Panic buying of urea in Muktsar

Enough stock, no need to hoard: Official

Panic buying of urea in Muktsar

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Muktsar, November 24

After facing hardship in buying DAP fertiliser, farmers have resorted to panic buying of urea fertiliser in Muktsar district. Urea is required after almost a month of sowing wheat crop. However, they don’t want to take any risk with the fertiliser now.

“The urea is now available in the market and we are buying it in advance. Some dealers have also advised us to buy the stock early,” said farmers.

On this, Gurpreet Singh, Chief Agriculture Officer, Muktsar, said, “The first dose of urea is required after the first irrigation of fields. The second dose is needed in January. However, farmers are panic buying it. As of now, there is plenty of stock available. Further, senior officers in the department have assured us that there will be no shortage of urea in the coming days. However, if farmers stock up the fertiliser in advance and much beyond their requirement, some shortage may occur.” — TNS

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