Rail traffic goes haywire as farm workers hold protest : The Tribune India

Rail traffic goes haywire as farm workers hold protest

Passengers bear the brunt; many trains cancelled, short-terminated

Rail traffic goes haywire as farm workers hold protest

Passengers wait for their trains at the railway station in Ludhiana. Tribune photo: Himanshu mahajan

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Ludhiana, December 20

The rail traffic was again disrupted due to the ongoing protest by mazdoor and farm workers’ bodies after which the Northern Railway had to cancel, short-terminate and regulate (withhold) a large number of trains. Passengers travelling or intending to travel to their respective destinations were at the receiving end, especially due to the adverse weather conditions.

According to railway officials, as many as 27 mail/express and 12 passenger trains operating through the Firozepur Division were cancelled for the day while 17 long route trains were short-terminated (before destination) and short-originated due to blockades by protesting farm workers at several places on Jammu Tawi-Jalandhar Cantt, Amritsar-Ludhiana and Firozepur-Ludhiana sections.

Trains cancelled for the day: 14650-Amritsar-Jaynagar Express, 00468 Amritsar-Howrah, 12422 Amritsar-Nanded Express, 12412 Amritsar-Chandigarh Intercity Express, 13006 Howrah-Amritsar Mail, 12904 Amritsar-Mumbai Central Golden Temple Mail, 15212 Amritsar-Darbhanga Jannayak Express, 14632 Amritsar-Dehradun Express, 12238 Jammu Tawi-Varanasi Begumpura Express, 12414 Amritsar-Ajmer Express, 12266 Jammu Tawi-Delhi Express, 13152 Jammu Tawi-Kolkata Express, 19226 Jammu Tawi-Ajmer Express, 12426 Jammu Tawi-New Delhi Express, 14646 Jammu Tawi-Jaisalmer Express, 12332 Jammu Tawi-Howrah Express, 11078 Jammu Tawi-Pune Jhelum Express, 14034 Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra (SVDK)-Delhi Express, 22440 SVDK-New Delhi Express, 14610 SVDK-Rishikesh Hemkunt Expxress, 12446 SVDK-New Delhi Express, 16318 SVDK- Kanyakumari Himsagar Express, 22462 SVDK-New Delhi Express, 19108 Udhampur- Ahmedabad Express, 14620 Firozepur-Agrataala Express, 14630 Firozepur- Chandigarh Express and 12138 Firozepur-CST Mumbai.

Trains short-terminated and short-originated: 12029/30 New Delhi-Amritsar-New Delhi Swarn Shatabdi Express (at Beas); 15531/32 Saharsa-Amritsar-Saharsa Jansadhdran Express (Jalandhar City); 12497/98 New Delhi- Amritsar Shane- Punjab (Beas); 12919 Indore-Jammu Tawi Malwa Express (Jalandhar City); 04651 Jaynagar -Amritsar Humsafar Express (Ludhiana) ; 13307/08 Dhanbad-Firozepur- Dhanbad Ganga Sutlej Express (Ludhiana); 19224 Jammu Tawi-Ajmer Express (Mukerian); 12920 Jammu Tawi-Indore Malwa Express (Pathankot); 22429 Delhi-Pathankot Express (Beas); 11057 CST Mumbai-Amritsar Express (Jalandhar City); 12476 SVDK-Hapa Sarvodaya Express (Kathua); 12471 Bandra Terminus (Mumbai)-SVDK Swaraj Express (Bhogpur); 19223 Ajmer-Jammu Tawi Express (Jalandhar City).

In addition, nearly 12 passenger trains operating on the Ludhiana-Firozepur, Bathinda-Firozepur, Firozepur-Jalandhar City and Jalandhar- Pathankot sections were also cancelled for the day.

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