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Open House: With active Covid cases hitting 6-month high, what should be done to tackle the situation?

Get vaccinated, wear mask to help prevent virus spread

Open House: With active Covid cases hitting 6-month high, what should be done to tackle the situation?

The need of the hour is to follow Covid guidelines such as keeping social distance, wearing masks in public and sanitising hands. File

Govt should impose mild restrictions

No doubt that once again the Covid cases are rising in Ludhiana but the positivity rate is not increasing at an alarming rate. In such a situation, I feel the government should not impose hard restrictions on the general public as it will hit the normal life of the public. The majority of the population has now been vaccinated, so imposing hard restrictions on the public is not the solution. Added restrictions would only lead to disturbance in the business cycle, which is on its path of recovery. In my opinion, the government should only impose light restrictions such as wearing of masks and reducing the number of gatherings at marriages, funerals and other functions to a certain number. Social distancing should be encouraged and fine should be imposed for not wearing masks. Such restrictions will not disturb the regular life and the Covid cases will also be controlled.

Ishabdeep Singh

Take every step to reverse the trend

Covid cases both in number and deaths are rising in Ludhiana. This is indeed a matter of great concern for all, including the district administration and especially the Health Department. Everything possible must be done to check this trend. The best solution is that the whole population must be vaccinated compulsorily and everybody must avoid unnecessary visits outside, especially in the public gatherings and places like markets and malls etc. Further, it must be ensured that very individual uses mask while going out. The help of local police for ensuring these restrictions may be sought and the defaulters must be punished. All protocols prescribed for control of Covid such as use of mask, sanitising hands, washing of hands, keeping distance from others and avoiding visit to public gatherings and places must be strictly followed by all.

Gautam Dev

Getting jabbed best way to stay safe

Cities are home to most of the world population and are centres of economic growth and innovation. However, the high concentration of people and activities in cities make them vulnerable to various diseases such as Covid-19. It is said that prevention is better than cure so the best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed or exposing others to this virus by practicing simple hygiene. Wearing masks in public, avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces can also help to slow the spread of the virus. Covid-19 vaccines are highly effective at preventing severe illness, hospitalisations, and death. Getting vaccinated is the best way to slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.

Prabhneet Kaur

Don’t think pandemic is over

The cumulative case fatality rate is the ratio between total confirmed deaths and total confirmed cases. It is really disheartening that daily new positive Covid-19 cases are being reported in Ludhiana. The root cause is that we have thrown to wind all precautions related to Covid-19, falsely thinking that the pandemic is now over. But the things are on the contrary. Shedding our undue complacence and obstinate attitude, we should invariably wear mask, avoid crowds and stay in well ventilated places. Those who are not fully vaccinated should get inoculated fast.

Dr Sunil Chopra

Early detection key to contain virus spread

Daily Covid cases, positivity rate and active cases hitting six-month high and cumulative case fatality ratio (CFR) shooting up to touch 15-month high have become a cause for concern. All people must follow the proverb of “Prevention is better than cure”. The administration should impose necessary restrictions such as mask, social distancing norms and avoid visiting crowded places. The most important duty of the Health Department is to test each and every person for the virus as early detection is the key to stop community spread.

Adish Sood

Motivate residents to get vaccinated

It is a matter of grave concern that the cumulative case fatality rate of Covid patients in Ludhiana district has touched the 15-month high of 2.7 % besides the sharp rise in daily Covid cases last month. The health officials should motivate the residents not only to get themselves fully vaccinated but also to take the booster shots as vaccination is the best bet for saving lives from Covid. If anyone contracts a virus after getting vaccinated, his/her recovery will be faster. We should restrict mobility, avoid bus, train and air travel as the present virus is stated to be more infectious, but less virulent. Self-isolation is necessary if a person tests positive for Covid. Wear face mask and maintain physical distance from others in crowded places. Ventilation is important. Free testing facilities must be provided. Health officials must trace contact of an infected person to break the transmission chain. Senior citizens and persons with comorbid ailments must remain extra-vigilant.


People must cooperate with govt

Number of cases are rising daily in not only in Ludhiana but in other states too. This is a very alarming situation for the residents of city. Lockdown is not the way to curb the spread of virus. The local government, with the assistance of police, should make sure that persons above 65 years of age, pregnant women and kids stay at home. Special care must be given to people above the age of 50 in the city. The police must make people aware to maintain social distance and wear masks at public places. In each office and establishment, provisions of handwash/sanitise and thermal checking should be made mandatory. Shopkeepers should not allow customers without masks. There should be a complete ban on pillion riders. People must cooperate with the government to put a curb on the spread of viruses by following the norms set by the government.

Farzana Khan

Follow Covid-19 guidelines in spirit

It is unfortunate that the number of Covid cases are increasing daily. The local governments must impose some restrictions such as night curfew and restrictions on gathering in malls and other areas but taking care of daily wage earner, people from service sector, businessmen, hawkers, shopkeepers, gym operators and alike to earn their livelihood. Under these circumstances the only way to curb the spread in both urban and rural areas is to follow Covid norms strictly. Those who are not given any or one dose get fully vaccinated. We all must stand by the order of the government to follow norms properly.

Dr Mohd Saleem Farooqui.

Wear mask, get jabbed to keep virus at bay

The pandemic is returning, this is the message the rising cases in the district are sending us. Though health officials are claimed to have a sufficient supply of vaccines, many people still remain unvaccinated, making them vulnerable to the infection. Understand that vaccines can only help to fight against the virus while it is in the bloodstream or lungs. They do not, however, fight while the virus is in the mucosal membrane. As a result, donning a mask is the only option. To avert serious sickness, we should take a straightforward approach: get fully vaccinated. And if you want to avoid getting Covid-19, wear a mask.

Novin Christopher


The gross negligence on the part of civic body officials has forced residents of certain localities to drink sewage-laced water. What should be done to check such problems, which pose major health hazard to the public, in future?

Suggestions in not more than 70 words can be sent to by Thursday (August 11)

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