Saturday, July 21, 2018

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The Ganga cleaning saga

Courts remain the sole hope

Property tax evasion

Technology can save Punjab’s corporations from sinking

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Another door opens

SC order on Sabarimala upholds women’s right to pray

The no-confidence motion

Going beyond the numbers game

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Mandela’s legacy open to scrutiny

Mandela’s legacy open to scrutiny

by MK Bhadrakumar

The bitter reality is that the social position of working class is worse than it was under apartheid

Free software gets a $5-billion fine

Free software gets a $5-billion fine

by Roopinder Singh

India has the most users for Google, Microsoft products and social media platforms. Our regulators have the clout to ensure better service to Indians, but they have not been as aggressive as EU in ensuring consumer protection.

Marketing netas and dubious funding

Marketing netas and dubious funding

by Vikas Singh

Political parties spent a whopping $5 bn (highest in the world) on political marketing in the 2014 elections. But they avoid talking about it because of the dubious source of funding. Yet, this field is poised to grow.

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FIFA was Russia’s coming out party

by Prabhjot Singh

Moscow splurged over $11 bn to make the FIFA World Cup an event to make the ‘planet’ change its outlook about Russia. It worked, leading the FIFA chief to say, ”the whole world fell in love with Russia.’’

Why industry opts to skip Punjab

by Nirmal Sandhu

The state remains an uneasy place for doing business. The government seems to have little idea of what kind of industry the state needs. Any or every type of industry won’t do. Political and bureaucratic controls must also go.

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Neeraj: Laidback style, superhit lyrics

Neeraj: Laidback style, superhit lyrics

by Vandana Singh

GOPAL Das Neeraj never accepted that he was a lyricist who wrote for films.

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Apartheid still hangs in the air like a poisonous cloud left over from chemical warfare. — Dervla Murphy

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Lahore, Sunday, July 21, 1918

Mr. Gandhi and the Reforms Scheme.

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