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Ludhiana: Guru Angad Dev vet varsity launches mobile app for livestock farmers

Enables recording of real-time data on pedigree, reproduction etc among cattle

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Ludhiana, October 6

Keeping in view the problems faced by livestock farmers, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) has launched a mobile application called YODHA app. The application will address the issues faced by livestock farmers, such as the recently prevalent lumpy skin disease and African Swine Fever, which have kept them worried.

The Android-based mobile application ‘Your Own Dairy Herd-data Analyser,’ abbreviated YODHA (version 1.1), has been developed by the College of Animal Biotechnology, GADVASU to enable dairy farmers to record real-time data on pedigree, production, reproduction, disease occurrence, vaccination, purchase and sale of produces and farm-related items (like feed/fodder, medicines, etc) and provide easily understandable output formats in the form of tables and graphs.

Vice-Chancellor Dr Inderjeet Singh said data collection and ensuring accuracy of data recordings had always been challenging tasks at the field-level and even in organised herds of cattle. An artificial intelligence-driven mobile application would be a perfect solution to this long existing problem, he said. The YODHA app aims to automate the phenotype recording at herds of dairy farmers in the country.

Components of Yodha App

The YODHA app has two sections: ‘Data-input’ and ‘Output and analysis’.


This section receives and imports data from the farmer in the following tabs:

Animal Detail: This tab allows to enter the animal’s pedigree and other details related to animals.

Reproduction: to feed information on artificial insemination or natural mating, the success or failure of insemination, predicting the date of calving, etc.

Today’s Production: The total amount of milk produced, utilised, sold, selling price, etc, in the morning and evening. Besides, any income from any other source (manure, gunny bag, ghee selling, etc) can also be recorded.

Expenditure: Any source of expenditure like animal purchase, treatment, vaccination, loan pay-off, etc will be recorded here.

Diseases: To record occurrence, and recovery from any disease for any animal. Besides, the vaccination detail would also be recorded under this tab.

Fortnight production: It’s equivalent to the Production tab, except for the production data recorded is for the test day (once in a fortnight).

Output and Analysis

List of Animals & Pedigree: will show the outputs of animal pedigree.

Reproduction Analysis: The reproduction information will be tabulated animal-wise for various rounds of insemination.

Production Analysis: detailed analysis of milk production in herd including any deviation due to illness or any other reason.

Disease Occurrence: Outputs will show the incidences of diseases on the farm and vaccination records.

Sale, Expenditure, and Operating Profit Analysis: The sale and expenditure will be analysed daily or weekly, or on a monthly basis on the farm. Profit per animal, or, as a whole of farm animals could be drawn.

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