Unlike Modi, we don’t believe ‘arhtiyas’ are ‘dalals’ & traders thieves: Arvind Kejriwal : The Tribune India

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Unlike Modi, we don’t believe ‘arhtiyas’ are ‘dalals’ & traders thieves: Arvind Kejriwal

Unlike Modi, we don’t believe ‘arhtiyas’ are ‘dalals’ & traders thieves: Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal during a meeting with businessmen in Jalandhar on Wednesday. Tribune photo

Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, May 29

At the ‘Sarkar Vyapar Milni’ in Jalandhar on Wednesday, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal sought 13 seats for the AAP in the state. Holding the meet in support of Jalandhar AAP candidate Pawan Tinu, Kejriwal today said the AAP government would already have been toppled if the party had won only 60 seats in the previous Assembly elections. He said Union minister Amit Shah’s “threat to dismantle the state government won’t be tolerated by Punjabis”.

Kejriwal also said that he believed in many deities, but would not believe that Modi is God even though leaders were on a spree to term him an avatar of God. Kejriwal also said like the PM or other governments, he did not feel that arhtiyas were “dalals” or traders were “chor” (thieves). In his speech, Kejriwal assured industrialists that on the lines of domestic power bills, cost of electricity in industrial units will also be brought down.

As many as 700 industrialists and traders attended the event. Speaking to them, the Delhi CM said, “I have come to ask something of you today. This year, it’s an election to choose the Central Government. Punjab has 13 seats. If you give 1, 2, 4 seats to other parties, it will be a mess. So, I ask you to give 13 seats to the AAP to strengthen Mann sahib’s hands”.

He said, “Do you see what a mess the government sitting at the Centre have spread? They break whichever government they want. Just two days ago, Amit Shah ji had come to Ludhiana. He has threatened to disband the AAP government after June 4 chosen by you in Punjab. And to remove Bhagwant Mann from CM’s post. This is hooliganism. Thankfully, you gave us 92 seats. If there were 60, they would have toppled our government. I want to tell Amit Shah ji, Punjabis have a very big heart. These threats won’t work with Punjabis. You have challenged 3 crore Punjabis, now see what they do on June 1.”

Addressing traders, Kejriwal said, “We appreciate your contribution. Modi ji once said arhtiyas are ‘dalals’, another government said traders were ‘thieves’. We don’t believe that. For us, you are the backbone of any society.”

Kejriwal said the Punjab Government facilitated procurement of coal from Orissa through a train rather than the longer route via Sri Lanka which he claimed, the Centre had proposed. He said, “Mann sahib fought to get the (longer) route cancelled which would have caused power costs to increase by Rs 2. Industry and traders also have a demand to reduce electricity prices. We will do that too. Ensure 13 MPs for AAP and your issues will be taken up in Lok Sabha.”

Targeting the BJP leaders, Kejriwal said, “Look at the pride of these people, now Modi ji is being termed the avatar of God. Modi ji ko bhagwan nahi man sakte hum log (We can’t believe that Modi ji is God). We don’t need such an illiterate Prime Minister. Make a literate and educated man a PM this time. Save the country.”

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