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Use good quality material, make inspection mandatory

What should be done to improve the condition OF ROADS IN CITY?

Use good quality material, make inspection mandatory

The condition of a road can have impact on congestion, speed, safety, noise pollution and on fuel consumption. Himanshu Mahajan

Residents demand better infrastructure as matter of right, cite discrimination in quality of roads in posh areas & rest of the city

The issue of bad roads of our city needs to be highlighted as residents are facing daily problems due to the issue. The first thing to solve the issue is to eliminate corruption. Many corrupt contractors use inferior quality material in construction. Government officials should inspect the material been used while construction of roads. Moreover, the contracts of making of roads should be assigned to the worthy contractors.

Khushleen Kaur

Don't neglect rural areas

As roads indirectly contribute to the economic growth of the country, it is quite essential that these should be well-maintained. Bad roads lead to accidents, waterlogging and garbage accumulation. To control the situation before it goes to the next level, the government must focus on proper reconstruction of roads. Traffic lights ought to be placed, especially on the intersections. Heavy fine should be imposed on those who throw garbage on roads. The government should not neglect the rural areas for the maintenance of roads. The traffic police should be strict in punishing the violators.

Simranjeet kaur

Install CCTV cameras

Many roads in the country are in miserable condition. It's the responsibility of officials concerned to properly construct roads and pavements. Most of the accidents occur because of humps, speed breakers and non-functional traffic lights on roads. Ditches should be immediately filled. This will reduce the accidents to a great extent. Moreover, CCTV cameras should be installed at random places for a safe and smoother public transport service. Road safety education should be imparted at schools and colleges.

Amarpreet Kaur

Improve sewer system

It's often seen that roads in posh areas are in good conditions as compared to other areas. We have seen that due to bad condition of roads people often lead to death. So, improvement of roads should be must. First of all, authority should undertake the responsibility of taking care of roads. Secondly, sewer systems should be improved so that roads are extirpate again and again. Thirdly, traffic system should also be undertaken by the civic authority like improving traffic signals, zebra crossing etc.

Harleen Kaur


Ludhiana is one of the biggest cities in Punjab, still as far as health facilities are concerned for common man (in government hospitals), patients are referred to either PGI Chandigarh or Rajindra Hospital, Patiala. What should be done to improve healthcare facilities here?

Recarpet pot-holed roads

The poor condition of roads questions the safety of travellers. It causes fatal consequences. In 2019, total 4,37,396 accidents were recorded in the country and the sorry state of roads was one of the causes. It is the need of hour to improve the sorry state of roads to escape from worries. While the roads of posh areas are constructed others should not be ignored. The PWD department should do the needful to carpet these roads timely for the safety of people. Roads should be constructed with fine material so that people can enjoy safe and secure ride.

Kamaldeep Kaur

MC should be held accountable

The MC is answerable for the sorry condition of roads in the city. It pays heed to beautify the posh areas because most of the businessmen, politicians etc. reside here and overlook the state of roads in other residential areas. Also, bad and cheap material used in the construction of roads decrease their life. The MC should be truthful to their duty. The government should reward the concerned officials of the city.

Gurpreet Kaur

Appoint more staff

Poor roads cause a lot of problem to residents and lead to accidents. It becomes difficult for people to travel through these road, especially during the rainy season when water gets collected in potholes and due to bad sewerage system. Authorities concerned must keep a check in this regard that all roads are carpeted on time. They need to be firm in this regard and should appoint different people for different areas who keep record of road maintenance. Mostly we see that roads of rural areas are poor. It's the responsibility of the local authority to ensure better roads.

Simarjot Kaur

Complete repair work before rainy season

Barring a few roads of the city, the majority are in bad shape and their condition further deteriorates during the rainy season. They are full of potholes and become quite unsafe for the travellers. When filled with water these holes and small ditches become invisible and cause a lot of accidents as well as casualties. All roads should be periodically carpeted with the quality material. The repair and metalling is very essential before the rainy days. To make the roads further safe for the commuters they should have well-marked zebra crossings, guiding florescent lines on both the sides and road traffic signs as well as properly marked lanes. The pedestrian paths should also be well maintained and properly defined.

Dr Sunil Chopra

Carpet roads every 5 yrs

Among all four types of transportation system roadways is considered to be the most important and useful system as it carries maximum transaction of goods and human passengers. A well-organised network of roadways speaks to the nature and development of a particular region, city or state. But roads in the city are in a dismal state. Bad road lead to recurrent traffic jams. In some areas roads are bumpy and full of potholes. Commuters and residents find it very difficult to move frequently from one place to another and they have to waste lots of time due to these problems. If we want to get rid of the problems of roads in our city then roads should be carpeted after every five years through proper planning and with proper execution of plans. It is the duty of the local councillor to look after the condition of roads in his areas. There should not be biased behaviour of the local government on the basis of area and locality in providing the facility of good roads.

Farzana Khan

Good roads not a privilege of rich

The Municipal Corporation (MC) is exclusively responsible that roads in some posh colonies in the city are repeatedly carpeted while others are neglected and the latter are in bad shape. Repeated accidents occur due to bad roads and this results in loss of many lives. Every citizen pays taxes and therefore the corporation must not favour some selected wards while ignoring others. The success in working of the corporation lies in good maintenance of the city as a whole. It must ensure that the roads in all wards are well maintained. One can understand that a particular elected member of the MC/officer may be able to get favour in getting a particular work done in his/her ward but that should be once a while only. All actions by the MC are being watched by the general public and if not done rightly bring bad name to the corporation.

Gautam Dev

Hire honest builders

Roads are the most neglected part of the city. Due to heavy rainfall, traffic and carelessness of the builders, residents have to suffer a lot from this problem. There are plethora of steps that can be implement to improve the condition of roads. The government should hire responsible and virtuous builders for the construction purpose. Roads of entire city should be carpeted time to time whenever needed. Proper drainage system will also enhance the condition of roads as water blockage will lead to pits. Cleaning of roads in the entire city is also a matter of concern which needs more attention than other factors effecting the scenario. Restriction of heavy vehicles can also help to meet the results. There should be a proper timing for their entry in the city according to rush hours. Every resident should also have sense of responsibility towards the law and order.


Good roads boost development

Uneven road surfaces can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle, leading to a crash or rollover accident injuring the driver, passengers, and pedestrians. It can be noticed that about 50pc of the accidents are caused due to the bad condition of roads. This is all due to the careless mistakes done by the government, public and the contractors who take the responsibility to construct road. The contractors use low quality material to make roads, so that they can get more profit in their business. So, to ensure good quality roads government should pay attention towards it. Good roads can contribute in development of the country.

Akshar Kumar Singla

Assign duty to local councillor

Repairing the roads is the major and foremost duty of the government. In the city, posh localities are very good but as far as other areas are concerned, situation is very poor. Councillor of the area should be assigned the duty for the repair and maintenance of the roads. He should be held responsible for the maintenance and heavy fine should be imposed in him or her in case of any negligence. There is a need of strict vigilance to keep track and record of funds issued by the government for the maintenance of roads. In this city, even link roads and highways are not properly managed. Poor roads lead to drastic accidents which can be fatal in nature. During rainy season, situation gets worst. Poor roads are the main cause of traffic jams also. There is a great need to assign responsibility and accountability to one person. In the absence of this delegation, situation will get even worse.

Ritu Priya

Time to avoid accidents, save precious lives

It seems as if road carpeting is carried on in Ludhiana according to the social status of the people living in the particular areas as there are many areas in the city where the condition of roads is pathetic. The MC should get to some serious work now and carry on with the road carpeting immediately after the abatement of the extreme winter weather conditions. There is a dire need of it to not only save the precious lives but also streamline the vehicular movement. Already the city is reeling under the stress of poor traffic problem due to a number of construction works going on in the city and these uncarpeted roads in the remaining part of the city add to the woes of the commuters.

Bir Devinder Singh Bedi

Form area-wise teams

I think that we have so much patience to tolerate each and every problem prevalent in the society. It may be in the form of violation of rights, corruption, irregular supply of water and electricity, bad road conditions and the list is unending. Among all these roadways is considered the most effective and widely used mode of movement of vehicle and other means of transportation. But due to the bad conditions of roads, not only the public and commuters face problems but it also puts a bad impact on the health of the economy. Corporations should form area-wise teams to look, access and report the conditions of roads. Corporations must provide email addresses to lodge complaints by the residents and residents have the right to ask if any delay is there to address their complaints regarding the condition of roads in their areas. Residents are paying taxes to the corporation in various forms and they have the right to get the good roads. Local governments should display email addresses or other contact numbers on prime locations and also publish them in local newspapers. If any elected councillor fails to get the problem solved in his locality or area he should be called back from the seat. This right should be given to the public.

Dr Mohd.Saleem Farooqui

Make road quality tests mandatory

The quality of roads is very poor. Huge amount of public money is wasted. The budget sanctioned for roads is very high but the condition and quality of roads is not as per the budget. The contractor must be made liable for the condition of road for a fixed period of time. Also, there must be proper drainage system. Many times sewer system is installed after construction of roads, thus wasting the hard-earned money of people. Proper plan should be made while constructing roads.

The elected representative must also be made responsible for the condition of roads. Also, the quality test of roads must be made compulsory for all the newly constructed roads.



Take action against erring contractors

Shivani Bhakoo

A number of samples that were collected from several roads in the city had failed quality tests in 2020. Even a number of roads got damaged within a short span of period after carpeting or construction work in the past years. Thus, authorities concerned must take the matter seriously and ensure transparency in all road projects.

Road mishaps often take place on broken roads. It is the responsibility of government authorities to ensure safety of commuters on roads.

Ensure patch work timely to repair potholes to avert mishaps. Also, take steps for the safety of pedestrians. Responsibility of B&R officials must be fixed to ensure that all road works be done as per norms. There should be a provision to take strict action against erring contractors for poor work.

Sampling of road material must be ensured for quality check. Information regarding the start of any road project & its plan, project completion date, its cost and complaint number should be displayed on the project site.

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