Panic grips residents after Covid case at industrial hub

Panic grips residents after Covid case at industrial hub

Shivani Bhakoo

Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 25

The first case of Covid-19 was reported from the industrial city of Ludhiana here last evening. Sangeeta Jain, 55, from Gurdev Nagar, got infected with the virus. She reportedly came back from Spain, but somehow her travel history was not correctly reported to the authorities concerned. 

Figures of Ludhiana district to date

  • Suspected: 45
  • Negative: 43
  • Positive: 1
  • Reports awaited: 1

Helpline numbers

  • Dist Ludhiana: 0161-2444193
  • Info for tracking of foreign travellers: 0161-4622276
  • One can also contact:

Dr Divjot Singh: 9041274030 Dr Ramesh: 9855716180

With this first case, panic has gripped residents as the city is densely populated with 40 lakh people (unofficial figures). Not all residents are taking precautionary measures seriously.

If the staff at the Health Department is to be believed then the travel history is still being concealed by many residents, who themselves or their family members/children recently came from the virus-hit countries just to avoid the quarantine/isolation process.

While some may be following proper guidelines, but there were others, moving freely in social get-togethers, temples and markets till the time curfew was imposed in the city.

Many residents are not telling the truth even to doctors fearing that the latter might refer them to the Health Department or the authorities concerned and they would be isolated.

It is learnt that even two leading doctors – an ENT specialist and a physician – who were treating Sangeeta had been quarantined. But, chemist shops near doctors are in panic as hundreds of patients come there to buy medicines and one never knows, who all might be infected.

Dr GS Grewal, a city-based doctor, has warned that if these people roam freely in society then no curfews or isolation will be able to control the spread of disease.

A domestic helper said Covid-19 was rich disease as poor could not afford to visit abroad. If this disease spread among poor and needy, it would be disastrous, he added.

“Since we work in these big houses, we cannot afford to express our feelings, but we are too scared,” said a Nepalese servant.

Name sake receive calls from relatives

As soon as the news of Sangeeta Jain infected with Covid-19 spread, many Sangeeta Jains in the city started getting calls from their near and dear ones inquiring if they were the same person. Many of them wrote on their Facebook page and on Instagram that they were hale and hearty and were at home with their families. Meanwhile, a video about Manjit Singh, MD Bonn group, infected with Covid-19 has gone viral on social media. Because the family started getting many calls, Singh had to release a video in which he stated that he was perfect and the clip on the social media was fake.

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