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How schools can help kids in developing a positive outlook towards life

How schools can help kids in developing a positive outlook towards life

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Rohan Parikh

A positive attitude is essential in the classroom as it helps create a positive mindset towards learning. School going children are impressionable, and their experience at school can massively affect their performance at school; thus, it is essential to assist them to develop a positive outlook. Guardians and educators must develop children to think positively and assist them in building an uplifting outlook.

 Importance of having a positive attitude

It is easier to achieve one's goals when one is inspired. This is because when we have a good outlook, we will make better decisions. Instead of reacting to mishaps, one should plan and chart a path.

Easy to ask for help: It is easier to ask for support when one has a positive attitude. For example, if a student with a positive outlook encounters a roadblock, they are likely to seek assistance from a teacher or parent. For instance, if a student needs improvement in a subject or a topic, he can only cope if he decides to ask for help and wants to learn.

Positive thinking improves satisfaction with school and life: It is common for students to become fixated on all that's wrong in the world.  When a student chooses to think positively and concentrate on the things they are grateful for, he/she can be more successful.

Positivity aids in the development of students: Positivity can be beneficial in the classroom and at home by encouraging students to take chances. We need our children to be interested, free, balanced people, prepared to encounter all that life has to offer, from food and friendship to playing sports or performing art.

Learn from mistakes: Being optimistic and taking a chance does not guarantee that everything will go as planned. Students who learn from their mistakes will still look at the bright side and a positive approach to coping with mistakes is a vital foundation for this. 

 Tips that help develop a positive attitude 

Developing a positive environment in the school: In the right environment, students will be able to concentrate more, take charge of their learning. Positive statements should be composed on the board and appear on graphs in schools. Composing alone is inadequate.

Listen to them: One can support a kid's fearlessness tremendously by showing them that they are important, by listening to them and recognizing their positive assertions. Listen carefully to what they have to say about their goals, aspirations, and achievements, and make a point of recognising the good things as portrayed by them.

Students' thought habits must be altered: Students have both optimistic and pessimistic feelings about themselves during their lives. At this point, we need to change their negative examples into positive ones. It is the role of the teacher to teach them how to change thinking patterns.

Help them with envisioning positive outcomes: It is important to teach students how to see a good result in any situation. Set small targets and teach them to envision positive results.

Reward them for positivity; Reward students when they perform better and do anything positive. Reward students who make an honest effort regardless of whether they accomplish.

The writer is Managing Director of The Green Acres Academy



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