Pegasus snooping is treason; not going anywhere till it’s discussed: Rahul Gandhi

14 opposition parties meet on the Pegasus issue

Aditi Tandon

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, July 28

Amid ongoing parliamentary disruptions that seem here to stay, a united opposition on Wednesday said they would not relent until the government agreed to discuss Pegasus spyware issue in both Houses in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Union Home Minister Amit Shah and instituted a Supreme Court-led inquiry.

Rahul Gandhi and other Opposition leaders during a protest march against Pegasus at Parliament House on Wednesday. PTI

Attributing the disruptions in Parliament to obduracy of the government over the Pegasus debate, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said all parties were united on the matter and “were not going anywhere till it was discussed”.

After a morning meeting of 14 opposition parties minus the Trinamool Congress, Rahul addressed reporters at Vijay Chowk here and said, “India's entire opposition is standing here today. Leaders of all parties are here. Why did we have to come here because our voice is being suppressed in Parliament. We just have one question. Has the Government of India bought Pegasus, yes or no? Did the government use Pegasus weapon on its own people? Yes or no. That is all we wish to know. We have been clearly told...the government has told us that no discussion will happen,” Gandhi said.

Terming the Pegasus matter an anti-national, treasonous act, Gandhi said “The PM has assaulted democratic institutions by using the weapons grade spyware against them. For me, this is not a matter of privacy, it is an anti-national act, treason. The weapon was used against me, SC, other leaders, journalists, activists. Then why should we not debate the issue in Parliament? What is the reason the discussion is not happening. This is the question.”

On parliamentary disruptions, Gandhi said, “It is being said that we are disturbing Parliament. We are not disrupting Parliament. We only wish to discharge our responsibility. All of us want to discharge our responsibility. This weapon has been used against India. This weapon should be used against terrorists, against traitors. We are asking PM and HM why did you use it against democratic institutions? What has Indian democracy done that you have used the weapon against democracy?”

He said, “This weapon has been used against democracy. This is not a matter of privacy. This is not a matter of privacy for me. It is an anti-national act. HM and PM have assaulted the democratic spirit of India. That is why we are seeking a Pegasus discussion and without this discussion we will not go anywhere,” said Gandhi.

DMK, RJD, SP, Left and NCP leaders backed the demand for a debate and said only the PM could have ordered the use of spyware and HM could have been a party to it.

“No one else could have done this. So the PM or HM must be present in the discussion on Pegasus,” Gandhi said.

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