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Air travel for paramilitary

Post Pulwama, focus on jawans’ security

HC rap to Punjab

Hope for Chandigarh airport’s upgrade

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Heritage site in peril

Preserve the Harappan remains in Rakhigarhi

Saudi Crown Prince’s visit

The lure of geo-economics vs ‘brotherly love’

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Turning the tap off

Turning the tap off

by Lt Gen PK Grover (retd)

India can wriggle out of the Indus Waters Treaty, there is a precedent

Sting in the tail on the campaign trail

Sting in the tail on the campaign trail

by Salil Desai

Almost all celebrities exposed by the sting operation didn’t even appear to feel they were signing up for an unethical project that involved subtly manipulating their followers’ electoral preferences. It is this blithe amorality or ethical blindness that should worry us all, because it mirrors the brazen cocktail of cynicism and commercialism that has taken root in our society.

Retaliation may go beyond hitting terror launch pads

Retaliation may go beyond hitting terror launch pads

by Maj Gen Ashok Mehta (Retd)

Given the rich electoral harvest reaped from the 2016 surgical strikes, a retaliatory strike is inevitable. This time, the remit of the Army operations may not be confined to targeting terrorist launch pads as the ISI was implicitly involved in the planning and execution of the Jaish-e-Mohammed terror attack in Pulwama.

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Critic par excellence, colossus of Hindi literature

by Apoorvanand

For nearly three quarters of a century, Namvar Singh remained a public figure, constantly sought after across India. He was a public educator. He taught people that we must practise the democratic art of thinking to qualify as citizens and seek to achieve sophistication. It is a duty and a right, not a privilege. Here was a literary critic who was also a thinker of the masses.

Polemics over Pulwama

by Rajesh Ramachandran

The ‘Kashmiris as terrorists’ equation is framing the attack in a communal context

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But will it help in the real exam?

But will it help in the real exam?

by Jayanti Roy

With all the reports about the harmful impacts, distractions, wastage of time due to social media, we would expect our children to refrain from using it, at least during exam days.

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It is life, I think, to watch the water. A man can learn so many things. — Nicholas Sparks

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