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Wh(eat)less: A Guide to Gluten-Free Life

Wh(eat)less: A Guide to Gluten-Free Life

Wh(eat)less: A Guide to Gluten-Free Life by Ryan Fernando. Rupa. Pages 204. Rs 295

Book Title: Wh(eat)less: A Guide to Gluten-Free Life

Author: Ryan Fernando

Nutritionist Ryan Fernando doesn’t speak from knowledge alone. Gluten and lactose intolerant himself, he speaks from a personal space. Narrating stories from his practice as a celebrity nutritionist, he has tried to create a guide for those who want to bring about a transformation in their diet and life. He says the purpose of the book is to combine scientific jargon with simple language. The book talks of the history of gluten, how sensitivity to this protein can affect our skin and heart health, its adverse effects on children, dealing with wheat withdrawal symptoms, tips on gluten-free lifestyle and eating options while travelling.

Vivekananda: The Philosopher of Freedom by Govind Krishnan V. Aleph. Pages 485. Rs 999

At a time when various forces are trying to appropriate Swami Vivekananda, a new book attempts to reinstate him as a universalist and a humanist. In ‘Vivekananda: The Philosopher of Freedom’, Govind Krishnan V attempts to show the reader that Vivekananda’s religious philosophy, social thought and ideology are the very antithesis of Hindutva. The book brings into focus multiple facets of Vivekananda’s short but eventful life. It tries to address two themes in a comprehensive fashion: his ideology and his philosophical thought. The book shows why the great monk deserves to be reinstated as a liberal thinker in the popular cultural imagination.

Rama of the Axe: The Epic Saga of Parashurama by Ranjith Radhakrishnan. Westland. Pages 358. Rs 499

Ramabhadra has been struggling with his warrior-like instincts, unbecoming of someone of his lineage, for he is the son of a revered rishi. He carries the weight of an immense prophecy, unknown to him, on his shoulders and is being quietly trained to fulfil his destiny as an avatar of Lord Vishnu. When his father and guru is suddenly snatched away from him, Ramabhadra knows he has to avenge his death, come what may. But before that, he must master himself. ‘Rama of the Axe’ is the story of Rambhadra’s journey to becoming Parashurama. This is author Ranjith Radhakrishnan’s first attempt to retell a piece of Indian mythology.