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Kashmir at the crossroads by Sumantra Bose. Pan Macmillan. Pages 333. Rs699

Book Title: Kashmir at the crossroads

Author: Sumantra Bose

Drawing on three decades of field experience in Kashmir, political scientist Sumantra Bose has penned a comprehensive account of the trajectory of conflict in the Valley in his new book, ‘Kashmir at the Crossroads’. From the inception of the dispute in 1947 to the bloodiest phase 1990s onwards to the more nebulous period until August 2019, when the Narendra Modi government at the Centre scrapped Article 370 and ushered in a new phase, the focus of the book is the human story. Bose feels it is essential to understanding how the conflict has evolved over the last three decades in particular. It also looks at China’s increasingly growing and dangerous role.

This Woven Kingdom

by Tahereh Mafi.


Pages 494. Rs599

Tahereh Mafi, the bestselling author of books for children and young adults, is here with a new book, ‘This Woven Kingdom’, the first in a new fantasy series inspired by the Persian epic poem, the Shahnameh. A romantic trilogy, it is, in her own words: “Magic, forbidden romance, court intrigue”. It tells the story of Alizeh, a disposable servant, never to be known who she really is: the long-lost heir to an ancient kingdom. Hunted always, she is forced to hide in plain sight, but makes a mistake one day. She must now claw her way through darkness to reclaim her throne, rebuild her kingdom, and save her people. Ideal for ages 13 and up.

What the Heck Do I Do with My Life?

by Ravi Venkatesan.


Pages 192. Rs395

Mindboggling choices, yet fewer jobs. So many skills, but no direction. What should one study? What are the best jobs for future? Which jobs won’t be automated? Should you go for self-employment? There are clear signs everywhere that we need new ways to think about the world and our place in it. Our old ideas about education, lifestyle, success and happiness no longer work. ‘In What the Heck Do I Do With My Life?’, management thinker and entrepreneur Ravi Venkatesan makes the case that successful adaptation in the new century requires a whole new way of thinking that gets you to explore deeper and more fundamental drivers of life.

Achieving Meaningful Success

by Dr Vivek Mansingh.

Penguin Random House.

Pages 301. Rs399

My Trip to

la-la land

by Nandita Da Cunha.


Pages 72. Rs199