Males account for 76% of coronavirus cases in India, 73% deaths

63 per cent of total deaths reported in 60 plus age

Aditi Tandon

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, April 6

Seven in every 10 COVID19 cases in India and nearly seven in every 10 deaths involve males, while women are currently sharing lesser burden of the lethal viral disease.

The first gender analysis of the COVID19 cases in India by the Ministry of Health has shown that 76 per cent of India’s current 4067 COVID cases are in males and 24 per cent in females.

Likewise, 73 per cent of 109 deaths reported in the country as of today are in men and 27 pc in women.

The COVID cases nationally jumped in the last 24 hours by 693 and nearly 32 deaths were reported over the same period signalling India’s slow progression towards a peaking trend.

The Health Ministry also analysed age-wise mortality trends and found 63 per cent of all deaths in 60 plus people.

Out of 109 deaths, 30 per cent have been reported in the young people aged 40 to 60 years and 7 per cent are in the people below 40 years.

The analysis of the deceased persons shows that in 86 per cent of the 109 deaths in the country so far, the patient had co morbid conditions like diabetes, chronic kidney disease, hypertension and cardiac issues.

“Comorbid conditions are a major determinant in death due to COVID. Even the young with pre-existing disease burden are at risk and like the elderly must maintain social distance and follow lockdown strictly,” Health Ministry spokesman Lav Agarwal said sharing crucial trends.

The Government also said that 1,445 of all 4,067 current cases in India relate to the workers of Tabligi Jamaat who attended a recent religious gathering at Nizamuddin.

“We have quarantined 25,500 workers and contacts of Tabligi Jamaat and have also sealed and quarantined five Haryana villages where people from this group lived,” Home Ministry spokesperson Punya Srivastava said.


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