Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Going hungry

Sad irony of children wasting away as bumper crops rot

Pakistan at it again

FATF, international community should keep up pressure

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All set for battle of ballot

Continuity or change? Voters to decide today

Sartorial choice

Patiala medical college’s dress code patriarchal

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Famished in land of plenty

Famished in land of plenty

by Devinder Sharma

It’s a paradox that food-surplus India is ranked 102nd on Global Hunger Index

ISI machinations can’t be brushed aside

ISI machinations can’t be brushed aside

by Lt Gen NPS Hira (Retd)

There are many reasons to rejoice at the opening of the Kartarpur corridor, but we will need to watch out against subversion in particular. Pakistan has ulterior motives to waive visa to encourage the number of visitors. It is India which needs to be on its guard. Politicos underplay security perspective for own reasons.

Moon and sixpence: Foreign dreams gone bust

Moon and sixpence: Foreign dreams gone bust

by Anil Malhotra

Nobody checks this unethical business of illegal immigration but everybody reads horror stories of innocent victims who are duped. The law on emigration has teeth but no poison in its fangs. No checks, inspections, penalties, suspensions or cancellations are ever reported. The Emigration Act remains a dead letter without implementation.

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The day paradise was lost

by Tilak Devasher

It is vital to sensitise people, especially the Kashmiri youth, who may not be aware of the history of the event and of the brutality their forefathers were subjected to at the hands of Pakistan. Silence is no longer an option.

Upgrading to a digital census makes sense

by Atanu Biswas

Home Minister Amit Shah has asked officials to frame a plan to use the databases of Aadhaar card, voter card, etc. to combine them into the census database. Using various existing government registers to carry out the census is a ‘must do’ procedure in today’s world. It has been widely practised in several countries worldwide. Such an exercise is far cheaper to implement.

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More than a nodding acquaintance

More than a nodding acquaintance

by Mohanmeet Mann Khosla

The dictionary defines a nodding acquaintance as ‘a slight, incomplete, or superficial knowledge of something or someone’.

Thought for the day

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one. — Mother Teresa

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