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The Return of Faraz Ali

The Return of Faraz Ali

The Return of Faraz Ali by Aamina Ahmad. Westland. Pages 371. Rs 799

Book Title: The Return of Faraz Ali

Author: Aamina Ahmad

WINNER of the Best First Novel award at the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Awards, ‘The Return of Faraz Ali’ follows the protagonist’s journey back to Shahi Mohalla, Lahore’s notorious red-light district, which he was abducted from at the behest of his powerful father. As the city assails him with memories, Faraz finds himself unable to follow the orders of his father, who has installed him at the head of the Mohalla police station to cover up the death of a young girl. He cannot stop winding through the city’s alleyways chasing the secrets that risk shattering his precariously constructed existence.

In A Thousand Different Ways by Cecelia Ahern. HarperCollins. Pages 325. Rs 499

ALICE calls the Emergency. She fears something is wrong with her mother. Apparently, Alice had misread. The mother was just sleeping. Author of the international bestseller ‘PS I Love You’, Cecelia Ahern’s new book, ‘In A Thousand Different Ways’, tells the story of Alice, who sees the worst in people. She also sees the best. She sees a thousand different emotions and knows exactly what everyone around her is feeling. But it’s the dark thoughts, the sadness and the rage that she can’t get out of her head. The things that overwhelm her. Where will the journey to find herself begin?

The Adventures of Sirdar: The Chief of the Herd by Dhan Gopal Mukherji. Speaking Tiger. Pages 160. Rs 250

DHAN GOPAL MUKHERJI was one of the first Indian writers to make a mark in the West, and the only writer from India to be awarded the prestigious Newbery Medal for writing for children. His book, ‘The Adventures of Sirdar’, is a magical story of animals, the enchantment of forests and the creatures who live free in them, and creates the unforgettable character of Sirdar — the mightiest and noblest of all elephants. Nine decades after Mukherji’s death, the classic has been retitled and reissued in a brand new edition for today’s generation to savour.

Nikhil Out Loud by Maulik Pancholy. HarperCollins. Pages 312. Rs 299

NIKHIL SHAH is the beloved voice actor for Raj Reddy on the hit animated series ‘Raj Reddy in Outer Space’. But when his mom temporarily moves them to a small Ohio town to take care of her father, Nikhil feels as out of orbit as his character. His fame lands him the lead in his school musical, but there are challenges ahead: one is puberty, which makes his voice crack, and the second is his gay identity. Author Maulik Pancholy’s first book, ‘The Best At It’, was banned in certain districts in the US for its portrayal of a gay Indian American boy. He calls this one “a conversation with the first book”.