Raid on food outlets abandoned halfway in Patiala

Raid on  food outlets abandoned halfway in Patiala

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Karam Prakash

Tribune News Service

Patiala, October 6

A nine-member team, led by Patiala Civil Surgeon (CS), that had planned raid on food outlets had to abandon halfway because the District Health Officer (DHO) allegedly did not want to become part of the team.

It has been learnt that the CS reportedly had to go on a secret raid with the DHO. However, the DHO was not free to accompany CS and conveyed the same to the CS.

Meanwhile, Patiala Civil Surgeon Dr Prince Sodhi said that they had secret information, therefore, a team was constituted, including the DHO. However, the DHO did not report the team despite the fact that she was informed well in time. “Since DHO did not come, we could not complete the raid and had to come back.”

Sources informed that the DHO was repeatedly called by the CS to come for the raid, however, the DHO did not turn up.

Giving her version, DHO Dr Shelly Jetly said that the food wing of the Health Department was working under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), therefore, Civil Surgeon could not constitute such a team on its own for any raid. She said, “I was not given any information about the details of the raid. Besides, he (CS) did not share any secret information. It is a clear encroachment upon the power.”

Both the officials, after the fiasco, said that they had already informed their higher ups about the incident.

Meanwhile, the DHO said that she had already asked the two food safety officers of her office, who without informing her, had agreed to be the part of the said raid with the CS.

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