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Challenges for new govt

Proactive approach a must to tackle key issues

AAP routed

Politics of cynicism, hypocrisy does it in

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Punjab bucks trend

Big gain for Congress as BJP sweeps neighbourhood

Shunned, stunned

It’s back to the drawing board for the Opposition

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Take the ‘other’ along

Take the ‘other’ along

by Amitabha Bhattacharya

Togetherness is the key to achieving national goals

Tackling regional insecurity a task for Modi

Tackling regional insecurity a task for Modi

by Gurmeet Kanwal

China’s growing nexus with Pakistan and the two countries’ unresolved territorial disputes with India continue to pose a formidable national security threat to India.

Capt should focus on border districts, farm crisis

Capt should focus on border districts, farm crisis

by PPS Gill

The poll results of Punjab reflect that the voters have not yet forgotten or forgiven the SAD-BJP for its 10-year misrule, which saw a spurt in drug trafficking; gangs and gangsters having a free run; sacrilege incidents that hurt the sensitivities and sensibilities of the Sikhs; monopoly of the ruling Badal family and its clan over an assortment of businesses etc.

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To stay in the reckoning, Rahul has a lot to do

by Rasheed Kidwai

Rahul should give a clarion call to various breakaway groups to unite with the parent organisation. A test of sincerity would be offering all high offices of the party and readiness to make sacrifices. Such a gesture may not find ready takers but it would showcase Rahul as someone who is genuinely committed to the cause and ready to pay a cost.

BJP keeps intact fortress in Hindi heartland

by Radhika Ramaseshan

Uttar Pradesh displayed enough indications in the 2019 elections that it wants to snap out of the ‘mai-baap’ culture, the politics of patronage that the Congress had perfected. The BJP stepped in to fill the breach caused by benign feudalism.

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Hero of the Eastern World

Hero of the Eastern World

MODI has turned himself into quite a hero….” The drawling voice with an unmistakably infuriating accent was coming from somewhere far behind in the coffee bar exuding exasperatingly sweet perfume that coaxed you to raise the stink with the diminutive manager peeping from behind the vending machine.

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Leadership is about vision and responsibility, not power. — Seth Berkley

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