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Kids Corner

Kids Corner

Doctors save the world & teachers shape it!

Harshit Kumar, Class VIII, DC Model Sr Sec School, Panchkula

"Children are the future of tomorrow." It is true that children are the building blocks of the country due to which its economy and respect towards other countries increases. But the reward goes to the teachers from whom these great personalities are taught.

Teachers are the ones who shape the child, make him a good citizen, a respectful person so that he becomes capable enough to serve the world in a better way. Now, at this crucial time doctors as well as teachers are playing a vital role and are making our society better by serving the nation selflessly.

It is rightly said, "Teaching is the profession which teaches all other professions". It is the teacher who moulds the students into engineers and doctors so their role can't be ignored. If the doctors are putting their 100% to save every covid victim, so are the teachers, they are also putting their best of efforts to save the child's future. They themselves are no less than a warrior who are fighting at both fronts -they are managing their household duties and meeting their job demands with the same vigour and enthusiasm.

All the teachers are putting a lot of effort and teaching in a virtual set up which is totally different from the classroom .Their only mission for all these painstaking efforts is to not let students waste their precious time. As it is said too - 'learning never stops', and so our worthy teachers are trying hard to impart us that in all possible ways.

If doctors are saving the world, then soldiers are protecting the world and teachers are shaping the world and absence of anyone will not be fruitful for the growth of a happy, healthy, safe, economic, disease- free country.

Sunsets & blue skies

Mehtaab, Class VIII, YPS, Mohali

Sunsets and blue skies,

Strangers with warm smiles.

Know not what they search for,

Yet the journey they seem to adore.

Once was asked, what I was looking for?

Be it inner peace, a place away from tragedies, or simply the balm to my soul.

These suspicious minds are truly intriguing,

With hate on their lips, empathy defeating.

A childless mother weeping.

How did we get here?

No one near, All alone, all flesh no bone.

Climate action

Samya Arora, Class IX, Delhi Public school, Chandigarh

The birds by the tree, chirping

Drinking from the river, slurping

They soar at great heights,

With no one to snatch their rights,

The soothing voice of the nightingale,

And the melody of the robins,

Is what we can hear,

As they have no fear.

Instead of honking cars,

Now we see pretty flowers,

And a veil of twinkling stars,

In a sky free from scars,

There are no kids playing in the park,

The world around me has turned dark,

Yet in the unfathomable sea,

A shark who was once afraid of getting caught,

Now swims free!

The virus, huge impact

Tegbir Singh, Class X, St John’s High School, Chandigarh

A tiny little virus has brought the world to its knees,

All that's visible on roads now are birds and trees.

Covid-19 has crippled superpowers like US, Italy and Spain,

All their efforts to control it seem to be going in vain.

We humans thought we could control Mother Nature,

But nobody could predict the disastrous response from her.

The animals behind bars now roam around with glee,

While caged in our houses are you and me.

Greetings like handshake & high-five,

Have now become a danger.

Every person is under lockdown,

No vehicle now plies in the once bustling town.

Let’s collaborate to soothe Mother Nature’s stormy rage,

So the Earth heals fast and humans can come out of this cage.

Women empowerment in India

Ravneet Kaur, Class X, MRA Modern Public School, Pkl

Women empowerment is the process of making women powerful so that they can take decisions for themselves and to make sure that they get the best of the opportunities available without any restriction.

Earlier, women were very poorly treated. They were not seen as equal and were not provided with education or respect in the society. Men were seen as the dominant ones. So, women empowerment played great role in improving the condition of women in society. However, in India we are still lagging in this field.

Although, there are instances where one can see that a woman's status in the society is improving. Nowadays, people are happily educating their daughters, but most of these are in urban areas - still a bright side to look at. Now if we look at woman's condition in rural areas, it hasn't improved much. Many women still feel unsafe. They are not given equal rights like education, gender equality, freedom to choose carrier etc.

Men think that the role of a woman is only to look after the family and to worship the husband. Women cannot move freely in the country. They are not equally paid at their working place despite working more than a man. They are married at an early age and are not allowed to pursue higher studies.

So, to eradicate this problem of unequal status of women in the society, we all need to understand that woman is important part of this society. They should be provided with equal education and equal status, because if we educate a man we educate an individual but if we educate a woman we can educate the whole family.

There should be awareness camps for women to know more about their rights. They should be provided with an environment where they feel safe, where they are free to move, where they are free to express themselves.

Nature: A selfless friend

Vandita, Class VIII, Infant Jesus Convent School, Mohali

Nature provides precious treasures,

Filling us with joy and pleasure.

It teaches us something new every day,

And makes us better in each possible way.

Sun gives us its mighty light,

Making our day happy and bright.

It teaches us values of punctuality,

To rise above all without any vanity.

Rivers are ever flowing,

They teach us to keep on moving.

To overcome all obstacles in your way,

"I will master my journey" it always says.

Trees are our most valuable treasures,

They are our friends truthful forever.

They provide us with oxygen and food,

And teach us to be humble, not rude.

This shows that the Nature gives all what we need,

It fulfills its duty without any greed.

But due to all pollution its hard work will go in vain,

So let us come together to make this earth green again.

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