Thursday, August 16, 2018

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Freedom from ineptness

Governance has been unable to match expectations

Getting beaten in England

Coach Shastri has a lot of explaining to do

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The deluge in Kerala

Flood of woes inconsistent with state's position

A bridge in Hussainiwala

A symbol of hope and self-assurance

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The London tamasha

The London tamasha

by Ajai Sahni

Instead of harping on ‘Sikh radicalisation’, India must probe covert funding chains

Trip down 40 yrs of Punjabi Tribune

Trip down 40 yrs of Punjabi Tribune

by Gulzar Singh Sandhu

I can say with authority that the young writers feel satisfied only after their writing is accepted by the Punjabi Tribune for publication.

Dainik Tribune, never losing humane touch

Dainik Tribune, never losing humane touch

by Chander Trikha

The Dainik Tribune brought in a fresh outlook to news, literature, culture and life in general. It purged the narrow divide that afflicted the society and for the first time, a newspaper came to represent the regional spirit within the greater consciousness of India.

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Turning blessing into curse

by BRB Bhaskar Senior Journalist

Kerala saw its worst floods in nearly a century, with 26 people dying on a single day. Besides the heavy rainfall, the main culprit for the disaster is the organised interference with the scheme of nature.

Celebrating freedom amid loss of ideals

by Avijit Pathak Professor of Sociology, JNU

As the Independence Day celebration goes on, we need to think about the opportunistic political class and the materialistic new middle class. Today, it is difficult to be inspired by the likes of Bhagat Singh or Gandhi. Are we creating the ground for the rise of the authoritarian personality?

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Patriotism, the tailor-made kind

Patriotism, the tailor-made kind

by Ashima Sehajpal Batish

DURING the interval of Mulk, a film that deals with seemingly bigger patriotism issues, an ad of an ethnic clothing brand for men brings it down to ‘pehno apni pehchan’.

Thought for the day

I never dared to be radical when young for fear it would make me conservative when old. — Robert Frost

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Lahore, Wednesday, August 15, 1918

Is a Spilt Inevitable?

The “Immobilised Wealth” of India