Open House: What steps can be taken to check dengue, treat patients as threat of the disease looms large?

Boost infra in hospitals, start fogging drive on war footing

Open House: What steps can be taken to check dengue, treat patients as threat of the disease looms large?

A worker of the Municipal Corporation conducts fogging to prevent the spread of mosquito-borne diseases in Ludhiana. file

Fogging done only in posh areas

Like coronavirus, dengue is also a deadly disease, which is spreading fast in the city. The civic authorities are not even taking some basic steps to prevent the spread mosquito-borne disease. Fogging is done only in posh localities while other areas are always neglected. Dengue cases surface from these areas. The Municipal Corporation should start fogging in each and every area of the city. Besides, proper arrangements should be made at the Civil Hospital to treat dengue patients. Ritu Priya

Sound mind is in a sound body

It’s said that a sound mind is in a sound body. Every year we face and suffer from various diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, malaria and swine flu. Each person shares a lot of information about such diseases on the social media. It’s duty of the Municipal Corporation to eradicate dengue. Residents should keep their surroundings clean and motivate others to do so. They should wear clothes that cover full body and use mosquito-repellent creams. There should no water stagnation at homes and in surroundings. Water in room coolers should be changed once a week. Awareness programmes on measures to prevent the spread of dengue can be initiated in educational institutions. Public should cooperate with the Municipal Corporation and follow directions issued from time to time eradicate the vector-borne disease.

Dr Mohd Saleem Farooqui

Dispose of garbage properly

The civic body authorities should regularly check water stagnation in streets. Garbage should be disposed of properly. Also, the administration should make arrangements at hospitals deal with the situation following the spread of the dengue. The MC should spray in insecticides in all areas of the city to prevent mosquito breeding. Besides, residents should keep their homes and surroundings clean.

Shine Rawal

Don’t store water in buckets

There has been a steady rise of dengue cases in the city. The main reason for the spread of the disease seems to be lack of sanitation. We should keep our surroundings clean to stop breeding of mosquito larvae. Residents must not let water stagnate in and around their houses. We need not store water in buckets in washrooms. Water should also be changed in room coolers regularly. Mosquito coils and repellents can be used in households. The Municipal Corporation (MC) should increase fogging in the infected areas. The MC must ensure removal of stagnant water in the city.

Bir Devinder Singh Bedi, Sangrur

Wear full sleeve clothes

The Municipal Corporation should start fogging drive in the city. The civic body should depute officials to check water stagnation in the city. Immediate steps should be taken to pump out accumulated water to stop breeding of mosquitoes. Each resident should keep his/her home and surrounding areas clean. People should wear full sleeve clothes and apply mosquito repellent before going to bed.

Farzana Khan

Onus lies on health authorities

Dengue is spread by aedes aegypti mosquito that breeds in collected water. It’s responsibility of the local health authorities to generate awareness about the disease and take measures to prevent breeding of mosquito larvae. Health facilities need to be upgraded to deal with the surge in dengue cases. The Municipal Corporation should check mosquito breeding, conduct fogging and take other preventative measures. Hospitals and dispensaries should have trained staff and labs to conduct test of those persons suspected to be infected with the disease.

Chahat khanna

Distribute mosquito nets among public

Rising dengue case pose a challenge for the health authorities. The government agencies are ill prepared to deal with the situation. The general public should be made aware about the vector-borne diseases. The Municipal Corporation should keep a check on places where there is high possibility of mosquito breeding, distribute mosquito nets, repellents and start intensive fogging in the city. Residents not adhering to dengue-prevention norms should be challaned. However, without the public support preventive measures are of no use.

RV Singh

MC should wake up from slumber

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease. The Municipal Corporation (MC) authorities should wake up from slumber and start immediate fogging on a war-footing in all parts of the city. The MC must stop mosquito breeding. Residents should not allow water to stagnate in and around their houses. They should use insect repellent, wear long-sleeved shirts and trousers.

Dr Sunil Chopra

Use insect repellents

Dengue can be prevented from spreading if residents sleep under mosquito net, using insect repellents and wear socks. Water should not stagnate in containers such as discarded tins, tyre, empty pots and broken bottles. Fogging should be done on priority by the MC. Testing should be enhanced for the detection of dengue patients. Medical advice can be sought immediately if dengue symptoms appear in any individual.


Motivate Health Department staff

The Municipal Corporation should focus on the prevention of dengue in the city. Residents should not forget to clean pots or containers in which water is likely to get collected. Houses should be kept clean. People should wear long clothes and use effective repellents to keep mosquitoes away. They should add more fluids and fresh fruits in diet. The Health Department staff should be motivated to create awareness on the prevention of dengue.

Dr Sukhdev Sharma

Use mosquito repellent creams

The most efficient way to prevent dengue is to use mosquito repellent creams. Such creams should not be applied more than three times a day. Other effective way to prevent dengue is using mosquito patches. These patches can be placed on the back of clothing. They are non toxic and can last up to three days. Anti- mosquito wipes are good option for kids.

Anu Joshi

Change water in room coolers regularly

People have barely recovered from the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic and the dengue has knocked on their doors. Residents should remove garbage lying at their places in the open to stop accumulation of water and prevent breeding of mosquitoes. Air cooler water should be changed daily without failing. People should use mosquito repellents all the time, wear full sleeve dresses and avoid shorts. The Municipal Corporation should start fogging drive on a war footing in the city. Camps should be organised to spread awareness on the prevention of dengue.

Vikas Sharma


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