physical distance from others in crowded places. Wash hands regularly. Ventilation is important. So, if it’s safe, open windows or doors to let in the fresh air. Persons with comorbid ailments and senior citizens must remain extra-vigilant. Health officials must provide free testing facilities. They must trace contact of an infected person to break the transmission chain.

RS Sembhi

Lockdown is not a solution

The number of Covid cases is rising daily in Ludhiana district. This is an alarming situation for residents. Lockdown is not a solution to curb the spread of virus. The administration with the assistance of the police should ensure that persons above 65 years and pregnant women and kids don’t venture out of homes unnecessarily. Special care must be given to people above 50 years in both the urban and rural areas. The police must make people aware to maintain social distance and wear masks in public places. In each office and establishment, provision of hand wash/sanitiser and thermal scanning must be mandatory. Shopkeepers should not entertain customers without masks. There should be a complete ban on pillion riding.

Farzana Khan

All beneficiaries must be fully vaccinated

|The best solution to prevent the spread of virus is to avoid public gatherings and markets. Senior citizens must stay inside. Further, it must be ensured all residents are fully vaccinated. Covid-appropriate protocol must be followed by all.

Gautam Dev

Test each and every person

To save lives from virus, especially in the urban areas, the administration should impose necessary restrictions like compulsive use of sanitisers, wearing of face masks, maintain social distance and avoid visiting crowded places. The Health Department must test each and every person for the virus infection.

Adish Sood

Take balanced diet to stay healthy

Vaccination should be compulsory for all. Residents must follow Covid-prevention guidelines and take balanced diet with fresh fruits and green vegetables. Persons suffering from diabetes and hypertension must be careful. The police should enforce the guidelines of the health authorities in letter and spirit.

Sukhdev Sharma, Machhiwara

Expand healthcare workforce in dist

The healthcare facilities in urban areas are under stress due to shortage of workforce and resources. The existing urban healthcare must be expanded to deal with rising number of Covid cases. More healthcare workers can swiftly implement vaccination programmes launched from time to time by the government.

Prabhneet Kaur

Do not ignore Minor symptoms

To prevent the further spread of the virus, the administration should make online work or work from home mandatory wherever possible. Street food vendors must maintain proper hygiene. People should avoid visiting markets, malls and cinemas and opt for online shopping. People with minor symptoms should be quarantined to prevent the spread of Covid.

Manveer Kaur

Hardly anyone wears face mask

Follow Covid prevention protocol to prevent the spread of the virus. All must get vaccinated. Hardly anyone wears face mask these days. At least the elderly, with comorbid conditions and those, who frequently travel by public transport, should wear face mask and maintain social distancing.

Dr Ashwani Kumar Malhotra

Wash vegetables, fruits properly

Residents should follow guidelines imposed by the government. They should wear face mask while venturing outside homes and maintain social distancing. People should avoid going to clubs and functions. Avoid junk food, wash vegetables and fruits bought from market properly and dry these under sun.

Gurleen Kaur

People must not be complacent

Residents have become complacent when it comes to following Covid-appropriate behaviour. People living in the rural areas have better health, stamina and immunity. City residents must realise that Covid has not subsided totally. They must take precautions seriously.

Dr Sunil Chopra

Find people yet to be vaccinated

The authorities should check data to find beneficiaries, who have not been vaccinated and ensure they have both doses. Wearing of face masks should be mandatory. All must avoid crowded places.

Ishabdeep Singh


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