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Tries, Sighs and Lullabies: The Untold Stories of Infertility

Tries, Sighs and Lullabies: The Untold Stories of Infertility

Tries, Sighs and Lullabies: The Untold Stories of Infertility by Dr Anjali Malpani. Hay House. Pages 240. Rs 399

Book Title: Tries, Sighs and Lullabies: The Untold Stories of Infertility

Author: Dr Anjali Malpani

‘Tries, Sighs and Lullabies’ begins with the story of the first pregnancy in India using the technique of TESE-ICSI that has revolutionised the treatment of men with zero sperm count. Providing the treatment was author Dr Anjali Malpani. In this book, she chronicles intimate and gripping real-life stories of loss, hope, endurance and sacrifice. It describes the boundless desire and limitless struggle to build a family and the inexplicable joy that stems from becoming a parent, whether through reproductive technology, adoption, surrogacy or natural means. Malpani highlights how infertility is not just a medical problem but very much an emotional, psychological and social problem as well.


by KR Meera. Translated by J Devika.

HarperCollins. Pages 664. Rs 699

Dedicated to Gauri Lankesh, Malayalam author KR Meera’s latest work to be translated into English, ‘Assassin’, is an attempt to chronologise the experiences of a middle-class Indian woman of our times. ‘Assassin’ explores questions of identity, gender and power, and reflects on the fate of Gandhiji’s legacy in post-Independence India — a place where power, patriarchy, caste and money conspire to shape the contours of our daily lives. It meshes real events with fictional incidents, an engaging plot with biting social commentary and the personal with the political. It tells the story of Satyapriya, who is attacked by an unidentified individual. Her father reveals that this was no random incident.

The Ayurvedic Wellness Cookbook

by Gita Ramesh.

Roli Books. Pages 164. Rs 995

The central objective of Ayurvedic practice is to promote good health and prevent illness by balancing one’s constitution through a natural and mindful lifestyle, diet being primary to it. Ayurveda proposes that eating be a mindful, meditative experience. By making a shift to a way of slow eating, using fresh, seasonal ingredients, ‘The Ayurvedic Wellness Cookbook’ attempts to shift the focus of eating to detoxification and rejuvenation. It has been written by Gita Ramesh, an Ayurvedic practitioner. From wholesome breakfast dosas, uttapams and idlis to tangy chutneys and steaming rasam, and from beverages to desserts — the recipes are simple.


by Mansi.

Speaking Tiger. Pages 319. Rs 499

An orphan, the daughter of a dasi, Sharvay is bonded to the royal princess of Kavipura as a spittoon holder. But she is determined to devote herself to a life of learning and becoming a philosopher. Can Sharvay overcome the socially imposed limits of caste and gender to access Sanskrit and philosophy? If she does succeed, will her teachings be validated by the world? Sharvay’s story is told through the experience of a contemporary woman academic who chances upon a sculpture of an ancient female philosopher during her research. Set in the 8th century, the novel questions the gender, class and caste biases within the discipline of philosophy, dominated by men for centuries.